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Ten Sleep Tips for Seniors

As we age and ease into retirement, new issues arise that disturb our sleep. Chronic pain can become a daily occurrence and can affect our ability to find comfort, even on our Vancouver mattress. With retirement, a change in our daily schedule can be hard to adjust to. And there is always the increase of worry and stress brought on by the passing of loved ones. All of this weighs heavy on our sleep routines.

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to offer ten tips for seniors struggling with sleep issues:

10. New Exercises

Exercising becomes increasingly difficult as our body start to change. Finding new, low-impact exercises, is important for continued health. Try yoga as a start.

9.  Adjust Your Diet

Changes in our bodies can also affect what foods we can handle in our old age. We may not be able to stomach the spices we could in our 40s. An upset stomach can impact your bodies ability to remain asleep.

8. Nap Less

With more time on our hands, we may feel the urge to nap. This can decrease our ability to fall asleep at night.

7. Create a Sleep Schedule

Once our work schedule is abandoned, we sometimes lose track of our sleep schedule. Regular bedtimes create healthy sleep patterns. Stick with them and reap the rewards.

6. Remove Your Clock

Our alarm is no longer needed, but our bedside clock remains. Sometimes the reminder of time can create unneeded anxiety, especially if we are having trouble sleeping. Removing the clock is luxury we’ve earned.

5. Mattress Function

Reserve your mattress for sleeping only. We sometimes start to add televisions and other entertainment devices to our bedrooms. Your bed should be used for only two things: sleep and sex.

4. Reduce Your Caffeine and Alcohol

A glass of wine or two with dinner or a nightcap of scotch on the rocks is tempting when our responsibilities are reduced, but alcohol has an increased ability to disrupt our sleep patterns as we get older. Opt for tea instead of the hard stuff.

3. Keep a Sleep Journal

If you are concerned about your sleep patterns, you should document your nocturnal activities. This will help you and your doctor find an appropriate treatment.

2. Check Your Prescriptions

Always read your prescription bottles carefully, especially the appropriate times to take your pills.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are concerned about your sleeping habits, talk to your doctor immediately. The quicker you can normalize your sleep the better.

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