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‘Out Like a Light’

A customer at our Broadway location, in Vancouver, told us an interesting fact this week about the origins of the term ‘out like a light.’

Apparently, this English idiom references a period in time when electricity and the ability to flick a light switch, was fairly groundbreaking.

Before the time of electrical lighting, homeowners needed to extinguish all the candles or gas lamps in their homes to turn off the lights before bed. With light switches, this process was dramatically simplified.

Instead of making a trip around the home to blow out all the candles and turn off the gas lines, it was now possible to darken a room with the quick, simple, flick of a switch – like magic!

This ease of this process was married with the ability to quickly fall asleep and a new idiom was formed: Out like a light.

Another interesting phenomenon is the use of ‘sleep’ terms in computer technology. Did you ever think it was weird that one of the options on you iPad was sleep mode? This setting powers down your tablet and extends your battery life. It basically gives the processor a needed rest.

Too bad it doesn’t allow for restorative energy to be banked. Maybe the next generation of iPads will come with solar panels…

Deep Thought of the Day:

If your iPad does truly go to sleep, what do you think it dreams of? Do you think it harbours jealousy that you get to spend your nights on an ultra comfortable Beautyrest Recharge Mattress and all it gets is a few hours on your IKEA bedside table? We’d be jealous, no question.

Things to think about.

If you have any other interesting stories or insight into terms regarding sleep, add them to the comments below or tweet back at us @mattressvan on Twitter.

Nightly Attire

What do you wear to bed on a nightly basis? Simmons Mattress Gallery wants to know.

Each one of us has a certain bedtime uniform that we feel the most comfortable in after-hours. Some of us retire to our bed wearing half of what we wore that day. Others spend each night in pajamas. Others still, sleep in boxers and a t-shirt.

Feeling sexy? There is always that lingerie at the back of your sock drawer. Feel like a fabric hug? Pull out the hoodie from College. Cold feet? Those wool socks you bought for skiing in 2007 are great!

And then some of us feel the most comfortable with nothing on. Commando!

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to conduct a poll of what the majority of British Columbians wear to bed. Join our Facebook group and post your answers on our wall. Following us on Twitter? Send us a message or @mention us on your own feed. Just give us a brief description of what you wear on a regular night when you go to sleep.

Feel like doing some mattress shopping in your nightly garbs? Bring them down, change in the back and try out some of the finest beds in the business in your most comfortable evening attire. We won’t judge.

(Is that a Tears For Fears concert shirt???)

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