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Married Against Your Will

Today (March 18th, 2013) the BC Government announced that any couple, hetrosexual or otherwise, that has been co-habiting a home for two years or more is officially married in the eyes of the law.

Common law partners will see an equal division of assets, visitation rights with children as well as a sharing of debt should they separate. They will be given the same power of attorney as married couples, the same rights of not testifying in court if it came to that, and the same status in the eyes of the CRA.

However, this supposed equality comes at a price. What of those who don’t want to be ‘married in the eyes of the law’? What ever happened to making your own decisions on what the nature of a relationship should be? Can we expect to see a slew of crazy court cases between jilted exes and roommates in the next few months?

In the world of mattresses Vancouver stores are anticipating an influx of couples buying new beds. After all, in for a penny, in for a pound, and if your two-year shack-up has turned into a full-blown marriage, you might as well splurge on a good bed.

Right now Simmons Mattress Gallery has Beautyrests on sale for up to 75% off. It’s a Close Out Sale and if you get your roommate, er girlfriend, rather wife down here with you, it’s the perfect time to choose a luxurious bed for your ‘honeymoon’ and happily ever after.

Closeout Sale

We are sad to say, but Simmons Mattress Gallery is going to be shutting its doors for good. In a few short months, there will be no more SMG’s out there in the world. So if you are going to purchase a third wave Beautyrest mattress (only available at Simmons Mattress Galleries) now is the time!

We are offering up to 75% off our stock. And everything must go! Hurry down to either of these convenient locations before everything in the store is gone!

1001 Broadway (off Oak) Vancouver, BC

101 Schoolhouse Street (off Loughheed Highway) in Coquitlam

Richmond Mattress Store

It takes ten minutes to run down to the store to buy a litre of milk. If you want to go to a movie downtown, you’re looking at an hour. Mattress shopping, however is a nice compromise between the two.

If you jump in your car (or get on the Canada Line) you can be at 1001 West Broadway in less than 25 minutes. You can pick out your mattress, and the friendly staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery can even help you organize delivery to your Richmond home.

If you prefer Richmond mattress stores, keep this in mind. While they might be closer to getting a litre of milk, they will be more like a movie when it comes to the details of  shipping and handling. It all takes time when you are not in the good hands of the mattress professionals. They are conscientious and thoughtful. Your order will not be misplaced, your bed will not end up in the wrong part of Richmond, and you will get the mattress you bought – for a whole lot less than if you were going to buy it in a Richmond mattress store.

So if you were thinking about going for a movie downtown, why not save yourself some time, and just go mattress shopping instead. You could have a new, comfortable mattress in half the time – and you’ll feel much more relaxed.


Don’t Pay Now – Pay Later – How Other Countries Do It

If you buy a bed from Simmons Mattress Gallery, there are a variety of financing options you can make use of.

You can pay cash. We like this. Or, you can pay by credit card. This is also a perfectly acceptable option. We also offer financing. If you don’t want to pay for 6 months, you don’t have to.

But how do they do it in other countries?

Our correspondent in Buenos Aires has had some interesting discoveries about how transactions are handled in South America.

If you are paying rent. It has to be in US Dollars. It has been over 10 years since the economy crashed and the peso was violently devalued, but it has made enough landlords gun-shy enough to demand their rent in US currency. Problem is, it’s really hard to get. The banks don’t give it out. And even Western Union has greenbacks in limited supply. Apparently, the Argentina government scours your tax records to determine how many USDs you can have at any time. Crazy.

With inflation anywhere between 20 and 30%, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hang onto money any longer than you have to. So people in Argentina buy like crazy. One strange discover was at the grocery store – now we may be mistaken here, but our writer down American under was pretty sure they were allowing him to charge his credit card in 3 payments. Put it this way, if you bought a $1000 Beautyrest, you could pay $333 now, $333 later and $334 three months from now. But when the cost of living is skyrocketing by 30%, all of a sudden that last payment seems like a 10% off deal.

Something to consider when 0% financing is on the table with a rapidly escalating inflation.

Note: If you need a mattress Vancouver store Simmons Mattress Gallery will give you a bed for even less than the Argentines. They are currently pricing Queen Beautyrests at $898.

Pick a card, any card.

Simmons Mattress Gallery Gets Greener

If you walk into our Coquitlam showroom you might notice something a little different. It’s not that woodland animals are bounding through the doors, or the springs in our beds have started to bloom flowers. But the place is looking a little greener – and brighter – much, much brighter.

Last week, Simmons Mattress Gallery replaced all the light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. This might not sound like much, but then you haven’t seen our showroom. The place is huge. And there are literally hundreds of light bulbs in there.

Using the traditional lights, Simmons was burning through 32,000 kw/hr. You can see our cheeks burning too. That’s a lot of power. So we decided to switch it up with new-fangled energy saving bulbs. Now, it’s estimated that Simmons Mattress Gallery will only use 12,000 kw/hr. That’s nearly one third of what we were using before.

The new bulbs are expected to last for ten years. And the store will recycle the old bulbs – in another store that is. Reusing is a better strategy than recycling the whole lot.

It’s Nice To Have a Good Bed

After years of sleeping on crooked futons and ratty hand-me-downs, it’s nice to have a decent king sized bed to call your own.

This is for all you elbow-throwers, and midnight kickers. Noctural thrashers and snoring starfish. Think of your loved ones. And get a good bed for them as well.

They need an undisturbed sleep as much as you do.

Beautyrest mattresses will eliminate motion transfer from one sleeping partner to another.

Once you’ve had a new, comfortable, king-sized bed from a premium brand like Simmons Beautyrest- there is no going back.

Treat yourself right now, and you’ll even find beds at Year-End Clearance prices of up to 60% off.

I know it’s been said many times, many ways, but:

It’s nice to have a good bed.

Vancouver Mattress Clearance Sale

It’s the end of 2011 so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Make a pre-New Years resolution to get yourself a new bed and rest better for all of 2012.

Simmons mattresses are now on sale for up to 60% off.

Come on down to our Broadway and Oak or Coquitlam stores to get yourself a quality bed at Year-End Clearance prices.

Our 60% off Vancouver mattress sale is only once a year, and it only runs until the New Year, so don’t miss out.

Breaking It In

You wouldn’t hit the trail in a pair of hiking boots you just bought. Not without expecting some blisters anyway.

They need to be broken in first. The leather needs to soften with a bit of use. Their shape needs to mould to familiar feet.

Same goes for mattresses.

You’ll notice a slight difference between the bed you selected in our showroom and the bed you have delivered.

That’s because the mattresses in the showroom have been broken over time – from the testing of shoppers like yourself.

Your bed will feel that way, eventually, just not right away. Don’t worry. Just give it time.

We usually suggest that our customers give their new beds a month or so to feel right. The bed will soften and get more comfortable to you over time.

You have 90 days to return. So wait until 2-3 month mark. The first month is still an adjustment period.

If you have any further questions about breaking in your new Simmons mattress, please do not hesitate to call us at: 604-733-5161 ‎

Mattress Maintenance Follow-Up

After publishing our Mattress Maintenance article last week, Simmons Mattress Gallery received some interesting questions from our readers. We thought, instead of answering them individually, we could share a few in a blog post.

1. “If I am unhappy with the support my box spring is providing, is it appropriate to add a layer of [plywood] between my foundation and my mattress?”

-NO! Absolutely not. If your foundation is so bad you need to beef it up with plywood, it’s time to buy a new bed set. You should never have to add anything to your bed set. Sorry to be so blunt, but your bed is not a sandwich.

2. “How do I prevent picking up bedbugs when I’m traveling?”

-Bed bugs are making a resurgence around the globe. Travelers can easily spread these annoying creatures. One way to minimize your chances of collecting bed bugs is to always store your luggage on a table or countertop. It may not be aesthetically pleasing to have your suitcase piled on the table, but the chance of bug collection dramatically decreases when you elevate your personal items. It is also a good idea to do a quick check of the mattress itself. Remove all the bed coverings and do a quick surface check. Bed bugs like the folds of the mattress, so always examine the hem lines just below the pillow top

Check Your Cracks and Folds

3. “My neighbour is offering to sell me his deluxe mattress of three years. What is an appropriate price to pay?”

-Zero. If it is a deluxe mattress, then there should be no reason why your neighbour would want to part with his bed after three years. He/She has probably damaged it. Either that, or it is not as deluxe as he/she claims. If you want to improve your sleeping conditions, purchase a ‘new’ mattress from a mattress dealer. If you want the best sleep possible, purchase a Simmons.


The Bandit

Walking the streets this month, you may notice a few more Burt Reynolds impersonators than normal. No, it’s not the thirtieth anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit (well it might be…probably should look that up), no, it’s the return of Movember. It is the time of year when men across the globe let their upper lip go untamed for a good cause.

The idea is simple, 30 days to grow a moustache and promote awareness for men’s health. Sponsorship is appreciated. Funds collected go to helping fight prostate cancer.

The idea was first started in 2003. Although no money was raised that first year, the men behind the movement were inspired by the women around them who had done so much for breast cancer. The men decided to attach their facial fodder to the cancer fight and Movember became an official event.

Last year Canadians raised 7.8 million during the Movember campaign.

Let’s try and break that this year. Support your hubbies pencil thin stache, persuade a family member to join and encourage that cute guy at the office to let his inner Tom Selleck out.

Register your moustache at Movember Canada.

(Apparently we missed the Smokey thirtieth by three years)

Breathless at Night

Sleep Apnea is One of the Most Common Sleep Disorders

Are you consistently waking up in the morning feeling unrested? Do you suffer from unwarranted fatigue issues during the course of the day? Do you wake up more than five times a night?

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions you may be suffering from the chronic sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder where the patient has short pauses in their breath during periods of sleep.

These pauses in breath cause oxygen levels to drop and slow blood circulation. Sufferers usually return to a normal breathing pattern after a loud snort or choking sound.

Because of this interruption, patients move from a deep sleep into a lighter sleep. During this light sleep they can be easily awakened. This decreases the quality of sleep received.

While the daily symptom of fatigue may not be overly troubling, chronic sleep apnea can cause serious problems such as brain injury, premature aging, a narrowed airway and reduced muscle tone.

People suffering from weight problems may be more likely to be affected by sleep apnea.

Simple solutions to minor sleep apnea include changing your sleeping position, using nasal strips and for those of you willing, singing therapy.

There is also a device known as a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP, which acts as a splint to open the patient’s airway during sleep. This device includes a facial mask and an electric bedside breathing machine.

More drastic measures include nasal or throat surgery.

If you believe you may be suffering from this disorder, you should contact your family doctor.

USA Kicks Off Vancouver’s Celebration of Light

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

Gave proof thro’ the night” that Van City was still there

The Celebration of Light, formerly the Symphony of Fire, returns to Vancouver tonight for four nights of spectacular ariel visuals.

This year there will be four countries competing: United States, Spain, Mexico and China.

The United States will open the fireworks festival tonight with a tribute to the Big Band Era. The theme of their routine, put together by the Rozzi’s Famous Firework team, is ‘In the Mood.’

The shows will then run every Wednesday and Saturday till July 31st, when China will close out the festival.

The countries will be competing against each other under the categories of geneal concept, colour, originality, quality of production and correlation of music.

Last years festival was not judged, but the 2008 winner was Canada’s Archangel Fireworks Inc., with their theme of ‘Attack.’

This year the fireworks will be shot from two separate barges setup in English Bay.

Here is a list of some of the top viewing spots:

English Bay Beach

-You can hear the music from the loudspeakers, the waterfalls from the barge are all visible and the ariel explosions are directly overhead.

Burrard Bridge

-Spots fill up fast and you have to stand the whole time, but the bridge is an awesome elevated location.

From a boat in English Bay

-If you or a friend is lucky enough to have a boat, find a spot in the bay and enjoy the show from the water. If there is any extra room on your vessel make sure to call us.

(Safety note: Make sure your boat is equipped with a spotlight to find your way back through the maze of other ships once the show has wrapped)

Vanier Park

-Not as close as English Bay, but the crowds are more bearable and the sight lines are excellent.

(Musical note: If you are watching the fireworks from a distance, make sure to bring aportable radio and tune into Shore 104fm to listen to the corresponding music.)

Celebration of Light

If you have any opinions about the performances, feel free to share them with us as comments on our blog.


Tales of the Absurd

Former Champ: Takeru Kobayashi

This weeks, ‘wow-that-can’t-be-real’ story, comes from Coney Island, where on the Fourth of July, the world of Major League Eating was shocked by scandal.

Takeru ‘Tsunami’ Kobayashi, a previous champion and star of the competitive eating circuit, stormed the stage of Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest to protest his exclusion from the event.

Kobayashi had been barred from the competition after refusing to sign an exclusive contract that would forbid him from entering competing eating events.

Wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Free Kobi,’ the Japanese star was taken down by security and local police, as fans chanted,”Let him eat! Let him eat!”

He was later charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

After the ruckus, the event did continue and Joey “Jaws” Chestnut went on to win his fourth consecutive title.

Kobayashi spent one night in jail and was released on Monday.

When asked about his actions by reporters, Kobayashi gave the simple remark: “I wanted to eat hot dogs.”

He also admitted to being really hungry.

The lesson in this tale: Don’t stand in the way of a man and his pork links. Especially if he’s really hungry.

Family Fun

Running out of activities for the kids on the weekends? Rejoice! The Vancouver International Children’s Festival is returning to Vanier Park from May 17th to the 24th.

The white and red tents will be flying high once again; filled with music, comedy and all the face paint you can fit on your little one’s canvas.

With a focus on the performing arts, the Children’s Festival is a wonderful arena to get your kids off their X-Boxes and into live theatre.

Operating since 1978, the festival also offers employment to dozens and dozens of local artists and performers like Aché Brasil, a martial arts, dance, music mash-up. Accompanying them are international artists such as the National Acrobats of Taiwan.

For a balloon blast of every colour, check out the Variety Show running on Saturday, May 22nd.

For a French immersion experience, look into purchasing tickets to Jamie Adkins Circus Incognitus.

Circus Incognitus

Tickets for individual shows can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Site admission on its own is $10.

And after, when the kids are worn out, you and your loved one can relax on your Simmons mattress in peace.

Still haven’t purchased your new Simmons? Make the next weekend yours, with a little shopping at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

The Marriage Bed

After a four and a half year relationship, your man finally popped the question. It took you less than five seconds (he’ll say it was more like the longest minute of his life) to give him an answer.

Now you’ve set the date, you’ve widdled down the guest list, you’ve hired a wedding planner and you rented the hall.

Your next task is creating a gift list.

Our recommendation, “Suggest a new bed.” It will be the most useful gift you receive.

The truth is, you’ve slept on your tired out mattress for too many years. A new marriage is a fresh start to a relationship. Ditch the old has been and embrace a sleeping foundation that will provide years of comfort, fun, pain relief and hours, upon hours of undisturbed sleep.

Your intimate moments are poised to climb to new levels, so enjoy them in comfort. You also may be expecting a little one in the not-so-distant future. Finding significant rest will now become priority number one.

And finally, we probably don’t need to mention it, but just in case-choose the largest size mattress that fits comfortably into your bedroom. There is nothing romantic about squeezing onto a twin. You both need your space. Trust us.

So go with the mattress professionals and suggest Simmons Mattress Gallery. Feel free to visit us beforehand and test-drive the models you are considering. It will be a nice break from licking envelopes.

Our Boys are Coming Home

The mighty Vancouver Canucks are now two games away from completing the longest road trip in NHL history. It all started with a 5-3 win over the dismal Toronto Maple Leafs on the 30th of January. Since then, the club has been able to hold on to an impressive road-trip record, slightly over 500.

The 14 games away have been spread out over 40 days and three different months. That’s more than 39 nights that the boys have been away from their beds. They have probably slept in over ten different hotels.

This Wednesday, they return to Vancouver after their final road game against Phoenix. They are leading their division and looked poised for a strong stretch run.

But come Wednesday night, I doubt the Canucks will be thinking about their impressive record or the resurgence of Kyle Wellwood. No, the boys will have one thing on their mind: sleep.

It’s what every athlete requires to perform at a top level and for over a month the Canucks have been asked to find their rest in foreign settings.

On Wednesday, each player will sink into his bed after arriving on the red-eye from Phoenix.  There may be a short physical moment with their significant other, but then it’s lights out.

“Congratulations team on an excellent road-trip. You don’t work again till Saturday, so enjoy your rest. Hopefully you’re finding it on a Simmons, the ultimate mattress for comfort and an undisturbed sleep.”

Wake-Up Call

“‘. . . and clover, over and over / Crimson and clover, over and over. . .’

The sweet melody of Tommy James and the Shondells suddenly fills my bedroom. It’s 6:45 and it’s time to rise and shine. Well, at least rise.

There will be no visible shine until after a shower and two cups of coffee. And even then it will be more of flicker than a shine.

My clock radio has been performing its duties since the mid 90’s, a solid timepiece with a speaker as scratchy as an apartment intercom. But it’s not the sound quality that saves it from the trash; it’s the little clock’s reliability.

It’s never failed me. Not once. I may have forgotten to set it and for that I take full responsibility. But when I have punched my desired digits, it’s executed its task beautifully.

Some of you may rely on a significant other for a morning nudge. But I warn you, be careful, human error is unavoidable. She may promise you that she’ll pull off the sheets right at 7:00, but if her sister calls from New York and they get chatting, you might become an afterthought. Try explaining to your boss how Liza’s new man made you miss the performance meeting.

Then there are those of you who sleep with the curtains open to the east, ready for the sunrise to wake you softly from your slumber. This method is fairly inefficient, especially in the cloud cave of Vancouver. But if your granola can wait, who am I to tell you to abandon your faith in Ra.

And then there are the ‘lucky’ few of you who are able to wake naturally, right at the desired time. To you, I offer my condolences. For you, my friend, are the product of unconscious stress. Your body releases a hormone called adrenocorticotropin, as a product of your anxiety. You may feel privileged to be free of an alarm, but your nervous nature has your internal clock in a full mount. Try releasing some of that stress to free you from subconscious submission.

No, the best way, I figure, is to partner with a simple bedside box. You set it and forget about it; confident it will perform its task in the morning.

Just remember to add a nine-volt battery in case the power fails.”

Old Faithful

Relationship Advice From The Mattress Professionals

Ask your friends what their number one advice is for relationships. Half of them will tell you: “Don’t go to bed in the middle of a fight.”

It’s good advice, for a number of reasons.

First, going to bed without a resolution prolongs the argument. The problems are still there in the morning. Your bed, no matter the make, is not a magic pad that eliminates the issues of your disagreement.

Secondly, going to bed angry means neither of you will get the rest you deserve. Sleep is intended to give your body time to recuperate from the day’s activities and mental stimuli. If you are both upset about what has been said, your body and mind will not be able to relax. You will wake up just as tired as when your head hit the pillow. Tired people are cranky and are often unwilling to discuss issues in rational terms. The morning after a restless sleep is not an appropriate climate for discussion.

Thirdly, you are on a mattress. Why not resolve the argument so you can enjoy the other activity that mattresses supply the setting for.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we want you to enjoy our product. There is no enjoyment in sharing a mattress with someone you are fighting with. So listen to the advice of your friends. Spend the extra time before you fall asleep resolving the issues of your argument. You will thank us.

Putting the Kids to Bed

Getting a decent amount of rest each night is important for everyone.

In the professional world, an 8-hour, undisturbed sleep, allows us to work to our full potential. It keeps us alert and focused. It also increases our ability to work longer hours. For some of us, coffee might have the same affect, but the healthy choice is obvious: more sleep equals better productivity.

The same principal applies to our children.

As competition grows for Post-Secondary entrance, more and more young people are neglecting healthy sleep over hours spent studying. It is important to remind our children that sleep deprivation is much more detrimental to their learning potential then they realize.

On average, teenagers need approximately 10 hours of sleep each night. Younger children need even more.

One way to help your child receive the rest they need is to encourage a sleep schedule.

If, once they are in bed, they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, the problem could be the mattress they are lying on.

Often children are given mattresses that are passed down and have worn out springs. These mattresses might look like an easy way to save money, but they may be hurting your child’s potential. The money you spent on a tutor could be going to waste if your child is not able to maintain concentration, due to a lack of rest.

A smart investment would be a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery. Simmons has a huge selection of mattresses for every person in your household. Come browse our store with the whole family. Your children will thank you.

The Simmons Table of Contents

Simmons Adjustable Beds

Try watching TV without a remote. It’s harder than you think. With the remote in our hand we have power, the same power we strive for in our relationships, at work, even in the kitchen.

That power is now available in the bedroom, with Simmons Adjustable Beds. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book or just relaxing, you have control of your bed’s contours.

There are three unique Power Foundation models:

  1. The Basic Model features a ‘one touch flat’ bed function.
  2. The Deluxe Power Foundation has the ‘one touch,’ a massage option and a cordless remote.
  3. The Wallhugger Power Foundation has the same features as the Deluxe with an added component that maintains your proximity to your headboard.

Pair your choice of Simmons mattress with one of these Power Foundation options and enjoy the relaxation you deserve, with the power you strive for.

The Simmons Power Foundation

Simmons Mattress Gallery Website

Check out our new website: Mattress Vancouver.

Simmons Mattress Gallery Has a New Website

Another Article About Simmons Mattress Gallery

Here is another article about our new mattress Vancouver website:

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a new website.

Extra Extra

Mattress Vancouver has a new site!

New Website

There is a new website for mattress Vancouver retailer, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Check it out at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Simmons Mattress Gallery

Simmons Mattress Gallery - new website

Mattress FAQs

Q. When should I buy a new mattress?

A. Every eight to ten years. If your bed is stained, torn, or sagging, it’s time to start looking for something new.

Q. How do I comparison shop when the model names differ from store to store?

A. Look for benefits. If you know how to get the features you need from the construction of the mattress, that is the most important thing. When you shop, look for your comfort preference.

Q. How do I know which firmness I need?

A. It’s a personal choice. A firm bed does not always offer the most support. The best is one that evenly distributes your weight.

Q. My partner moves around a lot in the night, which mattress can help with this?

A. First off, make sure your mattress is big enough for both of you. Then, look into a mattress specifically designed for motion transfer, such as a Beautyrest or BackCare.

Q. How can I enhance the lifetime of my mattress?

A. Invest in a good quality mattress with a foundation, cover and mattress pad.

A comfortable night's sleep.

A comfortable night's sleep.

The Origin of Simmons

Simmons has been making quality mattresses since 1925, when it introduced the first Beautyrest mattress, featuring the patented pocket coil. It immediately became one of the most popular mattresses of all time.

The secret is in the pocket coils. No other mattress can compare to the patented technology. Three coils are woven together for increased strength and durability. Nestled within individual pockets, they ensure that there is never any motion transfer between partners.

After all, the good life should continue for 24 hours a day.


Mismatched Sale

We are now having our Mismatched Sale. If you are looking for a mattress in Vancouver and possibly a different bottom, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our mattress Vancouver sale is offering beds up to 55% off. You can walk out of here with one of our $999 Beautyrests. But hurry, supply is limited and the beds are going fast.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

The Simmons Mattress Gallery Difference

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We don’t see our customers as one-off consumers, but rather we try to foster long-term relationships built on years of good, quality sleep. We want you to remember our helpful advice, and enjoy a wonderful bed, for years to come.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. For seven years running we have been voted the Best Mattress Store at the Consumers’ Choice Awards.

With showrooms in Vancouver, Victoria or Coquitlam, Simmons Mattress Gallery makes it easy to find the bed that is right for you. We are the mattress professionals, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and a showroom stocked with the best of the best brand out there: Simmons.

Right now, there is a Beautyrest Sale, where you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep for up to 60% less. This sale only comes around once a year, so don’t delay, it ends October 4th.


Pocket coil? What’s a pocket coil?

You have probably seen the ads where a man in a white labcoat drops a black bowling ball on a mattress and none of the bowling pins are disturbed.  This, of course, is a simple way to show that your partner could be doing jumping jacks on one side of the bed and you’d never even know.

How is this possible? The answer is the revolutionary pocket coil technology found exclusively in Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. As you will see in the diagram below, the springs are not attached to one another, rather they rest independently in their own “pocket.” This allows enough ‘give’ so that when you put pressure on the mattress, on the coils you are touching are affected, while the rest of the bed remains still.

Pocket coils for Simmons Mattress Gallery

Mattress, Vancouver?

If you are looking for a mattress Vancouver, you need to bear in mind a few things.

1. You should research the best mattress store in Vancouver based on some facts. Simmons Mattress Gallery has been voted the Best Mattress Store in Vancouver for 7 consecutive years by the Consumers’ Choice Awards. That is people like you voting – real people – not magazines.

2. You should also source out the best mattress in Vancouver by going online and doing a little reading. This Mattress Vancouver blog, for instance has everything from better sleeping tips to helpful hints in what to look for when shopping for a mattress in Vancouver.

3. If you are in need of a new mattress, Vancouver, then you have come to the right place. Simmons Mattress Gallery is the home of the mattress professionals. Feel free to call us at 604 733 0166 and we will gladly help you find a new bed that you love.

Simmons Mattress Gallery

Two Free Pillows

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