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Jump For Joy

A fantastic new photomural is on display in Chinatown thanks to the inspiring photography of Eyoälha Baker and the patronage of Titled “Jump for Joy Photo Project,” the piece will be on display for one year at 161 East Pender St., just off of Main Street.

The photo project features 100 images of local Vancouverites in active flight. “Jumping is a natural response to celebrating, excitement and a passion for life,” cites Baker. “I think it is beautiful to capture the energy at the peak of that motion.”

The project is being displayed on the lane wall of a building owned by Amalia Liapis, the founder of The location is less than a block away from the corner of Hastings and Main, one of poorest areas in Canada.

In an area where outward joy is often hard to come by, the public art piece offers a positive image that has been embraced by the community.

“People in the area seem to love it; I had incredible support from people in the area while I was putting it up.”

The mural offers a reason for the public to venture into a neighbourhood that many avoid due to its reputation. The figures remind the viewer that the spirit of life is contained within us all. Sometimes all it takes is a simple jump to express it.

Baker is currently collecting photos from around the world of people bounding towards the skies. She hopes to create a coffee table book with 1,000 jumpers.

Art is Everywhere

Vancouver is a haven for public art. From “The Birds” at the Olympic Plaza in the Athletes Village complex, to the “A-maze-ing Laughter” men at English Bay, to the “Equestrian Monument” at the Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain Station, art surrounds us.

Now BC Hydro is adding its own touch to the public art scene in our city. Hydro boxes are now being decorated with vegetation scenes, children’s art work and graphic design pieces. ‘Function’ is giving ‘design’ an opportunity to paint on its metal canvas.

Instead of random tags and garish graffiti, the boxes now display images that are more reflective of the community they are located in.

Often commissioned, public art is a way for large corporations and city planners to probe the imagination of commuters, homeowners and travelers. The installations encourage an interaction between the observer and the artist. They make us value our streets.

So lift your head from your smart phone browsing and take in the installations that pepper our city streets. They may inspire a response that could change your day.

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