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Slang Teasers

Here are some colloquial and colourful expressions about sleep. It’s fun to explore word meanings, so let’s dig a little deeper to their origins.

Have you ever wondered how the term: hit the hay came about?
In 1902, mattresses were often sacks stuffed with straw or hay (hence the similar phrase ‘hit the sack’).

Catch 40 winks. This phrase is thought to have originated due to the utterly boring 39 parables that were passed down in church literature. Apparently they were so dreary, show couldn’t help to take a 40 wink nap afterward. Also 40 is thought to be a number with mystical powers.

Did you know the expressions sleep like a log and sleep like a rock were predated by another similie?

The expression ’sleep like a top’ is quite old and is recorded from at least 1693, when it appeared in William Congreve’s The Old Batchelour:

“Should he seem to rouse, ’tis but well lashing him, and he will sleep like a Top.”

Counting sheep jumping over a wall goes back to 1854.

Sawing logs refers to the sound someone makes when snoring.

The idea of a Sandman goes all the way back to Hans Christian Anderson in 1841. The Danish fairy tale describes a mythical creature with a colour-changing silk jacket who sprinkles dust in the eyes of children to help them get dozy and fall asleep. He carries two umbrellas, one with colourful pictures so that good children can have wonderful dreams at night, and one with no images at all, so naughty children will sleep heavily without any dreams at all.

A bed from Simmons Mattress Gallery is a lot like a colourful umbrella that will usher you into a vivid world of dreams.

Helpful Guests

It’s great to have company. When friends and relatives that you haven seen in ages come in from out of town, it’s always fun to catch up, share stories and enjoy each others company.

However, people have their routines. And sometimes a houseguest can disrupt the usual flow. After about four nights, even the most polite and accommodating guests can become a mild irritation and the joyousness of the first few nights can turn dreary.

This is too bad, because with visits so infrequent, it’s best to make the most of the positive times, and eliminate any chance of friction.

The solution, for some, is to have uncomfortable beds for guests. But what kind of host does such a thing? It’s rather cruel.

A better solution is to have a happy, helpful guest. Give them a great bed and they will be inclined to stay longer. Then you can put them to work.

A helpful guest is a great guest. When the pleasantries have all been said, you can get them babysitting the kids, or tending the garden or helping you mend the fence.

The only way to keep a guest around long enough to endure a bit of back-breaking labour is to ensure that they have a soft bed to rest in each night. If your bed is better than theirs at home, you might even secure yourself a free workforce in family help.

There has never been a better time to stock up on comfortable beds for your guests. Simmons Mattress Gallery is having a Close Out Mattress Sale, with beds up to 75% off.

As the name implies, this sale won’t last forever, and once the remaining models are gone, so is your chance at free help around the house.

So don’t delay and visit Simmons at 1001 West Broadway today.

So Long, Farewell

Simmons Mattress Gallery is closing its doors for good.

It’s been great to service Vancouver and Coquitlam (and for a while Victoria and Nanaimo) but the days of SMG are no more.

To make our final goodbye a little less painful (and a lot more drawn out) we hare hosting a Close Out Mattress Sale.

It’s a one-time event that will feature our amazing Simmons mattresses on sale for as much as 75% off.

Everything must go, because once we shut off the lights for the last time, the Simmons Mattress Gallery will left to rest forever.

So, before it’s too late, make your way down to 1001 West Broadway for our downtown Vancouver location or 101 Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam to find a sale to cap off almost 15 years of business.

This could be your last chance to buy a bed with the Triple Edge that only Simmons Mattress Galleries offer. Because we close SMG, Simmons is going to stop making that product.

And it’s really good one. Plus at 75% off, you can’t go wrong. So take this chance to say goodbye, and enjoy the savings of a lifetime.

Closeout Sale

We are sad to say, but Simmons Mattress Gallery is going to be shutting its doors for good. In a few short months, there will be no more SMG’s out there in the world. So if you are going to purchase a third wave Beautyrest mattress (only available at Simmons Mattress Galleries) now is the time!

We are offering up to 75% off our stock. And everything must go! Hurry down to either of these convenient locations before everything in the store is gone!

1001 Broadway (off Oak) Vancouver, BC

101 Schoolhouse Street (off Loughheed Highway) in Coquitlam

Final Days Of The Beautyrest Sale

We are in the final days of the Simmons Mattress Gallery Beautyrest Sales Event. This could be your last chance to get a Simmons Beautyrest for up to 60% off.

So come on down to 101 Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam or if you need a quality mattress Vancouver address is 1001 West Broadway (and Oak).

We have Queen Sets from an incredible value of $699. Visco and Wool Queen Sets are only $799 and you can enjoy the World Class Queen Set for only $899.

These prices are only lasting for a few more days. So don’t delay.

Year End Clearance Sale On Now

Simmons Mattress Gallery needs to make room for 2012 models. There are still a few 2011 beds kicking around and we are practically giving these away at massive discounts, some are going at up to 60% off.

Here are a few of the deals we have this week at Year-End Clearance prices.

$149 Simmons mattresses

$798 Beautyrest Queens – he usual price is $2798 (that’s $2000 off!)

Simmons Mattress Gallery can be found on the corner of Broadway and Oak as well as on Schoolhouse Street (next to the Cactus Club) in Coquitlam.

To make the most of the Year End Clearance Sale – come see us this week and we’ll help you find the bed that’s right for you.

Boxing Week Mattress Sale!

Tomorrow (December 22nd) marks the beginning of Simmons Mattress Gallery’s annual Boxing Week Blitz. It is hands down the best time of the year to get yourself a new bed.

Beautyrest Queens for $798.

Regular Price $2798.

That’s $2000 off the asking price!

That’s not all. Simmons will also have beds for as low as $149.

These prices cannot be beat.

Get in on the Boxing Week Blitz at Simmons Mattress Gallery and save today.

Vancouver – on the corner of Broadway and Oak.

Coquitlam – on Schoolhouse St. off the Loughheed Highway

The sale runs only to December 31st, so don’t delay.

Vancouver Mattress Clearance Sale

It’s the end of 2011 so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Make a pre-New Years resolution to get yourself a new bed and rest better for all of 2012.

Simmons mattresses are now on sale for up to 60% off.

Come on down to our Broadway and Oak or Coquitlam stores to get yourself a quality bed at Year-End Clearance prices.

Our 60% off Vancouver mattress sale is only once a year, and it only runs until the New Year, so don’t miss out.

Mismatched Sale

We are now having our Mismatched Sale. If you are looking for a mattress in Vancouver and possibly a different bottom, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Our mattress Vancouver sale is offering beds up to 55% off. You can walk out of here with one of our $999 Beautyrests. But hurry, supply is limited and the beds are going fast.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Mattress Vancouver's mismatched sale is now on.

Beautyrest Sale! Final Days! Ends Sunday, October 4.


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