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The Job Hunt

All right Grads, this is it. You’ve finished your degree. You’ve done your necessary month of travelling and partying. Now it is time to get serious; It’s time to start job hunting.

1. Deciding on a field

Hopefully you’ve already done this and your degree or graduate work will lead you directly to the companies in need of your skills. If you are coming out with an arts degree…we hate to say it, but you’re probably looking at a few more years of skill building.

2. Researching Employers

Before you let your employers see your credentials, investigate theirs. You should have a deep knowledge of any employer you wish to work for. This will help you decide if the company is right for you. Questions to ask as you do your research:

  • Are there positions in the company that you could work towards? You never want to take an entry position, only to find out their is no room for upward movement.
  • Is the company in a viable market?
  • What sort of reputation does the company have in regards to employee satisfaction?

3. Online Sweep

Time to cleanup your online presence. Yes, employers use Facebook to check on potential employees. They will also do a Google search of your name. Guaranteed. Take down all those party shots and stiffen up your privacy settings. Go through your tweets – All of them. Remove any that might be damaging.

4. Interview Prep

The interview process is quite possibly the most difficult test you will undertake. Do not stress; be prepared. Know your skills and abilities and know what the job is asking of you. Know exactly what the company does and who their clients are. Practice with a friend or parent before heading in.

5. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

We can’t stress this enough. To be at the top of your game, you need sleep. Get to know your Vancouver mattress. There will be plenty of sleepless nights once you start working.

The Love Drug

Dr. Seus: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Love is a strange drug. It infects our brain and leaves us helpless to our basic desires. It consumes our thoughts and places all our other obligations second. It even has the power to reduce our basic need for food, water and our favourite subject, sleep.

Many would attest that during the initial stages of a romantic relationship our desire for sleep is extremely limited. Our sole preoccupation is the affection we have for another. Lying in bed, our racing heart struggles to slow down, as we lose precious hours of shut-eye to love’s all consuming hold.

You would think this would leave us tired and grumpy, but love’s sweet cocktail prevents us from feeling the effects of sleep loss by releasing hormones that produce natural rewards for our brain. An increase in neurotransmitters such as dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin, create a pleasure state, similar to the feelings artificially created by drugs such as caffeine, sugar and cocaine. Our ‘love high’ boosts our energy, reducing our need for the mattress.

When we do sleep, the quality of our rest is actually quite high. In a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, by Professor Serge Brand of the University of Basel in Switzerland, teens in “early-stage intense romantic love” were found to sleep, on average, one hour less than their loveless counterparts. But the same study found that the young people in the intense love group, were less likely to wake-up. Their sleep was superior in quality.

Unfortunately, there have been no studies done with groups over 25. One would reason that the same hormonal spikes would be visible, but on a lesser degree. Adulthood tends to pacify the intensity of young love.

So, if you do find yourself in a new all-engrossing relationship, relax. Your body is designed to help you through it. You might lose a little sleep, which we never like to see, but your passion will level out your basic needs.

Startup Strength

Thinking of leaving your office job and following your dream of opening a small business? The B.C. Government has an excellent online database for young entrepreneurs. One of our favourite articles listed the 9 essential traits that new business owners should master:

1. Clear Vision: You need to know what you’re selling, who you are selling to and what goals you plan to achieve. Start with this and everything else will follow. It is essential that you understand your product before you pitch it.

2. Determination: Holding down an office job is peanuts when compared to starting your own business. If you don’t have the determination to follow your plan through, it won’t get done. Your determination to push past setbacks will ultimately define your business prowess. Learn from your mistakes and push forward.

3. Ambition: “Big results require big ambitions.” – Heraclitus

4. Self-Confidence: Your personality will sell your product. If you don’t believe it will sell, it won’t.

5. Good Health: Your health is directly related to your ability to succeed. Look after your body and you will be able to allocate the energy you need to see out your business plan. Refuse to be sick. How? Sleep. Make your mattress a priority.

6. Realistic Goals: Strive for the top, but realize you need to start at the bottom.

7. Problem-Solving: The path to success is never straight. You need to be ready to adapt and change at the drop of a hat. Your business plan is a guide not a firm recipe. Be willing to think for yourself.

8. Willing to Work for Free: Monetary success is your goal, but during your initial years, it is definitely not a certainty.

9. Skills: Know every area of your enterprise and secure your value.

Sleep Deprivation Is Killing Us

A new study has found that a lack of sleep can be as harmful as drinking to intoxication. Yet not nearly as pleasurable.

When people are tired they make bad decisions. Their mental processing is slower. And they are worse drivers, causing far more accidents and fatalities.

The more hours we are awake, the more prone we are to making mistakes.

If you have one takeaway about the dangers of sleep deprivation, let it be this: a lack of sleep is killing North Americans. For being a nation of half-walking dead zombies living intravenously through our smart phones, it’s scary to think that we might as well be in the middle ages with everyone half cocked on mead all the time.

Look at this graph.

If you’ve been up for more than 16 hours, your performance goes downhill. Way downhill. And once you get to about 18 hours without sleep you might as well be 3 martinis in.

In our sleep deprived culture where expectations run high, a lot of us cut corners in the sleep department to make time. Bad call. It makes more sense to do things slowly, methodically, and to get the rest you need.

For a more efficient dream machine, try a Beautyrest. Thanks to individual pocket coils, there is no motion transfer between partners. That means you will fall to sleep easier, and stay asleep longer. There is no point laying wide-eyed on a bed for 2 hours, that doesn’t count towards sleep. You want to be out like a light and to do that you need a comfortable bed. Talk to us, we’ll set you up.


There is no shortage of aromatic coffee shops in Vancouver Mattress retailers have a love/hate relationship with the wicked brown bean. It gets us out of bed, but it also keeps us from it. Most sleep specialists recommend not drinking coffee up to 8 hours before bedtime. But given that most if us try to be lights out by 11, why are coffee shops so packed at 5?

We have an insatiable desire for caffeine. Workers are expected to be productive all day long. A slump is inexcusable, especially an hour before quitting time when the crunch comes to get everything done before the drive home. So what is our answer? The dangerous 4 pm pot. We know it’s a bad idea, and that it’s going to mess us up until midnight. But we can’t help it! We’re addicted.

Western society has a chemical ritual that us echoed through the halls of banks, schools, and government offices – caffeine, sugar, alcohol, sleep aid. It’s terrible for our health, and could all be remedied, with simply a good sleep.

With a proper brand name mattress designed to your comfort preference level, you can sleep soundly every night, wake up with coffee, have the jump to exercise (and thus no longer depend on sugar and carbs to get your rush), be more relaxed, wine free, in the evenings, and perfectly sleepy by 11 that evening.

The right bed can solve your diet & health worries all in one go.

Guilty Or Innocent?

Police can tell when someone is guilty or not on the night they arrest them. There’s a tell-tale sign.

If they sleep, they are guilty. If they’re up all night – they’re innocent.

The theory is, if you are guilty and caught, you can finally relax. It’s a load off your shoulders. All of the guilt and worry and anxiety is now behind you.

If you are innocent, the horror has just begun. You will be up all night, worried about being wrongfully convicted to a life of fighting over food.

The beds in prison aren’t that great. So that might be part of it to. Perhaps innocent people are just more used to sleeping on Simmons Beautyrests.

If you are going to get arrested and you’re innocent, be sure to get your rest upfront.

If you just want to look innocent, we recommend a long, long sleep on the most comfortable bed you can buy – The Simmons Beautyrest Black. You won’t be tired at all on your first night, and the cops will think you’re clean.

Montreal Unrest

Students have lousy beds. They live in a ghetto. They have drunk people banging pots and pans in their ears all night. These conditions are hardly conducive to rest and comfort. So it’s little wonder they get up in arms over every little imposition. If you were sleeping badly, you’d probably be a bit ornery yourself.

Unrest is just that – the opposite of rest. If the premier was smart, he’d make a peace offering to the 165,000 students storming the streets. He’d give them better beds. They’d be much more complacent if they had something nice to go to every night. Then, he could quietly raise their tuition while they were sleeping and no one would be the wiser.

When you’re waking up rested every day in a beautiful city, in one of the best countries of the world, taking on the same debt as most people pay for a car, to help pay for an education the government is subsidizing, suddenly doesn’t seem all that unreasonable. It’s amazing how a relaxed outlook can put things in perspective.

Bear this in mind if you have restless teens of your own. The best way to combat unrest is the most literal way – get them a great bed. Now’s the time to do it. Simmons Mattress Gallery is offering beds at 60% off.

Where Do Kings Sleep?

With tonight’s victory over the New Jersey Devils, the Los Angeles Kings are now 15-2. This makes them one game shy of two league records.

The first is their win-loss record. They beat the Vancouver Canucks, the league leaders, in only five games. They then squashed the Blues 4-0 and the Coyotes 4-1 as well. This put them at 12-2 coming into the finals, without a single loss on the road. Few teams have achieved this feat. But if they carry on their streak to 16-2, they will be the most dominant team to ever find its way in the playoffs. And from a last place start!

(Actually they will share this record with the ‘88 Edmonton Oilers.)

The other record is their humble origins. They were ranked last coming into the playoffs. No 8th seeded team has ever held the cup. So they will make the books in that department as well. Talk about the ultimate Cinderella story.

Beyond growing their beards there is only one thing that they can do at this point. Rest. More exercise and practice is only going to wear them out more. If we want to see history made in the coming week, they are going to need to need a good sleep.

The Kings haven’t lost a game on the road. What hotels they’re staying at? And more importantly, what kind of beds are in these hotels? Our money’s on the Beautyrest. Let’s find out.

UPDATE: After a little sleuthing, it looks like the Kings were staying at the Doubletree Newark in New Jersey before their two big wins over the Devils. I’ve called a few times, but still don’t have a definite answer on whether they use Simmons Beautyrests or not. I’m sure they do! But I’ll keep you posted.

Things That Can Keep You Up At Night

There are plenty of worries that can keep you tossing and turning at the midnight hour.

If you are in Canada, you might be fretting over the cost of housing in Vancouver and whether or not you’ll ever make enough money to raise a family in the city you were raised in.

In the States, the economy is in shambles, and the cost of gas keeps rising.

If you live in Argentina, you might be wondering about what’s going on with the Falkland Islands.

We are coming up on the 30th anniversary of the Falkland War, when Argentina made a push for the islands (which it calls the Maldivinas) and to their surprise, Britain retaliated en force. It was a short, brutal war, and almost 1000 soldiers lost their lives.

But the war is not yet over.

With the anniversary just around the corner, there has been a lot of animosity between the two countries in the last few days.

First Argentina denies two British cruise ships entry into the country. Then the Economist accuses the country of cooking their books on the economy. Then there’s pressure from Spain. Then they threaten to shut down the air space between the Falklands and Chili. And most recently, they have urged companies to boycott British imports.

Yesterday, the offered to provide flights between BA and the Falklands directly, which has many Falklander’s squinting in suspicion.

For the average Joe (or Juan) there’s a lot of worry about. But it’s one of those things. Property values, war, the price of gas, it’s not something you can control. So, the best you can do is get a good night’s rest.

If worries of the world are keeping you from getting the sleep you deserve, maybe it’s time to invest in a high-octane dream machine.

Vancouver mattress company Simmons Mattress Gallery is now offering Simmons Beautyrests from $898. That’s $2000 less than the initial asking price. And with its individually wrapped patent pocket coils, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the best sleep ever, even if the world is crashing around you.

Pregnant? Sleep While You Can.

If you are pregnant, congratulations! There is nothing as rewarding as ushering a little angel into this world. But being a new mom is not without its trying times. There are many little everyday issues that exist in your life that will soon become major every day issues.

One of the most important will be sleep.

The most common complaint of the new mother is that of exhaustion. It is very difficult to get the sleep you need when a newborn is waking you up every few hours to feed. Irregular sleep, combined with a litany of new tasks and responsibilities can put a heavy burden on the physical and mental well-being of new parents. New mothers have been known to fall into a depression because of the lack of sleep.

That is why it is important for new parents to maximize the sleep they get. If you are only going to get 4-5 hours a night, as opposed to the 8 you are accustomed to, make sure that every one of those hours counts. In other words, get yourself a good bed before the baby arrives. You can’t afford to be laying awake on an uncomfortable mattress when you know you only have a few hours until you are up again. The better the bed, the easier the journey.

When it comes time for a baby shower, maybe consider a bed fund instead of a diaper fund. Once the child arrives, sleep will become a more precious commodity than food, diapers or even toys. It is essential for every new mom’s survival.

Another thing to consider is bed rest. If you are in the final stages of your pregnancy, your doctor may suggest staying in bed. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that your days are as comfortable as possible with a good mattress.

Sleep and Mood

Studies have shown that mood is strongly affected by sleep deprivation.

A human’s well-being is intimately linked with how well they sleep at night. We are all familiar with the irritability we feel after a rough night’s sleep, but did you know that the damage can be even more pervasive? It has also been found that chronic insomnia can lead to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

The reverse is also true. Insomnia and difficulty sleeping is often an early symptom of depression. 15-20% of people diagnosed with insomnia will develop a major depression later on.

A good night’s sleep has restorative properties. If subjects reported feeling anxious or depressed, a good sleep was often able to ease their worries, tenseness and anxiety the next day. After several nights of sleeping well, many of the symptoms disappeared entirely.

Foul moods can be toxic. Misery loves company, so one person’s bad sleep can have a domino effect on all those around them, making everyone tense. To think all it could take is a good mattress to reverse this grouchy trend.

If you are sleeping poorly because of an old mattress, you are just torturing yourself and those around you. Simmons Mattress Gallery has Beautyrest Queens on sale for $898. For less than a thousand dollars you can be sleeping well every night, and getting rid of the lousy mood that is most likely causing you to make bad decisions, and could be costing you your mental (as well as physical) well-being.

Sleep In The Diet Mix

If you want to get rich all you need to do is write a diet book. People are obsessed with the numbers between their toes and they will read – and buy – just about anything in order to hear those three little words: “You’ve lost weight.”  Ideally followed by an even better trio, “You look great.”

There is no miracle to losing weight. It is just a matter of diet and exercise, just like everyone has been telling you since you were a kid. Despite all the mumbo jumbo on the newsstands and far-fangled fads, the body boils down to simple calorie conversion machine. It’s an equation:

Calories In – Calories Out =Excess Calories/1600 = Pounds gained or lost

Everyone has an ‘ideal weight’ or ‘resting weight.’ It’s when all the stars are aligning, you’re eating your vegetables, getting your 30 min of intense exercise a day and sleeping 7-8 hours a night*. This weight might be 180 lb for some people, 100 lb for others. It comes down to your body shape.

Are you an exomorph (big boned and heavy-set), an ectomorph (thin-boned and slight) or a mesomorph (athletic)?

You can’t change your genes. So the best you can do is figure out where a suitable resting weight is for your body structure, and then work around that. Don’t shoot for 100 lb and look at pictures of Kate Moss if you have wrists like Kate Winslet. You’re wasting your time. Look for a picture of a mesomorph at her prime, and then build towards that. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have mesomorphic bodies (which explains the wide selection of dress sizes).

In general, Islanders are exomorphic, Asians are ectomorphic and Americans are mesophorphic. In the same way you can’t trade in your ethnicity, you can’t just swap the foundation of a resting body type. Know what you are and work around it.

*Sleep? Did we mention sleep? As much as exercise is important to maintaining a shape, sleep is integral to restoring the body after it shuts down for the day. Getting proper sleep will actually help you lose weight as well. More on sleeping yourself thin in this article.


Well it’s a new year, and a new chance to change our wicked ways.

New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that is more often broken than kept. But it’s a nice idea that we will make some significant changes in our health and lifestyle.

Some of the most common resolutions include getting in shape, losing weight, and quitting smoking.

But what about sleeping better? One of the fastest ways to improve your health is by getting a decent sleep. If it’s been a few years since you’ve had a new mattress – you might be surprised at how much more restful your six-hour slumber is on a brand-new bed.

What were your resolutions this year?

Innovate? In Your Dreams.

Some of the best ideas begin in dreams.

Inventors, artists, musicians and thinkers throughout history have reported that some of their biggest breakthroughs were the products of dream world experiences. Rene Descartes came up with the concept for the scientific method after something he experienced in a dream. Paul McCartney has said he heard the tune for the famous song, “Yesterday,” in a dream. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was inspired by a dream. Elias Howe got the idea to invent the sewing machine in a dream.

Dreams can be a great source of inspiration, but only if you remember them when you wake up. To increase the chances that your next great invention doesn’t slip away into your subconscious, it’s a good idea to write down what you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keep a notebook by the bed and jot down anything you remember, even incomplete images, occurrences or thoughts that don’t seem to make sense. Some people believe it’s easier to remember dreams that occur during the daytime while napping, although this idea is impossible to prove.

The quality of your sleep can increase the quality of your dreams. And the quality of your bed can increase the quality of your sleep. That means you might want to invest in a new bed. Visit Vancouver Mattress Store Simmons Mattress Gallery to check out the best brands at the best prices. Start dreaming up your next great idea tonight.

The Sleep Cycle App

Want to get the most restful sleep possible during the night?

Well, there’s an app for that.

It turns out that it’s not so much about how long you lay in bed. What is more important is when you wake from your slumber.

Researchers have discovered that those who wake during the lightest phase of their sleep cycle feel the most rested the next day.

So taking this knowledge, they’ve created an iPhone app that measures the amount you are moving at any given time during the night, and when nocturnal motions are at a minimum – it triggers the alarm clock to wake you up!

The technology is made possible by the accelerometer in the iPhone.

The app has seen resounding success, already climbing to the top of the App Store in Germany, Japan  and Russia.

To try it for yourself , simply download the Sleep Cycle App in the App Store for less than a dollar!

Read more about the Sleep Cycle App here.


The National Hockey League has announced the schedule for the 2011 NHL playoffs. Your Vancouver Canucks will face the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round. The series begins on Wednesday, April 13th, in Vancouver at 7pm PST. Game two will start at the same time on Friday night. The Canucks will then have to fly to Chicago to prepare for Sunday’s bout, which will begin at 5pm PST. Game four will play out on Tuesday, and with any luck, that will be the last game of the series.

A Canucks sweep would put to rest the demons of the 2010 and 2009 NHL post-seasons. It would also be a major springboard for the Canucks to advance deeper into the playoffs.

To see how the drama unfolds, we will have to patiently wait for Wednesday’s opener. This may be easier said than done – especially since this town seems to be living off the current exploits of their favourite sons.

But don’t fret. If you’re finding it hard to sleep as the aniticipation builds,, you can always upgrade your mattress set. It may not alleviate your anxiety, but it will make the nodding off experience easier.

Come check out the mattress deals on now at Vancouver’s mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.


USA Kicks Off Vancouver’s Celebration of Light

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

Gave proof thro’ the night” that Van City was still there

The Celebration of Light, formerly the Symphony of Fire, returns to Vancouver tonight for four nights of spectacular ariel visuals.

This year there will be four countries competing: United States, Spain, Mexico and China.

The United States will open the fireworks festival tonight with a tribute to the Big Band Era. The theme of their routine, put together by the Rozzi’s Famous Firework team, is ‘In the Mood.’

The shows will then run every Wednesday and Saturday till July 31st, when China will close out the festival.

The countries will be competing against each other under the categories of geneal concept, colour, originality, quality of production and correlation of music.

Last years festival was not judged, but the 2008 winner was Canada’s Archangel Fireworks Inc., with their theme of ‘Attack.’

This year the fireworks will be shot from two separate barges setup in English Bay.

Here is a list of some of the top viewing spots:

English Bay Beach

-You can hear the music from the loudspeakers, the waterfalls from the barge are all visible and the ariel explosions are directly overhead.

Burrard Bridge

-Spots fill up fast and you have to stand the whole time, but the bridge is an awesome elevated location.

From a boat in English Bay

-If you or a friend is lucky enough to have a boat, find a spot in the bay and enjoy the show from the water. If there is any extra room on your vessel make sure to call us.

(Safety note: Make sure your boat is equipped with a spotlight to find your way back through the maze of other ships once the show has wrapped)

Vanier Park

-Not as close as English Bay, but the crowds are more bearable and the sight lines are excellent.

(Musical note: If you are watching the fireworks from a distance, make sure to bring aportable radio and tune into Shore 104fm to listen to the corresponding music.)

Celebration of Light

If you have any opinions about the performances, feel free to share them with us as comments on our blog.


Losing Class Time to Gain Sleep

This just in from Simmons Mattress Gallery: Teenagers need more sleep.

Not really newsworthy? Well a study being published this month in” Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine,” has found that delaying the start of the school day by as little as half an hour can increase motivation and decrease depression in teens.

The study was conducted at St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island. 201 students were surveyed when the school made the bold decision to push back their start time by thirty minutes.

The lost time was not added to the end of the day, but skimmed off of classroom time and assembly functions.

Both students and teachers were skeptical at first, but the survey found that 55 per cent of the students were able to secure eight hours of sleep or more. This was up from just 16 per cent before the delayed start day.

Another interesting finding, was that the number of students who felt depressed decreased by nearly 20 per cent.

But wouldn’t students be better off going to bed half an hour earlier?

Dr. Judith Owens, one of the specialists involved in the survey, claims that children fall asleep naturally later and later as they grow older.

Starting school later counteracts this natural phenomenon and helps adolescents move towards the optimal time of nine hours of sleep a night.

St. George’s has now made the late start time a permanent fixture.

Putting the Kids to Bed

Getting a decent amount of rest each night is important for everyone.

In the professional world, an 8-hour, undisturbed sleep, allows us to work to our full potential. It keeps us alert and focused. It also increases our ability to work longer hours. For some of us, coffee might have the same affect, but the healthy choice is obvious: more sleep equals better productivity.

The same principal applies to our children.

As competition grows for Post-Secondary entrance, more and more young people are neglecting healthy sleep over hours spent studying. It is important to remind our children that sleep deprivation is much more detrimental to their learning potential then they realize.

On average, teenagers need approximately 10 hours of sleep each night. Younger children need even more.

One way to help your child receive the rest they need is to encourage a sleep schedule.

If, once they are in bed, they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, the problem could be the mattress they are lying on.

Often children are given mattresses that are passed down and have worn out springs. These mattresses might look like an easy way to save money, but they may be hurting your child’s potential. The money you spent on a tutor could be going to waste if your child is not able to maintain concentration, due to a lack of rest.

A smart investment would be a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery. Simmons has a huge selection of mattresses for every person in your household. Come browse our store with the whole family. Your children will thank you.

The DOs and DON'Ts of Mattress Shopping


1. Use a metal base frame for Full, Queen and King sized beds. Make sure it has a horizontal or vertical rigid centre rail, or metal/iron cross rails with a centre leg. A proper frame is important to not damage your product.

2. Use the matching foundation for your bed. Like star-crossed lovers, they are designed to be together.

3. Shop with your partner.

4. Look for value,not price. Find the bed that offers the benefits you seek.

5. Buy like you mean it. Your sleep is not a place to scrimp and save. Buy the mattress you can afford.

6. It’s all about you. Buy what feels good for you, not anyone else.


1. Don’t just test your mattress by pressing on the side. Lay down, relax, roll around, and close your eyes. Imagine what it would be like to sleep on this mattress.

2. Don’t just look at coil count. It’s all about feel.

3. Don’t forget to check the warranty before you leave the store.

4. Don’t shop just anywhere. Shop at a reputable mattress store.

The perfect bed is bliss indeed.

The perfect bed is bliss indeed.

Dr. Maas' "Golden Rules of Sleep"

1. Pay attention to your body. How much sleep do you seem to need? If your body gets tired too easily during the day, then adjust, sleep more, or less, until you have reached your premium performance, and then sleep that much every night.

2. Have a regular schedule. Go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time, every day. Even on weekends.

3. Be continuous. Sleeping in one solid block is better for the body and mind.

4. Exercise. Stay fit.

5. Reduce stress.

6. Don’t smoke.

7. Have a proper diet. (Lots of fruits and vegetables.)

8. Reduce your caffeine.

9. Keep mentally stimulated throughout the day.

10. Take a warm bath before bed.

11. Establish a bedtime ritual.

12. Maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

13. Avoid alcohol.

Some golden sleep tips.

Some golden sleep tips.

Sleep Facts

42% of North Americans have insomnia.

Most people need one more hour of sleep. The average person gets seven hours, while 32% get less than six.

Sleep disorders are the #1 health concern in North America.

The lightbulb is the biggest enemy of sleep. Before it, people used to sleep 10 hours a day.

Half of all highway fatalities are a result of sleepy drivers.

31% of all drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in their lifetime.

Sleep deprivation costs $100 billion annually due to lost productivity, industrial accidents and high medical bills.

50% of all road fatalities are caused by sleepy drivers.

50% of all road fatalities are caused by sleepy drivers.

Sleep Better. Live Better.

A good night’s sleep is important for mood, productivity, general health and even proper communication. The average person needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night. If you find that you fall asleep instantly, or that you need an alarm clock to wake up, then you are one of the 63 million North Americans that is not getting a proper sleep.

To be mentally sharp, creative, energetic and happy all day long, you need a proper sleep. A third of your life is spent sleeping.

You are still working at night. It doesn’t seem like it, as those clothes are still unfolded in the morning, but your mind is working overtime on a subconscious level to ensure that your life is organized on a mental level. Sleep is important! No wonder people who lack sleep are often confused and chaotic in their waking life.

Sleep can help you organize your life.

Sleep can help you organize your life.

The 8” Pocket Coil

The Beautyrest Black has chartered new territory. By inventing a pocket coil that is 8” long, it is able to offer greater comfort, stability and support than ever before by ensuring that it is pre-compressed, to offer precise contouring to every inch of your body, all the while reducing ‘motion transfer’ from your partner. To top it off, the pocket coils are joined together, to guarantee you a great night’s sleep.

8" pocket coil

8" pocket coil

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

We have three stores: one in Victoria, one in Coquitlam and one in Vancouver.

For more information, click here: Mattress Vancouver.

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