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The Top Ten Signs Summer is Coming to Vancouver

10. Border lineups

Better tack on an extra two hours for your trip to Seattle this weekend. It’s crazy to think that Europeans can travel between countries with hardly any thing more than a signpost.

9. The roof is off

The $560 million roof is retracted at BC Place. Wait. Was that a raindrop? Better close it back up.

8. English Bay is packed

Did you know that the smiles on the Laughing Men extend two centimeters when the temperature gets above 20° Celsius. Fact!

7. No one is bitching about the Canucks

The city takes a two-month break from whining about our beloved Canucks. Sleep now Trevor; the honeymoon is coming to an abrupt end.

6. Gas prices are ridiculous

As soon as people start to abandon their cars for walking or riding to work, the government jacks the gas prices. Well, that’s our theory. Don’t hold us to it.

5. Stan from accounting is talking about his Grind time

Let’s all stand and give him a round of applause. Well-done Stan. Can’t wait to hear about your paddleboard adventures. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

4. The peppermint tents are up

Four new plays for the summer of 2014. The curtain rises on June 11th. This summer’s Bard offerings: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Tempest,” “Cymbeline” and “Equivocation,” a play by Bill Cain.

3. It’s raining

Rain spells the coming of every season in Vancouver. Remember folks: It’s what keeps it green.

2. The city is full of pink and purple rhododendron bushes

Douglas Coupland remarked that rhododendron green was an official colour in Vancouver. But for these early days of summer, brilliant coloured flowers hide the green. Thank you Ted and Mary Grieg for your marvelous gift to Vancouver.

1. The bike lanes are full

Those empty Vancouver bike lanes that you cursed at all winter are finally full with environmentally friendly commuters. Don’t hate. Join them!

Heritage Classic Festival

This Sunday the NHL is holding their annual ‘Heritage Classic‘ game at BC Place Stadium.  The ‘outdoor’ (roof open) game will feature the Ottawa Senators taking on our hometown Vancouver Canucks.

To add to the days festivities, the NHL has just announced a plan to host a pregame show at the Plaza of Nations, across the street from the stadium. The festival will celebrate hockey in a family friendly environment from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Former local superstars, Cliff Ronning and Kirk McLean will be on hand to sign autographs and relive moments from their infamous 94′ cup run.

The festival is heavy with corporate sponsorship, but some of the events sound really cool for kids.

Here’s a short list of some of the attractions that caught our eye:

  • The Upper Deck trading card company will be having a booth where your child can suit up and have their picture taken. Upper Deck will then transform this photo into a personalized hockey card.
  • Tim Hortons will be creating a mini-rink, so bring your own blades if you have them.
  • Bridgestone will be hosting a shoot out booth, where contestants will have their play called by a live play-by-play announcer.

And for the adults:

  • The Molson Canadian Hockey House will reopen for some pregame beverages. They will also be hosting a bubble hockey tournament.

Should be a fun day of hockey.

Tortorella’s Sentence

The NHL has passed down their verdict: John Tortorella will receive a 15 day suspension for his role in the ruckus that occurred on Saturday, January 18th, when the Vancouver Canucks took on the Calgary Flames. He will miss six games in total. Tortorella is not allowed to have any contact with his club for the entire fifteen days.

In the words of Colin Campbell: “Coaches in the NHL bear the responsibility of providing leadership, even when emotions run high, and Mr. Tortorella failed in his responsibility to the game.”

So Canuck fans, it looks like we will be without Torts for the next few weeks. So who will take his place? The injured Henrik? Nope. Mike Sullivan, Torts right-hand man, will assume the reigns.

For those of you with little or no background knowledge of Sullivan, Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to provide this brief bio:

Sullivan was born in Marshfield, Massachusetts in 1968, making him a fairly young coach at 45. He was drafted by the New York Rangers in 1987, but did not play his first game in the NHL until the 1991-92 season, playing for the San Jose Sharks. He would go on to play 709 games in the NHL before retiring in 2002.

Sullivan moved directly from playing into a coaching position. He was given control of the Boston Bruin’s AHL affiliate, the Providence Bruins coaching them for one year before being called up to work in the NHL. He was the head coach of the Boston Bruins for the 2004-05 and the 2005-06 seasons, before being fired by Peter Chiarelli at the end of the Bruins unproductive 2006 season.

In 2007 he served as head coach of the U.S. Men’s team at the 2007 World Championships in Russia.

He was hired by the Tampa Bay Lightening, as an assistant coach to John Tortorella, for the 2007-08 season. After Tortorella moved to New York in the middle of the 2008-09 season, Sullivan was hired that July to resume his assistant coach responsibilities. He would continue with Tortorella until they were both let go by the organization at the conclusion of the 2012-13 season.

When the Vancouver Canucks hired Tortorella during the 2013 off-season, Torts made sure that Sullivan came with him.

Sullivan has a wife and three children.

The Canuck players claim he is slightly easier to talk to then the surly Tortorella. “They see the game the same way,” says Alexander Burrows. “I think [Sullivan] is a little bit more rational, more laid back a little bit than Torts. But I think he has got some fire in him too, and if he needs to get the boys going, that’s what he’ll do.”

Glen Gulutzan will assist Sullivan. Bio to come…

Ironman Takes a Knee

“O Captain! My Captain! our fearful trip is done.”

Who ever said Swedes weren’t tough enough to play the North American game, never met the Vancouver Canucks captain, Henrik Sedin.

Henrik currently holds the sixth longest ironman streak record in NHL history. At 679 games, it is the longest ever recorded by a Canuck and the second longest of currently active NHL players, behind Jay Bouwmeester, who has recorded 683 games.

Unfortunately, the streak will come to an end on Tuesday night, when the Vancouver Canucks take on the Edmonton Oilers. Canucks assistant coach Mike Sullivan confirmed on Monday that Sedin will not play in the January 21st tilt. His injuries are considered day-to-day. Henriks gear was not added to the clubs tally when they departed for Edmonton.

The exact detail of Henrik’s injuries have not been revealed, but is believed the captain suffered bruising to his ribs following a hit in Phoenix last week. It is also rumoured that Henrik has been playing with not one, but two broken fingers.

What was that about Swede toughness…?

The Canucks are hopeful that their captain will be back for Thursday’s game against the Nashville Predators.

Rest up Hank. Time to get reacquainted with your mattress.

Factoid: Trevor Linden’s streak for the Canucks ended at 482, on December 1, 1996. Brendan Morrison, who ended his run with 542 consecutive games played, succeeded his streak.

The Russian Rocket Flies to the Rafters

Let’s all agree that Pavel Bure is the most entertaining sports personality in Vancouver’s history. You can argue his heart was only in it for about four of the seven years he played for the Vancouver Canucks, but he still managed to astound viewers with his speed, creativity and undeniable skill. He was a superstar, one that captivated a hockey market that was desperate for a highlight reel phenom.

Last week the Vancouver Canucks organization honoured Bure’s gift to our city by retiring his number ‘10′ jersey to the rafters of Rogers Arena, the highest honour possible for a player in professional sports. Bure, along with his mother and his wife (who threatened to steal the show with her choice of dress) were joined at centre ice by the Aquilini family, Mike Gillis, Pat Quinn and Bure’s longtime friend and teammate Gino Odjick. Jim Hughston, was the MC for the ceremony and kept the proceedings moving at a nice pace.

When the jersey was finally lifted, there were less tears than the Linden ceremony, but a definite communal feeling of ‘if only he had stayed and remained healthy.’

Despite that melancholy feeling, Vancouver Canuck fans will always the memories of Bure’s magical performances on ice. Here are a two of our favourite Russian Rocket blasts:

  • We’ll start with a personal recount of his jaw-dropping goal against the Boston Bruins in the 1996-97 preseason: “My friends and I had purchased ‘Ice Packs’ for the Canucks 96-97 season in order to secure tickets to The World Cup of Hockey game been played in Vancouver on August 29th. That game was amazing! Unfortunately, the Canadian team went on to place second in the tournament behind the United States. Our Ice Packs however, included, I believe, eight regular season games and two preseason tilts. One of the preseason games was against Boston. On September 25th, we took our seats in the nosebleeds of GM Place (now Rogers Arena), unaware that we were about to watch history in the making. On a penalty kill, Bure received an errant pass from Adam Oates that slipped by Ray Bourque at the Canucks Blue line. Bure gained control of the puck just over the centre ice line and was at full speed by the time he crossed Boston’s blue line. At the harsh marks he started his cut across the ice, still at full speed. What we saw in those next few seconds was a blur of skate, puck and stick. The puck was already in the net before any of us knew what had happened. It was only after watching the replay on the jumbotron that we recognized what we had seen (or not seen) firsthand. Bure had faked the Boston goalie, Scott Bailey, by passing the puck back to his skate and then kicked it back to his stick. It was a thing of beauty that happened so fast it needed multiple replays to fully comprehend.

  • “This is the greatest moment in Vancouver Canucks history,” was the cry from colour commentator Tom Larscheid after Bure streaked in, deked and put the puck past Mike Vernon in double overtime of game seven against the Calgary Flames in 1994. It was a beautiful goal. The rocket may have been offside by a few inches, but what ref would ever call that in a game seven. Almost as beautiful as the goal, was Bure’s boyish celebration.  He tossed his gloves and stick to the side and threw himself into his teammates, arms stretched as wide as his smile. It was pure magic. Goosebumps…

Giving Pavel Bure his due was difficult for many fans who still, to this day, have bitter feelings about the way the Russian star left the organization. But when reliving those goals and the personal moments of pure joy they provided, it’s hard to raise an argument for not including Bure in the franchise’s highest rafters.

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

When watching a film, our gaze is directed at a subject that has been chosen for us. We give the director free reign to control our sight line. This exchange encourages new experiences, some of which are cultural.

This week, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival hopes to direct our eyes towards the North American Asian experience.

In their 15th year of operation, the VAFF is intent on providing a cultural bridge between Asian and non-Asian communities. The Festival will run from November 3rd to November 6th, with all shows screening at Cineplex Odeon International Village, near Roger’s Arena.

The films range in subjects from cross-cultural love for the Vancouver Canucks, to a historical documentary on the migration of asian settlers to North America.

Also included in this year’s festival, as a part of Vancouver’s 125th celebration, is an encore presentation of “Love Letters,” the photo and video campaign shown last June. Love Letters was an open call for Vancouver citizens to submit digital records of images and video that conveyed their love for our fair city. VAFF will show Joanna Wong’s entry on the festival’s opening night.

Tickets for all the shows may be purchased online at the Festival site or the day of at the Festival box office. Passes are also available for the true film buffs.

The Best Place On Earth

British Columbia issued license plates for the Olympic year with the slogan, “Best Place on Earth.” Many Easterners saw this as another west coast hyperbole that proved the level of our conceitedness.

But for those of us who call BC home, the phrase holds more truth than the sharp-tongued retorts of the critics.

BC is one of the most diverse provinces in the country. It has the mildest winter weather and the least humid summers. It is is home to the country’s most beautiful city, Vancouver, and It is also the proud parent of the Vancouver Canucks, the only Canadian team to get past the opening round of the 2011 NHL playoffs.

Our province has some of the lushest parks in the country, the most epic skiing conditions and one of the only stretches of shoreline worth surfing in Canada.

We showed the world we could host a party in 1986 and we did it again in 2010.  The BC acronym is synonymous with a higher level of living that folks from all over the world recognize.

Part of that living experience is the proximity to the most elite mattress store in the country, Simmons Mattress Gallery. The BC mattress store, offers the top Simmons Beautyrest beds at prices that are worth the drive from St. Johns.

If you’ve never slept on a Simmons, you’ve never experienced the west coast. Come see why this truly is the best place on earth. We’ll be waiting with a mattress, two free pillows and some of the BC’s finest (mattress professionals).


The National Hockey League has announced the schedule for the 2011 NHL playoffs. Your Vancouver Canucks will face the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round. The series begins on Wednesday, April 13th, in Vancouver at 7pm PST. Game two will start at the same time on Friday night. The Canucks will then have to fly to Chicago to prepare for Sunday’s bout, which will begin at 5pm PST. Game four will play out on Tuesday, and with any luck, that will be the last game of the series.

A Canucks sweep would put to rest the demons of the 2010 and 2009 NHL post-seasons. It would also be a major springboard for the Canucks to advance deeper into the playoffs.

To see how the drama unfolds, we will have to patiently wait for Wednesday’s opener. This may be easier said than done – especially since this town seems to be living off the current exploits of their favourite sons.

But don’t fret. If you’re finding it hard to sleep as the aniticipation builds,, you can always upgrade your mattress set. It may not alleviate your anxiety, but it will make the nodding off experience easier.

Come check out the mattress deals on now at Vancouver’s mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.


President’s Trophy Champs

It’s official, the Canucks are the President’s Trophy champions. Currently holding 113 points they have the best record of any team in the National Hockey League.

Their remaining games are inconsequential. All they have left to play for is pride and statistics.

On the fortieth year of the franchise, on the 125th anniversary year of their hometown, on the cusp of heading into the playoffs, the Canucks seem like a team destined for a championship.

The Sedins have never been hotter, Luongo is clearly in the zone and the injured winter soldiers are slowly returning to the line-up.

Daniel has a firm grip on the scoring title with 102 points, Henrik is leading the league in assists with 74, and Luongo has the most wins with 38. Hamhuis should be back in the line-up this weekend after his second concussion this season and Samuelson has already started skating with the club. Alexander Edler could also see action by the end of the week, in time for the final game of the season against the Calgary Flames.

With the Western Conference still in limbo, it could take until Sunday for the Canucks to know whom they will face in the opening round. A loss to Calgary on Saturday could set the stage for Vancouver to ultimately face their old rivals from Alberta.

More than likely, our boys will be matched against the Blackhawks, the team that has secured our quick exit from the playoffs for the past two years. However, a series win against Chicago could be the perfect catalyst for a push to the finals.

No matter what the match-up, the Canucks are ready and willing.

This is our year. Let’s plan the parade route down Broadway, right past Vancouver’s premier mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

They Gave It Everything They Had In 94

(Sorry, we’re a little selfish. But like the rest of you who cursed that goal post in 94, we believe our city deserves this and we want to be there for the celebration!)

Twin Mattress in Vancouver

What’s the hottest team in Vancouver right now? Ok, the Whitecaps have won one game and yes it was impressive, but the hottest team is definitely the Vancouver Canucks.

With a 105 points, our boys are leading the league in points. THE LEAGUE!!! And who’s guiding that ship? Our very own Swedish twins, Henrik and Daniel.

The twins are hotter than a Cajun cookout. Henrik, last years Hart and Art Ross trophy winner, is leading the league in assists by a hefty margin. Our captain is also third in the NHL in points. Daniel is the league’s top offensive producer with 95 points. He is also second in goals behind Steven Stamkos. Never have two brothers dominated the league in such a manner. Thank god they play for us.

But with all the talk centering on Henrik and Daniel, we here at Simmons think another set of twins should get their fair share of time in the spotlight. Can you guess what we’re going to say next? Yes, exactly, twin mattresses. Twins are perfect for small college dorm rooms, spare rooms and couples that may need separate beds to receive a full nights rest. Spatially, they are amazing. Comfort wise, they offer the patented Beautyrest, non-flip pocket coils, that make every Simmons mattress a dream to sleep on. They also come at a considerably lower price than a king or a queen size mattress.

They may not originate in Sweden, but a Simmons twin is just as remarkable. When the playoffs start in April, rest up for the big games on your own twin. Head into a Simmons Mattress Gallery location to pick up your twin today.

Tack Tack!

Twin Love

Ryan Kesler: Interviewbomber

In times like these, a little laughter is good for the soul. This week Ryan Kesler was providing Canuck fans with just that.

The athletic jokester was the key element in a montage video released by the Canucks. The video featured interviews with players from Vancouver’s team. The common thread between the interviews was Kesler’s appearance in the background.

In some of the tapes he is simply walking around shirtless, staring at the camera. In others, he is pranking the player being interviewed. The young American star asks Raffi Torres if he would like any pizza. In an interview with Cory Schneider, Kesler dons Luongo’s mask and walks into frame, testing the will of the interviewers themselves. In another, he skirts by with a popped collar and aviator shades.

Cluster Bomb

The collage video was added on Friday and was a viral sensation before the weekend was out. Kesler added to the hype on Saturday, when he appeared in a Daniel Sedin interview, slowly rising from behind the Swedish star.

Kesler has referred to his cameo technique as ‘videobombing.’

Good to know the Canucks are so loose heading into the playoff stretch.

10 Reasons To Believe; It’s Our Time Canuck Fans

With thirty-five games ticked off, the Canucks are nearing the halfway mark of the season. They are finishing up a stellar December that saw them lead the league in power-play percentage. Their goaltending is two-tier, there seems to be strong leadership in the dressing room and one of their only losses this month was one of their best games (Dec. 22 / Detroit).

For a team that has gone its full existence, forty years, without a cup, it finally seems like Vancouver has put together a winning line-up. Not since the days of the West Coast Express, has Vancouver looked so poised for a deep playoff run.

And… we know it’s early and any number of things could happen to disrupt the near perfect chemistry that the team is currently showing, but really, if ever there was ever a time… this is it.

Not convinced? Too superstitious to start talking parade routes?

Well here’s a list of ten reasons why 2011 might just be THE year.


-He may not be Captain, but he is still the pivot point on which the Canucks turn.

2. Super Twins

At the time of writing, the Sedin twins sit fourth and fifth in league points. Out of the bunk beds and onto a Beautyrest Black, the Sedins are showing the world that they have finally come of age. Thank you Sweden!

3. Malhotra in the Face-off Circle

What a pick-up! This guy is dominating the circle with the second highest percentage in the league. Don’t think that face-off percentage is an important stat? Back to your European handball.

4.  Kes

That deflection goal last night was sick! And then one post away from a hat-trick.  With none of the pressures of being Captain, Kesler is leading by example. We’ll forgive him for those few offhanded remarks he made about Canadians during the Olympics.

5. Fortunate Son

The son of former great Steve Tambellini, Jeff Tambellini is part of the new young breed energizing Vancouver.

6. Coach V

In his fifth season behind the bench, Alain Vigneault isn’t putting up with anything. Quick to send players down and even quicker to change line combinations, Vigneault is still keeping it fresh, while maintaining that mischievous grin.

7. German Efficiency

Christian Ehrhoff is giving the Canucks blue line a scoring touch. Night-in and night-out Ehrhoff stops them at one end and adds an offensive presence in the other.

8. Big Mike

All Mike Gillis needs to do is to maintain a steady course. “Please Mike don’t dump a bunch of contracts and snap-up another has-been like Mats. Just let the boys you have play.”

9. The Green Men

Nothing says intimidation like two dudes in full-body, fluorescent green, spandex suits. “What silly antic will they think up next.”

10. 40 Years

Enough is enough. It’s been FORTY YEARS! The time is now. The window is open.

Go Canucks Go!

The Sleep Doctor

Regular season hockey is just over a month away and Vancouver sports fans couldn’t be any happier. It has been a dreadful summer for the 1-7 B.C. Lions, as Wally Buono continues to tinker with a team that just can’t seem to get it done.

Mike Gillis Addressing the Media

Across town, Mike Gillis is assembling his crack squad of sports professionals for another successful regular season run (we won’t talk about the playoffs).  Part of that mix includes a specialist, whose job it is to analyze the schedule and make important decisions regarding the team’s movement.

This specialist, whose name we cannot print, is known as the ‘sleep doctor.’

The sleep doctor is a Gillis addition to the player management team. His/Her job is to determine whether it is better for the players to leave a city the night of the game or fly out the morning after.

These decisions are made using data collected from previous games. The Canuck players are asked to wear ’sleep bands’ which monitor the wearer’s sleep patterns, the length of their rest and the quality. The science behind the monitoring is referred to as ‘actigraphy.’

Cross-referencing the individual player data helps the sleep doctor determine the team’s optimal resting time.

It is then the sleep doctor who decides what time the team boards the jet for the next game.

Simmons Mattress Gallery hasn’t been able to reach the mystery man or woman, but we are sure the boys’ sleep could only be improved with a restful night on a Simmons mattress.

Buono, if you are reading this, the same applies for the Lions.

A Thank You to All Our Readers!

This week, Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to thank all the faithful mattress lovers out there in cyberspace who have been enjoying our weekly blog. This is our 116th entry. We have tried to keep our articles fresh and current, while still emphasizing the need for a comfortable sleep. The focus has been on our products, sleeping issues and fun activities to get involved in around the Lower Mainland. Our readership has grown and our blog has even attracted the attention of local sports star Brent Seabrook.

Seabrook plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and is one of the major factors behind Vancouver’s early exit from the playoffs. So even though we hate him for his shutdown performance against the Canucks, we love the fact he reads our blogs and was inspired to come buy a mattress.

Seabrook Celebrates Goal With Teammate Versteeg

Here is a list of some of our most popular articles:

1. Creepy Crawlies Invade the West End.

-This article talks about the terrible bed bug epidemic affecting Vancouver’s West End residents. It offers preventive measures and coping techniques.

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5. WordPress Crashes On Mattress

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6. Idzikowski’s Six Personality Sleep Positions

-Your personality may be linked to the way you sleep. This article examines six different sleeping positions and the personality that they are connected with.

7. The Sweet Sounds of “Mattress Music”

-This was Inspired by Marques Houston’s album entitled “Mattress Music.”

8. Rain City Gallery

-Although you wouldn’t think it these days, we do get a fair number of rainy days here in Vancouver. This article provides a number of gallery locations to spend your time during the wet months. The top gallery on the list: Simmons Mattress Gallery.

9. Mattress Guilt

-Sexsomnia is a serious condition where afflicted individuals engage in sexual acts while they sleep.

10. From the Moon to Your Room

-The history of memory foam. It was actually a product invented by NASA to add a shock layer on the seats of the shuttle. Who knew that the comfort of an astronaut’s posterior would change the mattress world forever.

So for all those reading our weekly blogs, thank you. And for those just joining us, welcome. We promise to continue to provide you with entertaining and educational articles. Thanks for reading.

Your Persistent Blogger,

Simmons Mattress Gallery

Our Boys are Coming Home

The mighty Vancouver Canucks are now two games away from completing the longest road trip in NHL history. It all started with a 5-3 win over the dismal Toronto Maple Leafs on the 30th of January. Since then, the club has been able to hold on to an impressive road-trip record, slightly over 500.

The 14 games away have been spread out over 40 days and three different months. That’s more than 39 nights that the boys have been away from their beds. They have probably slept in over ten different hotels.

This Wednesday, they return to Vancouver after their final road game against Phoenix. They are leading their division and looked poised for a strong stretch run.

But come Wednesday night, I doubt the Canucks will be thinking about their impressive record or the resurgence of Kyle Wellwood. No, the boys will have one thing on their mind: sleep.

It’s what every athlete requires to perform at a top level and for over a month the Canucks have been asked to find their rest in foreign settings.

On Wednesday, each player will sink into his bed after arriving on the red-eye from Phoenix.  There may be a short physical moment with their significant other, but then it’s lights out.

“Congratulations team on an excellent road-trip. You don’t work again till Saturday, so enjoy your rest. Hopefully you’re finding it on a Simmons, the ultimate mattress for comfort and an undisturbed sleep.”

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