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Ten Signs You’ve Found the Right Mattress Store

Mattress stores are plentiful in the lower mainland, so finding the right one can seem like a task for some consumers. To help with your Vancouver mattress shopping, we’ve created this quick checklist to help you determine if a mattress showroom is worth your time:

10. The sales people’s first question is about your sleep preference, not your mattress preference.

9. You are allowed to test sleep all of the beds in the showroom.

8. There is a wide range of comfort options on the mattresses being sold.

7. The sales professional is able to describe every component concerned with the make-up of the bed.

6. The store’s focus is mattresses. Period.

5. You are not pressured to make a same-day purchase.

4. Your chosen mattress does not cost more than a new car.

3. All of your questions about your new mattress are answered without the sales representative resorting to a catalogue.

2. The predominant mattress brand is a brand you recognize.

1. It says Simmons Mattress Gallery above the door.

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