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Simmons Canada has developed a wonderful new tool for helping you choose your next Beautyrest mattress. With a large variety of product lines, the process of selecting a new mattress can come across as daunting. The new tool makes it easy to find the perfect bed for your lifestyle.

Simmons Mattress Gallery, on Broadway and Oak, has an experienced staff of mattress professionals to help with walk-in customers, but sometimes mattress shoppers like to do their initial browsing online. Enter the Beautyrest Product Selector.

The product selector asks a series of questions to determine which mattress in the Beautyrest line-up makes the most sense for your personal preferences. It asks a series of six simple questions where customers are given a number of choices to adequately express their desires and lifestyle regiments.

The first question is: “Why are you looking for a bed?” Below the question are five fun little cartoon circles with a brief statement. All you need to do is choose which one comes closest to your intent. Our favourite doodle is the chainsaw wielding, ‘I hate my current bed’ figure.

The other five questions concern bedroom type, comfort preference, lifestyle demographic, sleeping position and body type.

Once completed, the program offers the bed that best suits your answers, plus two other suggestions.

The results are easily printable so you can bring them with you for your next visit to Simmons Mattress Gallery in Vancouver.

Take the survey today and have the perfect mattress in your home by nightfall.

Moving Carefully

The first thing you did after buying your new home: purchased a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

“If this is going to be a fresh start,” you thought to yourself, “I should probably buy a mattress that takes advantage of the increased bedroom size.”

We couldn’t agree more. That tired old relic you have been sleeping on for years needed to be tossed.

The Dreaded Hide-A-Bed

But what about all your other personal belongings you plan to transfer over to your new place? Have you made arrangements to move them? Are you stressed just thinking about the prospect of loading all your furniture into a rental van?

Rid yourself of this unneeded anxiety. Hire a moving company to transport your furniture to your new home.

Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests going with Careful Movers.

Careful Movers are a Western Canada based company that specializes in local and long distance moving across North America.

They offer free estimates and provide advice and assistance from your first consultation till the last box is placed inside your new home.

Like the mattress professionals at Simmons Mattress Gallery, the men and women that work for Careful Movers are all trained moving professionals.

Visit their website for more information or call them direct.

Their toll free number is 1-888-801-0581.

Don’t stress over your move. Let your mind focus on that beautiful new Beautyrest and all the tranquil nights you will spend on it.

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