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Comic Sleeping Positions

We came across a funny photo online concerning the different sleeping positions that couples assume when sleeping together:

1. Zombie Attack

This position seems to be an unusual take on spooning. If your partner’s limbs do take on a rigid pose during sleep, you may want to check for a heartbeat.

2. The Cat Block

We thought this caption was the cutest. Cats always seem to think their interests come first. They probably feel that their presence in your bed is actually an undeserved privilege. In reality, any animal that joins you in bed has the potential to disturb your sleep. As the cartoon shows, it will also eliminate any possibility for physical pleasure between you and your partner.

3.Sloppy Drunks

After a night out on Granville Street, you and your partner may pass-out in any manner of positions, before you get a chance to get comfortable or even disrobe. But alcohol should never be used as a sleep aid. “Alcohol may seem to be helping you to sleep,” explains Irshaad Ebrahim of the London Sleep Centre, “as it helps induce sleep, but overall it is more disruptive to sleep, particularly in the second half of the night.”

Disclaimer: Always drink responsibly.

4. Invisible Dog

Sometimes couples have a certain spot on the bed that they just naturally avoid. This may be the sign of an older mattress. If your mattress shows signs of aging, you may want to consider a new bed. Simmons Mattress Gallery has a huge selection of luxury mattresses to choose from. Visit our Broadway location and test sleep some of the finest mattresses available in Vancouver. Leave the invisible dog at home.

5. Cliffhanger

Great movie, well…decent movie, but a terrible sleeping position for at least one of you. It may be a sign you need to switch sides of the bed. If you do find your partner forcing you off one side of the bed, don’t be afraid to gently roll them over to the other side. Your sleep should be your first priority. Again, this may be a sign you mattress is not functioning properly and or you need to increase your bed size. Go with a California King and sleep in total comfort, away from the dangerous cliff face.

6. Human Braid

Or the newly-weds. This position is only popular between couples for a finite period of time. Eventually we all want our space to maximize our sleep.

7. Abandonment Issues

For some people this is the most comfortable way to sleep. Who are we to judge…?

8. Necrophiliac

Again, check for a pulse.

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