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Simmons Mattress Gallery has been sharing blog entries with our readers for over a year now. We have written on a variety of topics ranging from our showroom mattresses, to events around town, to the local sport’s stories. We have given you useful information about sleeping disorders, bedbugs and relationship advice. We have had a lot of fun writing and researching our articles. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

For a quick look back at some of our posts, here is a thematic listing:

Sleep Disorders:

Grinding in the Night - ‘Bruxism’ is a term used to describe the practice of grinding one’s teeth during sleep

The Phantom Leg – This article talks about the neurological disorder, restless leg syndrome.

Mattress Guilt - For older readers, this article concerns sleepers who unknowingly engage in sexual activity while asleep.

Breathless at Night – Sleep apnea causes some individuals to pause their breathing during sleep.

“You’re getting very sleepy…” - This article talks about hypnosis as a cure for sleep disorders.

Wide Awake and Writing – This is a review of Patricia Morrisroe’s book “Wide Awake: A Memoir of Insomnia.”

Mattress Buying 101:

A Lesson in Mattress Shopping – Six tips for mattress buying.

The Simmons Brand – The history of our brand and the innovative non-flip pocket coil mattress.

The Simmons Difference – Comfort, motion separation and professional advice.

There Are No Silly Questions; Well, Maybe a Few – Some questions that caught us off guard.

Kid Friendly – Simmons Mattress Gallery also sells classic wood cribs.

Humourous Tales:

WordPress Crashes on Mattress – A little April Fools humour.

Sleeping With a Legend – The Japanese think of everything.

The Sweet Sounds of “Mattress Music” - A fictitious soundtrack inspired by our favourite topic.

Tales of the Absurd – The bizarre world of competitive eating.

The Smell of Victory – A play-by-play description of ‘giving a dutch oven.’

Hold Back That Yawn… You Can’t! – Just try to. Once you start there is no stopping.

Life is Precious! - The story of a feline who got caught up in a move.

The Royal Mattress Stack - The retelling of an old fairy tale.

Family and Relationships:

Putting the Kids to Bed – Addressing the sleep issue with every member in the family.

Relationship Advice From the Mattress Professionals – Our number one piece of relationship advice: “Don’t go to bed in the middle of a fight.”

Mattress Romance – A little message from the baby with heart tipped arrows.

The Marriage Bed – Buying the right bed to start your new life together.

Sex Differential - Yes, we are different.

Missing the Moment - Be there for all your children’s firsts.

Canadians Need to Leave Work at Work and Enjoy Their Leisure Time - Title says it all.

Survey Says: Parents Need Help With Sleepless Infants - Finding solutions to sleepless nights.

Back-To-School Sleep Ideas – Plan for the transition between holidays and school.

Blowing Off The Dust

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