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Pitch ‘Not So’ Perfect

Over the two plus weeks of the Winter Olympics, we discussed in detail, the importance of sleep for Olympic athletes. This week, another sport is in the news with a cautionary mattress tale.

Texas Rangers Pitcher, Matt Harrison, will miss the opening day of the MLB season due to stiffness in his back caused by sleeping on an overly soft mattress. Harrison had undergone back surgery in 2013 for a herniated disc. After the surgery, Harrison stayed in a rental home where the mattresses were provided as part of the furnishings.

After experiencing setbacks in his recovery period, Harrison’s team traced his soreness to the rental bed. Harrison immediately purchased a firmer mattress to resolve the issue.

He now claims to be at 100%, but the setback interfered with his training schedule and the young star will likely sit the first two games of the pitching rotation.

Harrison only had two starts last year due to his back pain. He hopes to turn things around this season, returning to his 2012 form where he received a number of Cy Young nominations.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, talk to your doctor immediately. For relief from your pain, follow Harrison’s lead and increase the firmness of your mattress. Visit Simmons Mattress Gallery to review your sleeping options. We’ll get you back in the game.

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