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Vancouver Full Moon Party

UBC students be warned: The RCMP are on Facebook too.

The Mounted Police, that service the area around the province’s largest university, have announced publicly that they will be blocking all entrances to Wreck Beach on the night of June 13th.

Wreck Beach is the proposed site for a full moon party hosted by DJ Bjorn on the date mentioned above. The party’s Facebook page already has 7,000 ‘confirmed’ guests.

RCMP officials are concerned the party could get out of hand. They are also worried about the possibility of thousands of party revelers traversing the precarious steps that lead down to Wreck Beach.

The secret (but completely transparent) plan to host the party at the beach is in direct violation of Metro Vancouver’s regional district parks bylaw that permits anyone from being on a beach after sunset. Obviously this is a loose law that is often overlooked, but when 7,000 people break it simultaneously, well…arrests could be made.

The RCMP have already started cracking down on the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol that the beach is famous for.

Our recommendation: Give the kids an alternative site for their party. We are worried that the partiers will be losing sleep, but youth will be youth. Let them have their night in a safe environment. YOLO!

Cauliflower: The New ‘IT’ Vegetable

Move over Kale, foodies have their eyes on a new super vegetable for 2014: cauliflower. Mashed, grilled or boiled, broccoli’s albino cousin is set to see resurgence in popularity, according to those with their ‘ear’ to the vegetable trends. The low-carb veggie can be served as a hearty main dish or as a simple steamed side.

Pinterest is full of ways to manipulate cauliflower. One of the most imaginative transformations we came across was cauliflower pizza crust.

Nutritionally speaking, cauliflower offers a wide range of antioxidants, provides protein and is even a source of vitamin C. It is also said to be an excellent cancer preventing vegetable, offering nutritional support to many of the body systems connected to preventing cancer cells.

Seems to good to be true? Well there is one negative characteristic to cauliflower that should be mentioned, especially in a mattress blog. Eating cauliflower before bed, possibly as a late-night snack, could disrupt your sleep. Cauliflower is high in fiber, which can be great for your bowels, but ultimately takes an extended period to digest. Your body may still be wrestling with the digestive process as you try to catch some shut-eye. This could reduce your chances for a disturbance-free sleep.

Our suggestion is to stay away from ‘the white wonder’ at least three hours before hitting the mattress.

Vancouver Pride

Party preparations are underway for more than a week of planned Pride events. The colours of the rainbow will spill out over the West End from July 27th to August 4th, as Vancouver’s Pride Festival celebrates the active LGBTQ community in our city.

This is a special 35th anniversary for the festival, now seen as the fifth largest Pride event in the world. It is also the first year that the City of Vancouver has granted the festival ‘Civic Event Status’. What does that mean for Vancouver Pride? More Money! The festival was given a funding increase of 345%.

This year’s party begins on July 27th with the Pride Run and Walk event; you won’t want to miss the disco water stations.

Following the race, Brockton Oval will host Picnic in the Park, Pride’s media launch party. There will be a beer garden, live music and of course foooood!

On Tuesday, July 30th, the Chevron Summer Film Series at Second Beach will show “Mamma Mia,” a rousing musical featuring the music of ABBA.

The legendary Davie Street Party will run on Friday, August 2nd. This year, the event will contain an all-ages portion from 4 pm till 7 pm. After 7 pm, the section from Bute to Burrard will open up to the licensed portion of the event. Superstar DJs are promised, as well as a special appearance by Jinkx Monsoon, winner of America’s next drag superstar.

Saturday will feature Thailand’s fireworks display, the final performance for this year’s Celebration of Light.

The official parade will take place on Sunday, starting at 12 pm on the corner of Robson and Thurlow. The rainbow of fun will march down Robson, take a left at Denman and continue up to Pacific. If you’re looking for the perfect vantage point, try the elevated Safeway patio at the corner of Denman and Robson. This spot also comes with a hilarious MC.

The parade ends at Sunset Beach, the sight of the festival grounds and marketplace.

Show your colours, but remember to make time for your mattress Vancouver. All that pride can be draining.

Change Up Your Sleep Position

Are you one to lie face first on the mattress, one hand dangling limply to the side, with the other under your pillow, with a slowly growing wet spot from your sideways, drooling face. Is that you? Legs outstretched at a particular angle. Ankles bent at odd degrees. The covers rolled under your legs to form a warm cocoon of humid fluids? Is this unusual position the only way you can sleep?

Chances are your awkward sleep style has been formed through years of dozing on a bed that’s the wrong size. You may have been trying to share a double with a partner for far too long after the honeymoon phase. You may have been stuck on a single and forced to conform to an awkward shape and frame.

Like a free-range chicken, you need to liberate yourself to a world without borders. Once you have stretched out on a king, you will never be able to treat yourself like a peasant again.

It’s time to change up your sleep position. Explore some new options. Take a test drive of the mattress Vancouver residents have been raving about for years – the Simmons Mattress Gallery Beautyrest Black. Only SMG has the Triple Edge comfort – you won’t find this at department stores. And the worst part is, it’s only available for another few short weeks.

Soon, Simmons Mattress Gallery will be shutting its doors for good, and you might not have a chance to enjoy this luxurious added feature only found in its mattresses. As a consolation – they are offering a 75% discount on new beds. So if you hurry down to their store on Broadway and Oak, you can have a chance to unlock yourself from an awkward sleep position, and enjoy the freedom of sleeping any which way you choose for the rest of your days (and nights).

Slang Teasers

Here are some colloquial and colourful expressions about sleep. It’s fun to explore word meanings, so let’s dig a little deeper to their origins.

Have you ever wondered how the term: hit the hay came about?
In 1902, mattresses were often sacks stuffed with straw or hay (hence the similar phrase ‘hit the sack’).

Catch 40 winks. This phrase is thought to have originated due to the utterly boring 39 parables that were passed down in church literature. Apparently they were so dreary, show couldn’t help to take a 40 wink nap afterward. Also 40 is thought to be a number with mystical powers.

Did you know the expressions sleep like a log and sleep like a rock were predated by another similie?

The expression ’sleep like a top’ is quite old and is recorded from at least 1693, when it appeared in William Congreve’s The Old Batchelour:

“Should he seem to rouse, ’tis but well lashing him, and he will sleep like a Top.”

Counting sheep jumping over a wall goes back to 1854.

Sawing logs refers to the sound someone makes when snoring.

The idea of a Sandman goes all the way back to Hans Christian Anderson in 1841. The Danish fairy tale describes a mythical creature with a colour-changing silk jacket who sprinkles dust in the eyes of children to help them get dozy and fall asleep. He carries two umbrellas, one with colourful pictures so that good children can have wonderful dreams at night, and one with no images at all, so naughty children will sleep heavily without any dreams at all.

A bed from Simmons Mattress Gallery is a lot like a colourful umbrella that will usher you into a vivid world of dreams.

Book Of Awesome – Bedtime Edition

Have you read the Book of Awesome? It’s all about little, yet significant events that we stumble across in our day that totally makes it better, such as rain on a hot sidewalk or the smell of fresh cut grass in the summertime.

We thought we’d expand the awesomeness into the evening as well. Here are a few awesome things that can totally make your night.

Waking up early only to realize you still have another hour to go before your alarm goes off.

Cuddling up to your partner without waking them up. Spoon for the win.

New sheets fresh out of the dryer. Nothing’s better than falling into that at the end of the night, amiright?

Starfish. Usually you can only pull this off when sleeping alone, but on those nights you get a chance to spread out, fingers extended, toes stretched to your heart’s content, you have to admit, that’s nice.

The cool side of the pillow. There is nothing quite like flipping over your hot, ruffled pillow in the middle of the night to enjoy the smooth, calming cool of the other side. Just one of the awesome things about loving your bed.

That new bed smell, okay, so there’s no new bed smell, but the first night on a new mattress can be pretty magical.

It’s time to bring this awesome back home. Visit us at our Vancouver mattress store and we will set you up with

Yo! This is What’SUP

It is easier to store than a kayak, more portable than a canoe and less dangerous than windsurfing. The new craze to hit the West Coast is Stand Up Paddleboarding.

All it requires in gear is a board, an elongated paddle, and a PFD (personal flotation device). That’s a lot less than winter sports like snowboarding.

Unlike surfing in Tofino, the learning curve is low. First timers can find their balance in calm water and be paddling in 5 minutes. Most companies offering lessons include a 15-minute intro course on land.

Secluded saltwater shelters like Deep Cove are excellent locations for beginners to learn. First timers may also want to practice on freshwater lakes before bringing their talent to the ocean.

Besides an excuse to get out on the water with a new sport, standup paddleboarding also offers an amazing workout. Anytime you can incorporate balance into your physical activity your core muscles will thank you.

Some local entrepreneurs have been offering classes that combine yoga and paddleboarding. The classes are around 30-50 dollars and include the rental cost. The boards are anchored to reduce drift.

There are currently a handful of companies offering lessons and rentals in the Greater Vancouver area. Give it a shot and take your summer to a whole new level of fun.

Time to Get Wet

Ladies and Gentlemen, arm yourselves! The Great Vancouver Water Fight is returning to Stanley Park.

The hydro fight of the year will take place on Saturday, August 10th at Lumberman’s Arch.

Bathing suits are suggested, but birthday suits are tolerated. There will be no referees, so participants will need to police themselves. If you are concerned about your eyes, bring protection. Swimming goggles might look ridiculous, but they will certainly do the trick.

Yes, water balloons are a-go, but play nice. No one likes a ruiner. Also, don’t involve the public. The occasional crossfire spray is understandable.

Be frugal with your water supply. It’s going to be a long hot summer; we don’t want to drain the Capilano Reservoir in one afternoon.

Most importantly, please do not bring any water pistols that look like replica guns. No one wants the actual police involved.

There is no official organizer for the event, but the group does have a Facebook page for general inquires, photo sharing and tactical support.

Good luck everyone. Prepare to get wet!

Helpful Guests

It’s great to have company. When friends and relatives that you haven seen in ages come in from out of town, it’s always fun to catch up, share stories and enjoy each others company.

However, people have their routines. And sometimes a houseguest can disrupt the usual flow. After about four nights, even the most polite and accommodating guests can become a mild irritation and the joyousness of the first few nights can turn dreary.

This is too bad, because with visits so infrequent, it’s best to make the most of the positive times, and eliminate any chance of friction.

The solution, for some, is to have uncomfortable beds for guests. But what kind of host does such a thing? It’s rather cruel.

A better solution is to have a happy, helpful guest. Give them a great bed and they will be inclined to stay longer. Then you can put them to work.

A helpful guest is a great guest. When the pleasantries have all been said, you can get them babysitting the kids, or tending the garden or helping you mend the fence.

The only way to keep a guest around long enough to endure a bit of back-breaking labour is to ensure that they have a soft bed to rest in each night. If your bed is better than theirs at home, you might even secure yourself a free workforce in family help.

There has never been a better time to stock up on comfortable beds for your guests. Simmons Mattress Gallery is having a Close Out Mattress Sale, with beds up to 75% off.

As the name implies, this sale won’t last forever, and once the remaining models are gone, so is your chance at free help around the house.

So don’t delay and visit Simmons at 1001 West Broadway today.

So Long, Farewell

Simmons Mattress Gallery is closing its doors for good.

It’s been great to service Vancouver and Coquitlam (and for a while Victoria and Nanaimo) but the days of SMG are no more.

To make our final goodbye a little less painful (and a lot more drawn out) we hare hosting a Close Out Mattress Sale.

It’s a one-time event that will feature our amazing Simmons mattresses on sale for as much as 75% off.

Everything must go, because once we shut off the lights for the last time, the Simmons Mattress Gallery will left to rest forever.

So, before it’s too late, make your way down to 1001 West Broadway for our downtown Vancouver location or 101 Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam to find a sale to cap off almost 15 years of business.

This could be your last chance to buy a bed with the Triple Edge that only Simmons Mattress Galleries offer. Because we close SMG, Simmons is going to stop making that product.

And it’s really good one. Plus at 75% off, you can’t go wrong. So take this chance to say goodbye, and enjoy the savings of a lifetime.

Things To Do Before He Dies

John Cleese was the mastermind behind some of the best British comedy sketches and shows to ever grace our shores.

He was a key and founding member of Monty Python, writing such classics as the Parrot Sketch, the Ministry of Silly Walks and The Spanish Inquisition (where they tortured an old lady with a comfy chair).

He also starred and wrote several incredibly funny movies, including Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life Of Brian, The Meaning of Life and he received an Oscar nod for A Fish Called Wanda.

Then there was Fawlty Towers, possibly the funniest short-lived sitcom ever made.

John has toured the world giving comedy shows and lectures and amused millions with his sarcastic British wit and rubber-like movements.

However, John Cleese is not going to be around forever. And this next Vancouver appearance at the Vogue could very well be his last.

This epic funnyman has always seen the humour in the darkest of times – even while giving the eulogy for fellow Monty Python alum and friend Graham Chapman. (It’s worth the watch.)

However, this time he has his sites set on his own mortality. His latest show is eerily named Last Time To See Me Before I Die.

Let’s hope he’s in good health. And enjoy the show.

You can get your tickets to see John Cleese in Vancouver here.

Elections Week

We are well into Elections Week. And if you haven’t decided who you would like to lead our good province for the next four years or so, now it the time to take action.

There are polling booths set up in almost every community centre in the city, and chances are – the CC that’s close to you is the place where you are supposed to vote.

Thanks to early registration and voting, mobile voting booths, door-to-door canvassing and more press that we ever recall having seen for an election campaign (we are talking TV ads, radio, front cover wraps and even fake news – we’re talking to you Christy Clark, supposed debate winner).

No matter how you slice it, it’s working. People are coming out in record numbers to vote and the official day isn’t even upon us yet. No matter what party you’re siding with, at least people are exercising their hard-fought right to represent themselves – and that’s a good thing.

If you are still undecided and need to sleep on it, then we recommend you do so on a luxurious Beautyrest. Right now we have them on sale for up to 75% off! We’re closing our doors just as new opportunities are opening up.

Rest your mind, think it through, and clear out the cobwebs with a beautiful bed.

Earth Hour Capital

Vancouver has been named the Earth Hour Capital by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). This is quite the honour for our city, as we pride ourselves on blue skies, bike lanes, and air so clean it made Air Care moot.

Vancouver beat out five other cities to claim the Earth Hour prize, including green enclaves in Sweden, the States, India, Italy and Norway. The ceremony was held in Malmo, Sweden last Tuesday.

In order to win, the judges wanted to see a city that was devoted to the idea of combating climate change through green initiatives. Vancouver, with its goal of becoming the greenest city in the world, fit the bill nicely.

This honour is a testament not only to governing policies that appear to be working, but also the residents of Vancouver, who have embraced everything from car-sharing, to bike to work programs, to incredible recycling initiatives to keep our new city looking fresh.

Even little old Simmons Mattress Gallery is trying to do its part. Mattress recycling didn’t exist a few years ago, now it is a reality. We have even introduced a program called ‘Trade In and Trade Up’ where we will recycle your old mattress for you while delivering (and assembling) your new one.

Other ways that Vancouver is attempting to be the World’s Greenest City by 2020 is by making buildings carbon neutral, expanding green jobs, and ensuring that residents make it to work at least 50% of the time on bike or public transit.

Mattresses As Art

A young local artist from the Sunshine Coast, Heather Passmore, has recently sold one of her paintings to the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG). Beyond encouraging young, local artists, Simmons Mattress Gallery is impressed by this because her painting was entitled Mattress #3.

Her strange images depict the lives of the poor and homeless in downtown Vancouver. The canvasses she uses are old mattress covers that she has found in dumpsters on the Lower East Side, cleaned (we hope, yuck!), and painted on.

Many of the mattreses were discarded during the Olympics when the homeless were displaced, or because of the bedbug epidemic that is striking that area of Vancouver.

She strives to show the loneliness of single rooms, where a mattress is often the only or dominant peace of furniture.

If you want to see the famous painting of the mattress Vancouver Art Gallery will be exhibiting it along with more of Heather Passmore’s work.

Vancouver, BC Mattress Store

Who has been voted the Best Mattress Store In Vancouver 10 years in a row? It’s Simmons Mattress Gallery! That’s right for exactly one decade the mattress Vancouver needs has been right here at 1001 West Broadway in the centre of Vancouver.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is proud to say that we are the #1 Vancouver, BC Mattress Store. Not just once, but for ten years! That has to say something.

It says something about our knowledgeable and dedicated staff. We have had the same people working for us all that time. They understand mattresses, and what makes a good sale, a good deal, and the right comfort preference level for you.

Everyone is different. You might like a soft bed, you might need some spine support, you might move more than your partner in the night. Not matter a person’s individual idiosyncrasies, they need a bed that suits their own personal level of preference.

Soft beds aren’t for everyone. In fact, most men prefer a harder mattress. Let us help you find the mattress Vancouver professionals like you need, to make you sleep better.

I Hear The Secrets That You Keep

A few weeks ago we wrote about a condition called Somniloquy, or sleep talking. It has been the end of many a relationship, as secrets slip out in the night when one partner is sleeping away – evidence of affairs, locations of buried bodies, dark confessions, and other misdeeds make their way to the surface when one is too lost in sleep to keep their secrets in check.

Psychology Today wanted to pull back a few layers and get to the bottom of why people sleep talk.

It is interesting to note that somniloquy occurs when there is a transition between sleep states. When these transitions happen, most people fall immediately back to bed. Others partially wake up while in a deep REM state. A part of our mind is in deep wave sleep, while the other half is pulled out into consciousness, which is where sleep walkers get up, sleep eaters raid the fridge, and sleep talkers spill their guts.

Most NREM parasomnias occur when slow wave sleep occurs, in the first third of the night. The more you need to sleep, or the more you try to force yourself to stay awake, the more likely they are to occur. For example, if you are sleep deprived, and badly in need of slow wave sleep (which is thought to be the most restorative for the brain).

They are also more frequent when you are sleeping in a strange location (such as a hotel, airport, or roadside ditch). Moving sleeping children from one location to another (such as from the couch to their bed) can trigger paraomniac responsise like night terrors or sleep talking/walking. The mind is torn between being hyper-aware of harm, because it is in a new or changing location, versus the need for sleep. Sleep talking also occurs when you are sick, especially with fever, likely for the same reason.

When trying out beds at our Vancouver mattress store, be sure not to fall completely asleep, or we may hear you telling stories about how you usually wear your wife’s heels to bed.

Families Upgrading to Kings

People are not having as many children as they used to. And the family dynamic is changing. The traditional 2 ½ kids and a white picket fence has been replaced with common law relationships, stay-at-home dads, same-sex marriages and single parents. According to the most recent government stats, the Emmy-winning TV show Modern Family is spot on. As families shrink in size, the need for beds changes.

For the first time, there are now more one-person households than couple households with children. Instead of buying the extra bed for the extra child you never had, consider investing that same amount in yourself. A king-sized bed will mean a better sleep and a more rested day.

With families in Canada shrinking, a moving more and more into urban areas, there is a new demand for space-efficiency. To make your bedroom bigger, ask us about drawer bases below your mattress.

Right now, for those needing a mattress Vancouver has just the store. Simmons Mattress Gallery is in the final weeks of its Beautyrest Sale. It’s your chance to snag a king-sized mattress for up to 60% off.

Heavy Heads Need Good Beds

When you are tired, nothing is worse than not being able to sleep. Sometimes, you’re over-tired. You’ve been up for so long that your body just can’t seem to throw the switch over into sleep mode. Suddenly, everything is uncomfortable. You become sensitive to everything. Your pillow is too lumpy. There’s sand in the sheets. You can feel every itch on your body and you pray that ain’t bugs.

If you have an old mattress you can feel the springs digging in, and your water moves to the side in the glass as your bed tilts more than a pinball machine. It’s impossible to sleep when you’re over-tired on a rotten, uncomfortable bed.

When you have a heavy head, you need a good bed. You need the best quality mattress at a top value price. For a premium mattress Vancouver professionals Simmons Mattress Gallery have Besityrests now on sale for up to 60% off.

If you have a heavy head, give it a soft landing.

June Showers In Vancouver

Well, that had to be one of the wettest Junes on record in Vancouver.

It was cold, wet and it rained almost every day.

So what do you do in the miserable Vancouver month of June-ary .

Here are some fun rainy-day things you can do from the comfort of your bed.

  1. Make a blanket fort with the kids.
  2. Spend all weekend in bed with your lover. Hey, who said June was all bad?
  3. Do some thinking. You can do some of your best planning from the comfort of your bed.
  4. Stretch out and catch up on your sleep. That way you’ll look even better this summer.

Now that we’re into July, it’s hot, hot, hot. And of course people in Vancouver are grumbling under their breath about the heat. You can never win.

But, if you want to avoid the heat this summer – get yourself a fan, or an air conditioner and be sure that you have nice cotton sheets to help keep your bed good and cool.

Rain, rain

Free Movies In The Park This Summer

With June-uary behind us and the weather finally getting to be summer-ish, it’s time to start considering some of the great outdoor activities planned for Vancouver this summer.

If you are a movie buff, and a nostalgic one at that, there are some fantastic films coming to Stanley Park and outdoor venues in Richmond, Langley, Delta, Surrey and New Westminster.

Did you miss out on Old Yeller the first time? Have no fear (and no one spoil the ending) – it will be shown in all its full-screen glory, for free, outdoors, surrounded by blankets of teary teens and teens-at-the-time.

Something a bit more uplifting? How could you go wrong with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (It’s only a model.)

For the full schedule and more information, click this link.

Silk Bedding

Here are 4 reasons to improve your sleep chambers with the luxurious smoothness of silk.

1. Silk feels great. If you’ve never stretched out on silk sheets, do yourself a favor and spend a night in total softness. Even the largest thread counts will feel like steel wool when you go back to cotton.

2. Silk is durable. Did you know that soldiers wear silk undergarments? The reason: Silk is tough, stronger than kevlar, and does not tear when hit with shrapnel. As far back as WWI they would have fancy undershirts and pants – this made it easier for the medics to remove metal sharps from the wounds. No matter how much you toss and turn, the damage you inflict is nothing compared to a grenade.

3. Silk is easy to clean. Contrary to rumor, silk will outlast cotton over time. It holds its color. Silk also dries fast, and is surprisingly strong.

4. Silk breathes. It’s great for your skin, especially if you have excema or some kind of ailment. It also wicks, and repels moisture, like a sports shirt, so you won’t wake up in a pool on a hot summer’s night.

For the finest silk bedding at the best possible price, visit the Manito Silk Store on 1st and Burrard, or order off their website directly.

Hastings Park In The Final Stretch?

After being an iconic weekend outing in Vancouver for 120 years, the Hastings Racecourse is thinking of shutting its gates for good.

This would be a real blow to the diversity of entertainment in Vancouver, as the races are a time-honoured family event, that have waned in popularity in the last few years.

The trend seems to be worldwide. The legacy of the Sport of Kings seems to be in decline. The new HBO series Luck was cancelled this week after a series of unfortunate incidents involving horse deaths! It was not well-received by racing enthusiasts and did little to elevate the status of horse racing in the public at large.

It’s too bad, because spending the day in the sunshine with the family on the grassy knoll watching horses, eating burgers and having a beer is a fine and fun tradition.

You can read more about it here: Hastings Park Racing Into The Sunset.

(pic from Inside Vancouver)

Vancouver Mattress Sale

Want to save up to $2000 on a mattress?

If no. Stop reading.

If yes. Read the next paragraph.

If maybe. Ready the third paragraph. Twice.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has Beautyrest mattresses for $898.

That is $2000 less than the original asking price.

It’s the sale of a lifetime, so if you need a great bed for you and your lover/husband/need for extra space  - it’s the time to get it.

To find out more, contact Simmons Mattress Gallery in Vancouver or Coquitlam.

Simmons Mattress Gallery

The Simmons Mattress Gallery in Vancouver and the Simmons Mattress Gallery in Coquitlam are not the only two Simmons Mattress Galleries in the world, you know. There are other galleries all across Canada.

In fact, there is a Simmons Mattress Gallery in Halifax, NS. They are friends of ours.

A gentle rivalry we have, however, is whose Simmons Mattress Gallery website gets to the top of Google.

Now, we’ve always been busy optimizing for essential words, like Vancouver mattress store and Vancouver mattresses, Vancouver mattress sale etc. So it never really occured to us to optimize for Simmons Mattress Gallery. But it makes sense. After all, once someone sees that we are offering up to $2000 off Beautyrests in the paper ($2898 to $898) – they will want to make sure that they find the right Simmons Mattress Gallery. Hint – we are not in Halifax – we are based out of Vancouver.

Either way, if you are looking for the nearest Simmons Mattress Gallery, and you live in Vancouver or Coquitlam – then you’ve come to the right place.

Year End Clearance Sale On Now

Simmons Mattress Gallery needs to make room for 2012 models. There are still a few 2011 beds kicking around and we are practically giving these away at massive discounts, some are going at up to 60% off.

Here are a few of the deals we have this week at Year-End Clearance prices.

$149 Simmons mattresses

$798 Beautyrest Queens – he usual price is $2798 (that’s $2000 off!)

Simmons Mattress Gallery can be found on the corner of Broadway and Oak as well as on Schoolhouse Street (next to the Cactus Club) in Coquitlam.

To make the most of the Year End Clearance Sale – come see us this week and we’ll help you find the bed that’s right for you.

Vancouver Renters

No one’s moving these days.

With housing prices through the roof in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, most renters have opted to stay put as opposed to pay the astronomical rent prices around the city that go hand in hand with the bubble.

Five years ago, you could get a decent two-bedroom apartment close to the city for $1000/month. Now you’d be lucky to get one for less than $1800. That’s almost double what people are accustomed to.

Salaries have not increased significantly in that time. But the price of everything from gas to groceries has seen double digit growth.

For those who do not own homes in Vancouver, the best option is to cocoon until all the post-Olympic mania fades away and prices stabilize.

If you’re going to be in the same place for a while might as well get a good bed.

This week, Simmons Mattress Gallery is selling Simmons mattresses for as low as $149. Beautyrest Queens are going for $798. That’s a full $2000 less than the usual asking price.

For renters who are waiting out the storm until buying (or moving to a new place) what better place to wait than a comfortable queen sized. You may not be able to live like a millionaire, but you can certainly sleep like one.

Vancouver’s Polar Bear Swim

On January 1st, 2012 thousands of Vancouverites poured onto the shore of English Bay to take a frigid dip in the Pacific. The Polar Bear swim is an age-old tradition where shivering swimmers ring in the New Year by taking a quick plunge in the sea. If nothing else, it’s a good way to shake off their hangovers from the night before.

Luckily this year, the water was a pleasant 7 degrees Celcius.

Taking the Polar Plunge on the 1st of January is a distinctively Canadian tradition. Vancouver’s is the biggest and oldest in Canada – going back to 1920.

Personally, we’d rather stay in our warm beds.

Recycle Your Mattress

If you donate a bag of food to the Covenant House in Vancouver, will come get your mattress and recycle it for you.

Mattresses are brutal on landfills, so this is a good way to help the earth, help the less fortunate and help your back at the same time.

To find out more about this program, read this article: mattress recycling in Vancouver.

It’s Nice To Have a Good Bed

After years of sleeping on crooked futons and ratty hand-me-downs, it’s nice to have a decent king sized bed to call your own.

This is for all you elbow-throwers, and midnight kickers. Noctural thrashers and snoring starfish. Think of your loved ones. And get a good bed for them as well.

They need an undisturbed sleep as much as you do.

Beautyrest mattresses will eliminate motion transfer from one sleeping partner to another.

Once you’ve had a new, comfortable, king-sized bed from a premium brand like Simmons Beautyrest- there is no going back.

Treat yourself right now, and you’ll even find beds at Year-End Clearance prices of up to 60% off.

I know it’s been said many times, many ways, but:

It’s nice to have a good bed.

Bear Scare In Downtown Vancouver

Folks out east have always thought of Vancouver as the Wild West. Nestled in the raw beauty of snow-capped mountains, the Pacific Ocean and untamed forests, supernatural British Columbia has a reputation for being rather cozy with the wilderness.

Having a black bear wander around the downtown core on Monday certainly reinforces that stereotype.

The big guy jumped into a dump truck on Tuesday and went for a little ride around the city. It took city workers by surprise, but luckily no one was harmed as a result of the little joyride.

The bear was returned to the wild on Wednesday.

A Mattress For the Holidays

What do you get for the person who has everything?

The thing that everyone needs: A good night’s sleep.

If your partner has been sleeping on the same old mattress for years, maybe it’s time to start the New Year with something new. Instead of buying a bunch of unnecessary nicknacks that they might not even want, you can get them something they’re guaranteed to love – a comfortable new mattress.

Why leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Take your partner for a stroll through Simmons Mattress Gallery and find out what bed he or she likes best.

Keep it casual, “Okay, hon, let’s go do some more Chistmas shopping,” knowing full well that the bed they liked best has been noted.

To help you find the perfect mattress Vancouver’s Simmons Mattress Gallery is currently offering 60% off selected models for their Year-End Clearance mattress sale.

If could be the perfect time to get the Christmas present they’ll (and hopefully you as well) will enjoy for years to come.

Consumer Choice Award for Best Mattress Store in Vancouver

Simmons Mattress Gallery has won the Consumer Choice Award for “Best Mattress Store.” It is the ninth time in a row the Vancouver mattress store has received the honour.

The award are determined gathering thousands of opinions, expectations and responses of consumers across Canada and then evaluating them with the help of a third party research team.

“The research method determines all service providers, ultimately selects the top ranked companies, and establishes the winner within each industry.”

Simmons Mattress Gallery is Vancouver’s mattress professionals. The stores are immaculate and the staff is motivated to provide the best customer experience possible.

Great value, service and business integrity have swung the Consumers Choice Award spotlight toward this Vancouver mattress store once again. Drop in to either the Broadway or Schoolhouse St. locations (in Coquitlam) to see for yourself why Simmons Mattress Gallery is selected as the Best Mattress Store in Vancouver year after year.

Wish Upon A Star

Since 1998, St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver has been creating a public light display to raise funds for various projects and causes connected with the hospital.

This year, the ‘Lights of Hope’ display intends to raise $1.9 million in corporate and private donations. The St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation has already raised a total of $16 million since the conception of the light show.

The set-up for the lights began on November 5th, when a 100 volunteers helped erect the carefully planned display. It is estimated that the lights would span 10 kms, if attached as a single line. That would be quite the sight.

If you would like to donate, visit the charity’s website: The site suggest many creative ways to give, from security stock, to a mention in the will, to a monthly donation. Whatever you can afford to give, they’ll use.

The projects that the hospital wishes to fund are: the purchase of a new CT scanner, two 3D-capable echocardiography machines, bronchoscopy equipment, for the detection of lung disease and the completion of the Diagnostic Treatment Unit.

The official opening of this year’s Lights of Hope display will be on Thursday, November 24th.

Light Up the Stars Tonight

Mattress Break-Up (Curbside)

Do the people who abandon mattresses on the streets think they are helping the homeless? Do they believe there is a magic mattress collector that trolls the alleys at night looking for soggy discarded beds? One would wonder…

With the recent ban on mattresses at city transfer stations, beds are being illegally abandoned all over the city.

Last year 1,500 mattresses were discarded illegally on city streets. This year, with the $20 surcharge in effect, frugal, lazy citizens have dumped over 5,000 mattresses.

The city has used taxpayer money to send out special vehicles to collect the unwanted beds. It has been a massive resource drain on the collection department’s budget. All this because people did not want to properly deal with their waste.

It’s a shame.

The good news is that more beds then ever are being properly recycled. Thanks to the new ban, over 47,000 mattresses were given to Lower Mainland recycling agencies in the first half of this year.

If you are looking to properly dispose of your old mattress and do not want to pay the $20 fee, consider one of the three mattress recycling companies operating in and around Vancouver.

Here is a list of the companies and their minimum charge:

Canadian Mattress Recycling - If dropped off, CMR will charge $12 per item. This is the cheapest option. They also have pick-up options starting at $72.00. - This company charges $12.50 per dropped off item. With a professional website and David Suzuki’s endorsement, this company appears to be the most respectable operation in the Vancouver area. We have also featured this company in an earlier post on mattress recycling.

Recyc-Mattress - This is the most expensive option. Recyc-Mattress charges $15 per item.

A mattress dumped in a landfill takes decades to decompose. Do your part and recycle your bed properly.

Mattress Abandonment

The Pull of the PuSh

One of the greatest festivals in Vancouver is the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, coming up this winter from January 15 through February 5, 2012. The festival presents innovative works in live performing arts over the course of three weeks. The festival aims to expose audiences to shows that are thought provoking, blend genres, and startle viewers.

The shows exhibited at the PuSh festival are meant to encourage dialogue and induce transformative experiences among attendees. Since its launch in 2003, as a joint venture of Rumble Productions and Touchstone Theatre, PuSh has become one of the most highly anticipated events for Vancouver audiences, artists and media. Initially a modest series of theatre presentations curated by Norman Armour and Katrina Dunn, the Festival took on a new life as a stand-alone entity in June 2005, with charitable status and its own administrative operations.

January 2009 marked the 5th installment of the PuSh Festival. There were 19 works in the main program and the launch of Club PuSh—a unique multi-disciplinary platform at Granville Island’s Performance Works that put the spotlight on indie bands and other cutting-edge performing artists of the Cascadia region. There were a total of 136 performances, involving 16 venues across the city. More than 24,000 people attended that year. For more information, visit the festival’s website at

While you’re in Vancouver, stop by Vancouver mattress store Simmons Mattress Gallery to check out a huge inventory of high-quality mattresses and accessories.

Innovate? In Your Dreams.

Some of the best ideas begin in dreams.

Inventors, artists, musicians and thinkers throughout history have reported that some of their biggest breakthroughs were the products of dream world experiences. Rene Descartes came up with the concept for the scientific method after something he experienced in a dream. Paul McCartney has said he heard the tune for the famous song, “Yesterday,” in a dream. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was inspired by a dream. Elias Howe got the idea to invent the sewing machine in a dream.

Dreams can be a great source of inspiration, but only if you remember them when you wake up. To increase the chances that your next great invention doesn’t slip away into your subconscious, it’s a good idea to write down what you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keep a notebook by the bed and jot down anything you remember, even incomplete images, occurrences or thoughts that don’t seem to make sense. Some people believe it’s easier to remember dreams that occur during the daytime while napping, although this idea is impossible to prove.

The quality of your sleep can increase the quality of your dreams. And the quality of your bed can increase the quality of your sleep. That means you might want to invest in a new bed. Visit Vancouver Mattress Store Simmons Mattress Gallery to check out the best brands at the best prices. Start dreaming up your next great idea tonight.

See Vancouver from the Sky

For visitors and locals alike, a scenic flight over Vancouver offers a new and extraordinary way to view British Columbia’s breathtaking landscape. These scenic flight are fun and affordable. They offer a different vantage point and a fun alternative to the same old tourist attractions in the city.

Several different companies in the province offer scenic tours of varying lengths and flight paths. Glacier Air offers a selection of flights ranging from a 25-minute flight over Squamish Valley that circles Tantalus Falls to a 60-minute tour that will whisk you up the Squamish Ashlu Divide, over the awesome expanse of the Pemberton Icefield, the site of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Whistler and Cloudburst Mountain. See the extraordinary landscape and glaciers that BC is famous for.

There are many other companies that offer similar flights. The tour companies often have special deals if you book online. For more information about Glacier Air, visit their website at

While you’re in Vancouver, check out Vancouver mattress store Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Fall For Vancouver

Well it looks as if summer is coming to a close in Vancouver. Fall is upon us, and with it another nine months of rain. Ugh.

However, there are a few events coming up in Vancouver this fall that can hopefully cheer you up.

Cinema – On September 28th there is the Vancouver International Film Festival. Prepare your eyes for some of the most cutting-edge and avant-garde cinema this side of the pond, as they screen films from 80 countries on 10 screens – it’s not to be missed.

Concerts – October is bringing a few fantastic bands to the city. Keep your eyes peeled and credit card handy for the likes of Flogging Molly, Kathy Griffin, Selena Gomez, Said The Whale, Bachman Turner and more.

Events – “I am Vancouver” is a presentation at  the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Learn about the history of the city and how Captain George found his way here in the first place. It ends this October, so it could be your last chance to check it out.

Great House of Stone

Zimbabwe is a country with deep political problems. It’s economy has been suffering for more than a decade and personal freedoms have been being steadily reduced as its president for the last twenty years, Robert Mugabe, struggles to retain control. It is far from a safe region to visit.

This is a tragedy for art lovers around the world, as Zimbabwe is home to Africa’s finest stone sculptors. The word Zimbabwe actually means, ‘Great House of Stone’ in the Shona language.

Fortunately, many of the stone pieces being produced in the country are now part of a traveling exhibition that will be visiting Vancouver for the next month. The works are being shown at the VanDusen gardens. It is the only Canadian stop on the world tour.

The pieces are strategically displayed around the gardens amongst the beautiful flora that Vancouverites have come to love.

Two of the artists behind the works, Passmore Mupindiko and Patrick Sephani, are giving daily lessons on stone art. The two artists are currently traveling with the stones and the exhibitions two curators, Vivienne and Joseph Croissette.

There is no extra cost to see the sculptures or to attend the daily stone workshops.


Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebration (Part 2): Summer Live

After the initial party on April 6th, Vancouver is planning a summer festival in Stanley Park to continue our city’s 125th birthday celebration. ‘Summer Live’ will take place over three days – July 8, 9, 10.  The festival will showcase a number of artists, including an impressive line-up of local musicians.

The music will be the big draw of the weekend, with The New Pornographers, Said the Whale and Mother Mother sharing a stage. Local singer songwriter, Dan Mangan, will also play, along with the collective sound of Vancouver’s Symphony Orchestra.

Admission is free and the organizers promise that the event will be family friendly.

Party in the Park

The city chose Stanley Park as the site of the festival because of its beautiful setting, picnic capacity and its history with Vancouver’s city council.

Fact: The area of land now known as Stanley Park was delegated park space at the first Vancouver city council meeting in 1886.

There will also be a sports day like atmosphere, with hilarious relay races.

So don’t plan any getaways during the second weekend in July. You’ll want to stay home and enjoy this one with the rest of your fellow Vancouverites.

Lesnar Pulls out of UFC 131

Stomach Illness Takes Down Brock

Fans of the UFC might be sad to learn that Brock Lesnar has pulled out of the main-event fight for UFC 131 in Vancouver. Lesnar was set to battle Junior Dos Santos, but the heavyweight star has fallen ill, due to a digestive disease known as diverticulitis.

This is the second time the disease has sidelined the big man. In 2009, Lesnar was scheduled to fight Shane Carwin at UFC 106, but pulled out. It was later explained that the heavyweight star was suffering from the above-mentioned intestinal disorder.

Lesnar was quoted as saying: “There isn’t a fight in this world that’s more important than my health.” Lesnar is considering surgery for a second time to deal with the illness.

With his health in limbo, one thing is certain – Lesnar will not be flying to Canada for his medical treatment. Lesnar has openly-criticized Canada’s health care system after receiving emergency treatment at a hospital in rural Manitoba.

Vancouver MMA fans will still be treated to a show on June 11th. Dana White has now booked Shane Carwin to fight Dos Santos at Rogers Arena.

Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.

Simmons Innovation: Smart Response

The Beautyrest model mattress has been providing comfort to Simmons’ customers for over 86 years with its patented pocket coil support system.

This year, Simmons is introducing Smart Response Technology to their traditional pocket coil mattress. This revolution in design took the existing Beautyrest model that customers have appreciated for years and improved on it.

The Smart Response functions like two springs balanced on top of each other. The top half of the single spring is tapered to conform to the sleeper’s shape. The lower half of the spring is more rotund, offering support and the traditional motion separation that Simmons’ customers have come to appreciate. The new shape provides consumers with an undisturbed rest and a durable bed that will last for years.

These new springs can be found in Simmons’ new line of the Beautyrest NxG mattresses and our Beautyrest Elite collection.

Come in and try one this week. Your upgrade to Smart Response technology will affect your night’s sleep immediately.

Simmons Beautyrest – Improving with age!

Horizontal History

Hollywood North at the Waldorf

The Waldorf Hotel has seen a resurgence in recent years, becoming the place to be seen for young hipsters around town. The redone Tiki lounge is the main attraction, serving pineapple swirly-strawed girly drinks alongside PBR’s.

Last week, the hotel added another hat to its already crowded rack. The latest enterprise, by the rejuvenated Vancouver landmark, is a film series being shown every Wednesday. The title of the series is “Vancouver Sometimes Plays Itself.” The weekly series will feature films shot in Vancouver between 1964-1988, the years before the X-Files got its claws in the Vancouver Film Industry.

The weekly MC will be the series creator, Elvy Del Bianco. Bianco will introduce each film explaining the areas where it was shot along with relevant history and trivia. Bianco will also be joined by a number of guest speakers including UBC professor Tom Scholte.

The films will be shown every Monday night. Last week’s feature was “Sweet Substitute.” This week will be “Explosion.” The following week is “That Cold Day in the Park,” a Robert Altman sexual thriller.

The series wraps on Monday, June 13th with the film “The Squamish Five.”

Waldorf Tiki Bar

Pink Inspiration

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough,

And stands about the woodland ride

Wearing white for Eastertide.”

-A.E. Housman

Pink is the colour of spring in Vancouver. It floats above our heads and flutters to our feet. It lines our streets and patches our parks. It brightens the grey skies of April and whispers in our ear, “May is not far off.”

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a unique celebration of Vancouver’s relationship with the pink flowers of the Japanese Cherry Tree. This year the festival is running from March 26th until April 22nd. On April 16th, at the VanDusen Botanical Garden, the city will distribute 3,000 new cherry trees to property owners who have paid a reduced rate of $40 per tree. The trees are being sold as part of the celebration around Vancouver’s 125th birthday. They are the pink candles on our cake.

The festival is also hosting a public bike ride on the same day as the VanDusen handout. ‘Bike the Blossoms’ will begin at 11am at Devonian Park in the West End. If you can’t make this date, you can download a PDF of different blossom bike routes for your own private viewing.

Need to express your love of the pink? Enter the Haiku Invitational poetry contest. Put your thoughts into three simple lines of 17 moras and submit your poem before the May 31st deadline. The winning submissions will be featured on Translink spaces around the Lower Mainland.

So get inspired Vancouver and enjoy the yearly offerings of the cherry blossom.

Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

This Wednesday, April 6th, marks the official start to Vancouver’s 125th Birthday celebration. There will be an all-day event at Jack Poole Plaza, the site of the Olympic Cauldron. The festivities will begin at 2pm and continue until 10pm.

The opening event will be a drop-in street hockey tournament. This will be followed by an organized youth tournament featuring teams from Thunderbird, Sunset, West End, Britannia, Riley Park and Killarney communities.

From 6:00 to 7:00 will be the Official Ceremonies, with a giant birthday cake and speeches by Mayor Gregor and other dignitaries.

The big draw will be a performance by Vancouver’s own classic rockers, 54-40. They will hit the stage around 8:45 and will play until 10:00. During the performance, the plaza will become the backdrop for a video and light installation titled Time Drifts, by Berlin-based artist Phillipp Geist.

In the spirit of our ever-loving cycling mayor, there will be a bicycle valet option for those of you choosing the two-wheeled commute.

Gregor has also promised to unveil other events as the year progresses.

The Olympics were just the beginning Vancouver! Let’s celebrate who we are and where we came from!

Blow Out The Candles

Vancouver Earthquake Preparations

As the world tries to come to grips with the damage caused by the recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, here at home, people are starting to fear that the next big quake could occur somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. This has many Lower Mainland residents thinking very seriously about their preparedness level.

To address these concerns, citizens can visit the British Columbia Earthquake Preparedness website for tips on what to have ready and what actions to take in the event of a massive earthquake. The site is an excellent resource for preparing your loved ones for an environmental disaster.

Remember to Hold On!

Here are a few quick tips for your family to work on:

1. Know the safe areas of your home that can be used for cover.

(heavy tables, desks, archways)

2. Know the dangerous areas of your home.

(near windows, beside large appliances, near shelves)

3. Signup for a first-aid course.

4. Plan and practice safe evacuation routes from your home.

5. Have a plan in place if your family is separated. Organize a contact number of a family member or friend who lives in another area of the Province.

6. Make sure every member of the family knows how to turn off the gas incase of a leak.

7. Have a list of emergency contacts posted near your main phone. You can also add these numbers to the contact list on your cellphones.

8. Prepare emergency supplies for at least 72 hours.

This should include: first aid kit, tarp or small tent, water (lots of it), water purification tablets, non-perishable food, flashlights, am/fm radio, batteries, toiletry items, fire extinguisher, wrench, shoes, gloves and if possible, sleeping bags.

Flowers For Everyone

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we accommodate all comfort levels to find our customers the perfect bed for their lifestyle. In the food world, this task is often a little more difficult, especially if your chosen lifestyle is vegan. Finding goods that meet your ingredient standards can be a difficult task. Finding baked goods – almost impossible.

Well that is all about to change, with the opening of Edible Flours (cute little pun), the first all-vegan retail bakery in Vancouver. The bakery will launch in late March, on Broadway, between Vine and Yew. Edible Flours will offer sweets of all sorts that are dairy and egg free. This includes cupcakes, cookies, muffins, loaves, brownies and even birthday cake. All the sweeteners used in these products will be un-refined.

Their menu will also include items for specialty diets, with the option of gluten, wheat, soy and sugar free products.

Unfortunately, the bakery will not initially produce bread, but co-owner Paul Briggs claims it may be a possibility further along.

Briggs and Alli Neville started the project with a make-to-order bakery a year ago.

Divine Vegan Treats

Vancouver International Dance Festival

Were you enamored by Kurt Warner’s dance moves away from the huddle? Does Marry Murphy’s scream move you to tears? Maybe it’s time to take in the real thing.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival begins on Tuesday and runs until the 19th of March. Professionals from all over the world will be strutting their stuff on the Roundhouse Stage and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

There will be daily performances and Artist Talks where fans can interact with the performers and learn more about their craft.

This year’s line-up includes:

EDAM (Vancouver)

Yvonne Pouget (Germany)

Trial & Eros / Deborah Dunn (Montreal)

SiNS Dance (Halifax)

Cruceta Flamenco (Spain)

Marc Boivin / Ichigo-Ichieh (Montreal / Nelson)

Kokoro Dance / Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Vancouver)

battery opera (Vancouver)

The Source (Vancouver)

Arts Umbrella (Vancouver)

Khambatta Dance Company (USA)

T42 (Swizerland / Japan)

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Festival Website. A number of the performances are free with the $3 VIDF annual membership card.

The festival has been in operation since 2000, with performances and workshops being offered around Vancouver.


battery opera

Vancouver: Still the Number One Place to Live in the World!

For the fifth year in a row, Vancouver has been voted the most livable city in the world! The poll was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The group uses three broad categories to make its decision: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Vancouver received a perfect rating of 100 in the categories of healthcare, education and culture and environment.

The second place finisher, just 2.3 percentage points below Vancouver, was Auckland New Zealand.

But what would Vancouverites say when asked ‘what makes us the best’? They would probably mention the cleanliness of our city, the mild weather, the security (you can basically walk down any street and feel comfortable), the dining options, the Olympics, the proximity to the mountains, the transit and bike lanes, the parks (Stanley being the jewel) and the people.

There is an infinite number of reasons why Vancouver is such an amazing place to live, but we like to think it’s the mattress shopping. Simmons Mattress Gallery has been providing quality beds and professional advice to Lower Mainland residents for years. This service has sent thousands of citizens off to work well rested and happy with their lives. We’re not saying we did it all, but we certainly played a part.

Congratulations Vancouver, this truly is the best place to live.

Sunset Beach

Fall Head Over Heels At the Capilano Suspension Bridge – In a Good Way

They say that fear can make us see the world in a more beautiful way. And that being love-struck is also associated with danger.

There is a reason that survivors of tragedies and close-scrapes are often quickly smitten with one another. It’s a psychological condition. And knowledge of this is the secret weapon of every great lover.

So for all you romantics, take heed. Here is a surefire way to open the heart of the one you hold dear this Christmas season.

But first, some background.

A psychology experiment once attempted to prove that emotion was tied to physical arousal. To put this theory to the test, the psychologists were drawn to the breathtaking Capilano Suspension Bridge. Spanning a steep ravine, the bridge is well known for elevating heart rates and stirring souls. The experimenters were interested in how the adrenaline rush of the treacherous fall and wobbly walkway triggered the emotional state of arousal.

To examine the ability of danger to conjure romantic feelings, they had a beautiful female interviewer ask men questions on the bridge. When the swaying, exhilarating interview was done, she would leave her phone number in case they wanted to follow up.

Male subjects were more likely to call for the results (or to use the call as a pretext for a date) if they were on the Capilano Suspension Bridge than an ordinary, less scary bridge.

The conclusion drawn: fear and love, in the heart, are actually the same thing.

So women, take note: This fantastic bridge holds the key to the secret spell. And men, take heart, for while this experiment was never tested on women, there is a good evidence to suggest that arousal in your counterpart will be reciprocated.

So it’s worth a shot. And there has never been a better time to fall in love over a hungry ravine.

Capilano Suspension Bridge is now hosting Canyon Lights. Come for an enchanted evening to enjoy lights in the forest, along the bridge, illuminating the whimsical backdrop of one of the most exhilarating and lovely places on earth.

Guests will also be treated to gingerbread cookie decorating, seasonal music from the Christmas band, glass ornament blowing with Malcolm MacFadyen and of course, the splendor of magical twinkling lights throughout the park.

Admission is free for members. $15 for adults, $5 for children (6-12) or $35 for a family (two adults, two children). Proceeds from admission will be donated to the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund, with a goal of raising $20,000 for the organization to support Burn Awareness Week in BC elementary schools.

For more information, check out their website at

Mattress Vancouver Stores – The Reason Behind The Silly Syntax

Ever noticed how mattress stores in Vancouver insist on calling themselves Mattress Vancouver Stores? It has a little to do with outright marketing and more to the way Google searches of these blogs.

Now, we’ve been trying to present you with informative and intelligent articles about things to do in Vancouver, and the exciting ways that you can keep this city your own.

However, the sad truth of the Internet is that most of the articles are read by search engine optimization spiders that find the relevance through syntax, and not necessarily relevance.

Here’s the skinny. Most people search for a Vancouver mattress store by typing in “mattress” first. This will take them to a page that has every mattress in the world. Hardly convenient if you are looking for a mattress store in Vancouver, and not London.  So, usually, the next search most will do is for “mattress Vancouver.”

It is for that very reason that mattress stores describe themselves at Mattress Vancouver Stores. Simmons Mattress Gallery included.

VanDusen Garden’s Festival of Lights

Under a canopy of lush greenery, trees, and meticulously manicured gardens, ethereal lights, and softly falling snow, VanDusen Gardens offers the ideal backdrop for an elegant Christmastime stroll.

And the perfect evening for walking in a Winter wonderland.

So put on your scarves and mittens, warm your spirits with hot cider, and bundle up the whole family, or that special someone, for a night to remember amidst the magical festival of lights.

Here are a few of the highlights to anticipate:

See how the other half lives at Santa’s Living Room: Dec. 10 – 24 with Santa appearances 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 p.m.

Visit with Svend and Jens, the Scandinavian Christmas Elves. They make appearances nightly in the Centre Court.

Starting at 4:30 p.m. every evening, you can enjoy the Dancing Lights on Livingstone Lake. There are two different shows – one on the half hour and one at the top of the hour.

Take a mysterious wander through Gingerbread Wood.

Take in the lights on Golden Chain Walk.

Sing along or just enjoy the music with the Community Choir Concerts on the Deck at 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

Other highlights include the Make-A-Wish Candle Shrine, Candy Cane Lane, Sparkling Spruce in the Centre Court and the whimsical Candy Cane Express model train.

To find out more about the VanDusen Botanical Garden Festival of Lights, check their website at

Enjoy the festival every evening from 4:30 to 9:00 pm. It is open every night except December 25, when the garden is closed.

Tickets are now on sale.

Adult: $15.75
Senior: $11.75
Youth (13 -18): $11.75
Child ( 6- 12): $9.25
Family (2 adults and their children 6-18): $33.50

For more information click here.

Father Christmas is Making an Early Appearance

Fact: St. Nick enjoys his pancakes.

You always knew the ‘man in the red suit’ loved his cookies and milk and the odd sip of bourbon, but do you also know that Santa is a huge fan of the flapjack?

Breakfast with Santa, since its inception at the old Eatons building, has been a tradition in Vancouver for years. This year Santa will be making a pre-Christmas visit to sample breakfast wares at four different locations around the city:

1. The largest and most established event will be held at the Vancouver Convention Center. There will be a exquisite buffet offering, live entertainment and of course a visit from the jolly one himself. There are two dates planned for this event: December 18th and 19th.

2. For a more scenic meeting place, Grouse Mountain will be hosting a meet-and-greet in the Lupins Café at the top of the gondola. Buffet brunch will be provided, along with children’s entertainment. This event will run daily from December 15th to the 24th.

3. For a more community feel, both Douglas Park and West Point Grey Community Centre will be hosting Santa on the 11th of December. Crafts will be on display for purchase.

Have your child bring their wish list down and their appetite.

I Saw You…

Man viewed Woman

When: July 31st

Where: The Number 22 Bus heading into Downtown

You got on at MacDonald and Broadway, heading for the fireworks. You were with your friends, I think one was named Olive. You wore a purple dress with white embroidery. I sat across from you pretending to listen to my iPod. You look tired, well beyond tired. Your friend was talking about her trip to India. I was listening, but you seemed to be having trouble. I saw your head bob more than once as you fought back sleep. It was only 7:30, but for you it looked like 3:00 in the morning. Your friends continued to talk with each other and you continued to bob. Then you looked up and saw me watching you and smiled…

I wanted to say something witty, to comment on your shoes, or make a joke about narcolepsy. But my tongue was tied, pasted to my mouth with the ease of your smile.

You were beautiful, but I could see the bags under your eyes and a secret behind your pupils.

Why were you so tired? What had you been doing the night before? Why hadn’t you slept?” These were all questions that raced through my head until your friends dragged you off the bus, just after Pacific.

It’s been four days, but I can’t get you off my mind. You haunt my thoughts.

If I could rewind time, use the playback option on my PVR, I would offer one comment. One simple sentence. One piece of advice from a man across the aisle:

“You owe it to yourself to buy a new mattress, preferably a Simmons.” With that simple phrase I would stand up and move to the doors.

You would stand to thank me, but this time you would be speechless. All you would be able to do is smile. A thank you, with the lifted corners of your mouth. That’s all I would need. Content I would exit at the next stop, looking back only once to meet your tired eyes through the window. My gaze: A simple, you’re welcome.

Air Quality Concerns

Just before dozing off on your Simmons, you may have noticed an odd sight on the skyline, these last couple of nights. A giant orange-red ball has replaced the sinking sun in the westward sky.

Red Sky at Night

No, smog levels have not risen to apocalyptic proportions. And no, it’s not a harvest moon (wrong side of the horizon).

The reason for the burning ball: the forest fires in B.C. are sending so much ash into the atmosphere that they are affecting the way we view the fading sun.

There are now over 400 active forest fires blazing in our province.

This may be a staggering number, but in reality, the figure is close to par for this time of the year.

What is concerning is the rate at which these fires have sprung up. The average number of new fires per day is currently about 55.

Fire crews are working around the clock to contain the blazes, but with so many fresh burns, its a wonder the whole province isn’t a sea of flames.

And while Lower Mainland residents may not see the fires firsthand, we are experiencing the effects.

The sun’s peculiar disguise is a sign that air quality has deteriorated to a dangerous level. Metro Vancouver posted an advisory warning residents to avoid strenuous activity and to limit outdoor exposure for infants and the elderly.

Showers could come as early as Saturday, but till then, enjoy the new occupant of the evening sky and remember to take care of your lungs. If you’re feeling any new discomfort you should definitely contact your doctor immediately.

Mattresses Needed For MMA Fighters

Vancouver's First UFC Event

There may be a few more tired bodies hitting the mattresses in Vancouver this month, as the UFC makes it’s inaugural debut in Western Canada on June 12th.

Already cited in town, Chuck Liddell has been training for his bout with Rich Franklin. The two veteran warriors will be the main event next Saturday. Liddell’s original opponent was Tito Ortiz. Unfortunately, Ortiz was forced to back out after undergoing surgery on his neck.

Ortiz and Liddell were the coaches for the latest installment of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show.

The undercard will feature Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry, Paul Thiago vs. Martin Kamomann and eight other bouts.

The athletes competing will need to get all the rest they possibly can before heading into the Octagon.

Let’s hope they’re getting their rest on a Simmons Beautyrest.

They will certainly appreciate all the individual pocket coils the night after their fight.

Putting your body through that kind of punishment deserves a reward and no other mattress can supply the comfort levels offered by a Simmons.

Try one for yourself at a Simmons Mattress Gallery.

You may not have the muscle tone or grappling skills to compete in the UFC, but you can still enjoy a Simmons.

Vancouver Welcomes Summer With Open Arms

Well it looks like summer may finally be coming to the west coast.

After a wet spring, that we would all probably like to forget, the sun is finally starting to poke through. The beaches around Vancouver are starting to fill, the tennis courts have line-ups until dusk and with June being ‘Bike Month,’ more and more people are hitting the road with two wheels rather than four.

But with all this activity comes a price: fatigue. Our bodies are still on winter time. We may have only hit the gym once a week in the last eight months, but now, with the extra daylight and activities to enjoy, our bodies are seeing a lot more action.

So how do we compensate? Well, the correct answer would be to get more rest.

With the longer summer nights, we tend to forget that our bodies need a minimum of eight hours of sleep. This is especially true for an active lifestyle, which most of us are lucky enough to enjoy through the summer months.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour is essential.

If you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep with the added hours of daylight, maybe it’s time you looked into a mattress upgrade.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a huge selection of mattresses to choose from. Come in and lay around our showroom. We want you to be comfortable enough to fall asleep in any condition, at any hour. A Beautyrest will provide that.

Pick yours out today and start prepping for a summer full of fun!

English Bay

Vancouver's First Round Matchup Decided

The NHL playoffs begin this week, with the Vancouver Canucks taking on the young Los Angeles Kings.

The Canucks went 3 and 1 against the Kings this season and are looking to continue their winning ways.

Many Vancouver fans had been secretly hoping for this match-up, as an alternative to the surging Detroit Red Wings or the burly Nashville Predators.

The Kings have not made an appearance in the postseason since 2002 and the hockey world is predicting a quick exit.

But there are many reasons why Vancouver should be concerned.

The first is goaltending. Luongo has looked shaky since the Olympics, being pulled more than once for Andrew Raycroft. He will have to remind Vancouver fans why he was given the captaincy if the Canucks want to get past the first round.

There are also the injuries to the defense core. There is no date set for the return of key defender Willie Mitchell, the delicate body of Sami Salo is again in question and now Shane O’Brien, fresh from the doghouse, is struggling with a foot injury sustained from a Mikael Samuelsson slap shot.

The kings are reporting no injuries.

The action will begin this Thursday at the Garage with a 7 p.m. puck drop.

Can’t handle the wait?

Plan a little trip to your local Simmons Mattress Gallery. Located in Coquitlam on Schoolhouse St. and in Vancouver on West Broadway, Simmons Mattress Gallery has the perfect mattress for managing postseason anticipation.

Lions Roam East

Football in British Columbia will have a new, ‘old,’ venue this spring as the B.C. Lions will be leaving their den and moving back to Empire Field.

The stadium will be a temporary setting, while B.C. Place receives a much-needed renovation.

Lions Football debuted at Empire Field in 1954.

The club has not played at the PNE grounds since 1983, when the Lions moved to B.C. Place.

The budget for the temporary stadium is 14.4 million and will include seating for 27,500 enthusiastic fans.

Unlike their seasons at B.C. Place, the well-rested Lions will now play football exposed to the elements, while 20,000 fans will receive cover.

This exposure may not be a factor in the spring, but come fall, the boys will be out in the cold.

The Felions will also have to adapt, as plans are all ready in the works for a new uniform. The warmer games will see the cheerleaders in black short shorts and tight fitting tops and the colder games will find them in capri pants and jackets.

The turf on the new field will actually be the old artificial turf used at B.C. Place. With all the rain we receive in Vancouver, a natural grass field might turn into a weekly mud fest.

The site will also be the home of the Whitecaps for part of their 2011 season.

Empire Stadium

Bone Breaking News

There have been confirmed reports that the UFC will not be coming to Vancouver in June for the scheduled event, UFC 115.

Sadly, it looks like the Vancouver organizers were unable to receive the licensing needed to host a UFC card.

Mixed martial arts fans in Vancouver have been praying each night before bed for a local event, but it now seems like they will have to wait a little while longer.

The news broke on the sports television channel, Sportsnet, when Joe Ferraro announced that he had spoken with Dana White, the UFC’s president and public face, and White had confirmed that the UFC was looking elsewhere.

Indications are that the event will now be held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The UFC’s bid to come to Vancouver was supported by Mayor Gregor Robertson, and received a majority vote by city council in January of this year.

While there is a slim possibility the show could go on, Dana White’s comments are not encouraging.

Two of the strongest opponents of the sport coming to Vancouver were councilors David Cadman and Ellen Woodsworth.

Their opinions, however, were not the stumbling block.

It is believed that the main reason for the cancellation was the UFC’s inability to provide a security deposit, proof of insurance and an adequate security plan. For these reasons, the Vancouver Athletic Commission was unable to sanction the planned event on time.

The next confirmed Canadian date will take place in Montreal, on May 8th.

UFC President: Dana White

Clearance Sale Ends This Sunday

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a new mattress at up to 60% off, then you had better hurry, the final days are upon us.

Come on down to Simmons Mattress Gallery at our Broadway, Coquitlam or Victoria locations to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Ends Sunday March 14th

Creepy Crawlies Invade the West End

“There are three red bites on your neck and your sheets are spotted with copper marks.

During the day you quiver at the very thought of returning to your bed.

Your friends avoid you and your family stops calling.

The night brings no rest.

Eventually the stress consumes you.

You look for answers from the most unlikely sources.

You’ve heard stories of their carnivorous lifestyle, but doubt their existence.

Has Twilight become reality?

No. There is no denying, you, have bed bugs.”

Bed bugs are now considered an epidemic in Vancouver’s West End. A problem for years in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the bugs have migrated west, proving that expensive cluster living is just as at risk as the poorest housing project.

The bugs have three main methods of travel. The first, and most common method is through luggage or daypacks. The bag may be dropped for a few minutes or stored for a few days in an infected area. When the article moves, the bugs move with it. This is easily done at a hotel, where unsuspecting guests leave their luggage open. The bugs are attracted by the human scent and dead skin. They make their way into the bag and are eventually transported to another location.

The second method is through clothing and or bedding. The bugs do not live on humans like lice; they prefer to make their homes away from the host. They establish themselves in an area and then return to the body to feed.

The last method of travel is through wiring. The bugs can move through apartment complexes using the electrical wires that connect each unit. Shockingly, they can also follow the wires outside to a neighbouring complex.

While the bugs do feed on the blood of humans, they are not considered a health risk and are incapable of spreading disease. They do, however, propose a danger for people living with immune deficiency. Early detection is key. Here is what to look for:

1. Bed Bugs (the actual insect) – oval shaped, with a flattened red body the size of a lady bug

2. Dark Spots on your sheets

3. Copper Stains on your mattress or bedding

4. Bite marks that come in threes

Once infected, you can try and contain the problem yourself, but your best option is to hire a professional. Vancouver Bed Bug Control Inc. is one of the companies working in Vancouver that specializes in bed bug removal. In the past they used beagles to sniff out the unwanted insects for early detection, but they have now switched to a cimex case baited with human pheromone.

If you are set on doing the work yourself, make sure you have a powerful vacuum, the tools to dismantle your furniture, and the will to throw away infected items such as children’s toys and pillows. Start with the vacuuming, then wash all your clothes and bedding, then vacuum again, inspect all your furniture, vacuum again and then use a spray product on areas that you have discovered to be infected. Then vacuum again. Good luck.

If you are renting, the fees surrounding the treatment of these pests may be subsidized or paid in full by your landlord.

If you are merely concerned about infection, here are some preventative measures you can take:

1. Inspect your luggage after a trip abroad before bringing it into your house.

2. Do not drop your day bag on the floor or furniture of another residence.

3. Do not buy second hand furniture or mattresses.

4. Repair holes or cracks in your drywall.

5. Purchase a bed bug mattress cover package that includes a box spring cover, a mattress cover and multiple pillow covers.

Vampires may only exist in teenage-romance novels, but bed bugs are very real. Stay informed. Here are some helpful websites:

The Bed Bug Registry

Health Link BC

Vancouver Bed Bug Control

For complete peace of mind, consider purchasing a brand new mattress set from Simmons Mattress Gallery. We can outfit you with all the components you need to start fresh. Come stop by our locations in Vancouver, Victoria, or Coquitlam. Or visit us online at

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Simmons Mattress Gallery Has a New Website

Another Article About Simmons Mattress Gallery

Here is another article about our new mattress Vancouver website:

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a new website.

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Mattress Vancouver has a new site!

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Vancouver mattress stores battle for new A

New Website

There is a new website for mattress Vancouver retailer, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

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Simmons Mattress Gallery - new website

Buying a Mattress in Vancouver

If you are looking to buy a mattress in Vancouver, you should be sure to talk to the mattress professionals. Some mattress stores will try to get you on just about any mattress, but we believe that there is the perfect bed out there for you, and it is just a matter of you finding it.

For seven years in a row Simmons Mattress Gallery has won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Best Mattress Store in Vancouver. It is little wonder, therefore, that we know a thing or two about making the customer (you) happy. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and our locations are spacious and relaxing – to ensure that you have the best possible Vancouver mattress shopping experience.

Come visit us today – we would love to see you, and get you into a cozy bed.

Mattress Vancouver’s contact info.

Find the one you love

Find the one you love

Easy Peasy Mattress Vancouver Directory

The main reason that we have built the mattress Vancouver site is so you can easily find help and pointers when shopping for a mattress.

To make this site even more navigational, we will include a little index on this page for easy reference.

Here are a few topics covered in the Mattress Vancouver website.

10 easy ways to fall asleep

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Mattress, Vancouver? Further information

Why no mattress is like a Beautyrest.

The Simmons Mattress Gallery difference

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At Simmons Mattress Gallery we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We don’t see our customers as one-off consumers, but rather we try to foster long-term relationships built on years of good, quality sleep. We want you to remember our helpful advice, and enjoy a wonderful bed, for years to come.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. For seven years running we have been voted the Best Mattress Store at the Consumers’ Choice Awards.

With showrooms in Vancouver, Victoria or Coquitlam, Simmons Mattress Gallery makes it easy to find the bed that is right for you. We are the mattress professionals, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and a showroom stocked with the best of the best brand out there: Simmons.

Right now, there is a Beautyrest Sale, where you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep for up to 60% less. This sale only comes around once a year, so don’t delay, it ends October 4th.


Why no bed is like a Beautyrest.

Some mattress stores will state that there is a comparable mattress for every model out there. But that’s simply not true. Nothing compares to a Beautyrest.

Only the Simmons Beautyrest has patented pocket coil technology (read about it here) and the rigorously tested and perfected craftsmanship found only in the most premium mattresses around the world.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery our customers ask for Beautyrest by name, and there is a reason for that – a quality guarantee that’s says it all – your beauty will last longer, and your body will feel more rested.

There is no rest like a Beautyrest.

There is no rest like a Beautyrest.

Pocket coil? What’s a pocket coil?

You have probably seen the ads where a man in a white labcoat drops a black bowling ball on a mattress and none of the bowling pins are disturbed.  This, of course, is a simple way to show that your partner could be doing jumping jacks on one side of the bed and you’d never even know.

How is this possible? The answer is the revolutionary pocket coil technology found exclusively in Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. As you will see in the diagram below, the springs are not attached to one another, rather they rest independently in their own “pocket.” This allows enough ‘give’ so that when you put pressure on the mattress, on the coils you are touching are affected, while the rest of the bed remains still.

Pocket coils for Simmons Mattress Gallery

Mattress, Vancouver?

If you are looking for a mattress Vancouver, you need to bear in mind a few things.

1. You should research the best mattress store in Vancouver based on some facts. Simmons Mattress Gallery has been voted the Best Mattress Store in Vancouver for 7 consecutive years by the Consumers’ Choice Awards. That is people like you voting – real people – not magazines.

2. You should also source out the best mattress in Vancouver by going online and doing a little reading. This Mattress Vancouver blog, for instance has everything from better sleeping tips to helpful hints in what to look for when shopping for a mattress in Vancouver.

3. If you are in need of a new mattress, Vancouver, then you have come to the right place. Simmons Mattress Gallery is the home of the mattress professionals. Feel free to call us at 604 733 0166 and we will gladly help you find a new bed that you love.

Simmons Mattress Gallery

10 easy ways to fall asleep

There are few things worse than laying in bed, awake, knowing that you have to be up in a few short hours for a busy day that demands all of your attention. The next time you are having trouble sleeping, here are a few easy tips that might help:

  1. Get out of bed. Lying in bed wide awake is the worst thing you can do. Your bed is for sleeping, so if you want to think, or read, or watch TV, do it elsewhere.
  2. Drink a warm glass of milk. Now, this may be an old wives’ tale, but if it’s psychosomatic, and it works, then it works.
  3. Shave. It takes up a few minutes of your morning routine, so you might as well do it now and get an extra snooze in.
  4. Go for a walk around the block. Sometimes some fresh air is enough to clear your head.
  5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. More of a mental note for next time.
  6. Read a really boring book. If you don’t have a book, this list should do.
  7. Do puzzles. Sudoko and crosswords are a great way to take your mind off whatever it is that’s keeping you up.
  8. Do some stretching. Heavy exercise will get your heart rate up and make it hard for you to sleep. However, some easy stretching will get the blood moving enough to calm you, without exertion.
  9. Do some work. If you can’t sleep, you might as well get a jump on the work you have to do tomorrow.
  10. Look into a new mattress. Many times, if you can’t sleep, it’s the mattress that’s to blame. Start looking for a new one right there and then. This blog is a good place to start, as research is just as important as feel. Good luck and happy dreaming!
Don't read in bed!

Don't read in bed!

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Beautyrest Sale! Final Days! Ends Sunday, October 4.


Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

We have three stores: one in Victoria, one in Coquitlam and one in Vancouver.

For more information, click here: Mattress Vancouver.

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