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10 Next Level Sleeping Tips

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we firmly believe that a new luxury mattress set can make the difference between a regular night’s sleep and an undisturbed, comfort guaranteed, nightly escape. Yes, our Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, with their pocket coil innovation, offer a sleep that is unparalleled in the mattress industry.

We are proud of what are mattresses can accomplish, but we also recognize there are many ways in which the individual can improve their own sleep. Here is a short list of ten ways you can take your sleeping hours to the next level of relaxation:

10. Caffeine Curfew

  • We all love coffee, but it can be one of the most destructive elements on your potential for rest. Have your last cup no later that 4 p.m.

9. Green is Now Your Favourite Colour

  • Fruits and vegetables are the most important natural nutritional element you can put in your body. Bananas, kale and spinach all help you body produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

8. Drop the Cow

  • Dairy can cause abdominal discomfort that can have you tossing and turning at night. If you are sensitive, reduce your intake, especially before bed.

7. Blackout

  • Remove everything in your room, besides your alarm clock, that produces light. Then work on your windows. Keep your sleep sanctuary as dark as possible.

6. Watering Detail

  • Just like your plants, water is key. Your body works the best when it is hydrated. This includes your sleep.

5. Sunshine of Your Life

  • Back to the plant comparison – You plants need light and so do you. Vitamin D is essential for the production of energy. Make time to be outside each and every day. Your body will reward you.

4. Physical Intensity

  • Vancouver is a health conscious city. We all love to ride, workout and run. But our body doesn’t need an intensive workout at 10:30 at night, especially if you plan on being in bed by midnight. Try lower impact workouts like yoga during the hours leading up to bedtime.

3. Routines, Routines, Routines

  • Our bodies are built around responding to routines. The more you can control your nightly routine, the more you can ensure a full-nights sleep.

2. Anxiety Builds Anxiety

  • If you find it hard to fall back asleep, don’t let your mind win out over your body. Instead of staring at the ceiling, get out of bed and take up a boring household activity. Your body will remind you of how tired you are in no time.

1. High Priority

  • Sleep needs to be a daily priority. It will help with your mood, health, diet and energy levels. Ignore your need and your body will crash.

Top Ten Things That Come In a Pocket

10. Change

With the loss of the penny, our change has become more manageable.

9. Polly

Throwback! Polly pocket was the envy of every little boy. I mean a virtual world in a clamshell. How come they never made a He-Man pocket toy?!?!

8. Lint

Most of the time it ends up in the lint trap, but lint is the ultimate fire starter. If you are ever stuck out in the woods without dry kindling, dig deep in your pocket.

7. Protectors

Keeping nerds safe from their pens since 1947.

6. Knife

The Swiss were ahead of the curve on this one. The pocketknife is the go-to-tool for Dads around the world. Just make sure you remove it before going through airport security. Seriously.

5. Manifesto

The key physical attribute for any manifesto is size. If you can’t stuff it in your pocket, you may miss out on that brilliant idea on your way to the gym. Marx and Engels were able to share the weight; four pockets – one world changing political document.

4. Keys to a new car

RIP Rod Roddy.

3. Phones

New for 2014: Apple’s bendable version.

2. Pizza

The perfect doughy vehicle for pepperoni, cheese and sauce.

1. Coils

Simmons patented non-flip pocket coils. We took the normal spring mattress and flipped it. For good.

Our pocket coils offer an undisturbed sleep with the ultimate level of comfort. Try one at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Neymar’s Mattress Endorsement

The Brazilian football phenom, known simply as Neymar, touched down in Tokyo this week to film a series of mattress advertisements intended for Japanese television.

The superstar athlete, who became recognized worldwide during the 2014 World Cup, was injured in Brazil’s quarterfinal matchup with Columbia. A cracked vertebra in his lower back kept the striker from playing in Brazil’s last three matches.

Rest and physiotherapy will hopefully allow the footballer to rejoin his offensively stacked club team, FC Barcelona in the fall.

The Japanese mattress manufacturer, AirSleep, hopes to cash in on Neymar’s rise to football fame, using his star power to sell their new beds. The young Brazilian was filmed sitting on AirSleep’s foam mattress, a mattress they claim holds secret relaxation properties.

Sleep is key for Neymar’s recovery, as his muscles and tissue work to mend the damage done during Brazil’s win over Columbia.

Upon completing his obligatory media spots, Neymar ended the day with a quote that was almost assuredly written by his publisher:

“This mattress feels great. I am sure it will help me in my recovery. I had a long trip here, so I’m looking forward to testing this mattress tonight.”

This isn’t the first time a Japanese company has claimed that their mattresses help pro athletes. Weava Japan provided beds for 150 Japanese athletes during the London Games. The mattress was multipurpose: one side for muscle fatigue and one side for relaxed training.

For the weekend athlete, we suggest a Simmons Beautyrest, the perfect bed for restorative health; ideal for tasks like keeping up with your four year-old.

Vancouver Pride

Pride week is underway in Vancouver and the rainbow flag is flying high.

At City Hall, the flag has been up since Monday, with the city council addressing the specific steps Vancouver is taking to make the city a safe home for those who identify as LGBTQ. Mayor Gregor Robertson raised the multi-coloured flag and read the official proclamation on the North Lawn. Later that day, the mayor sat in as a guest DJ at Celebrities Nightclub.

Just west of Vancouver’s largest gay nightclub, the Sandman Hotel was celebrating their newly painted rooftop rainbow flag. The permanent flag is 17 metres long and is painted on a rooftop extension. The flag echoes the permanent colours painted on the Davie and Bute crosswalk for last year’s pride festival.

The weekend promises a whole host of colourful events. Here is a list of this year’s celebrations:

August 1 – Davie Street Block Party

There will be an all-ages show and dance floor at the rainbow crosswalk and a 19+ zone with a main stage between Burrard and Thurlow. The 19+ zone has a $10 entry fee.

August 2 – Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast

Independent Grocer’s is donating the breakfast supplies for this memorial meal for one of Vancouver’s Pride founders.

August 2 – Vancouver Dyke March

The party moves to Commercial Drive with a parade and party at Grandview Park.

August 3 – 36th Annual Pride Parade

Brave the crowds and come see one of the biggest pride parades in the world. The parade starts on Robson Street, ducks down Denman and finishes along Beach Avenue, just above Sunset Beach.

August 3 – Pride Festival

After the parade, the party continues at Sunset Beach with live music, a market, a family zone and a beer garden with a DJ stage.

Happy Pride Week!

The Benefits of Cycling on Sleep Performance

Simmons Mattress Gallery has joined the moustachioed ranks and embraced cycling as an extra-curricular activity. This week we were delighted to learn that our new passion for pedalling can also help us sleep better.

Stanford University School of Medicine researchers found that sufferers of sedentary insomnia fell asleep twice as fast when they included a 20-30 minute cycle in their daily routines.

The research also showed that cyclists were able to increase their time under the sandman’s trance by nearly an hour each night.

Part of the benefit of cycling is increased exposure to sunlight. According to Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University’s Sleep Centre, sunlight helps maintain our natural circadian rhythms, which regulate our sleep cycles. The exposure also reduces the level of cortisol in our bodies, promoting deep regenerative sleep.

Cyclists are also exposed to less pollution then auto commuters. The common belief is that cyclists spend their time sucking in excess CO2 from vehicle exhaust. It is true that because of cars, bike riders are exposed to harmful emissions, but a study done by the Imperial College of London showed that cyclists take in about 1/5th the levels of pollution inhaled by people in cars.

Less pollution, more exertion, increased exposure to our shiny friend in the sky all adds up to a better, healthier, longer, more restorative sleep.

So for better mattress results, pull your two-wheeler out of the garage and hit the road. Just remember to ring your bell when you pass us on the left.

Lions Vandalized

A disturbing local story was brought to our attention this week. It appears that vandals have damaged two of the Lion Statues on the Stanley Park overpass near the Lions Gate Bridge. The damage was reported Saturday morning to park staff officials.

The vandals damaged the paws and faces of the two stone animals, chipping away the proud stoic looks that echoed the much larger lions at the onramp to Lions Gate. The smaller statues were installed in 1998, while the larger gatekeepers were put in place in 1939.

The police have been notified as well and hope to track down the culprits. VPD spokesperson, Sergeant Randy Finch had this slightly stern but humorous comment to add: “Investigators will be working with the Vancouver Park Board to ensure those responsible are held accountable for taking the roar out of these two lions.”

While it is easy to hate the people responsible for such a pointless act, it is also important to understand the reasons for their actions. Perhaps it was a lack of sleep that brought on a momentary psychosis? It was more likely a mix of alcohol and group mentality.

Whatever the case, we hope the statues are restored quickly and the parties responsible are dealt with appropriately.

Complimenting Capitalism

As a consumer in a capitalistic society, you have choices for what you buy and where you buy it. There is no one warehouse for shampoo or light fixtures and fortunately we all don’t have to buy the same ugly trainers. We are free to spend our money on any product we deem economically superior.

The consumer’s responsibility is product comparison. Finding the lowest price and best terms is a demanding second job. Fortunately, some companies are making it easier for the consumer. Their prices and the quality of their products places their item or service on a level far above their competition.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is one of these companies.

SMG is currently offering up to 60% off on beds in their warehouse. That is a massive markdown that can’t be beat.

They are also offering free delivery. Customers don’t have to lift a hair.

SMG will also remove and recycle your old mattress, an environmental benefit that will help you sleep even more soundly at night.

Save money, buy a quality product and have it delivered. Simmons Mattress Gallery has it all covered.

“Let’s Get Crafty”

Christmas crafts sales are a one-stop shopping centre for all those people on your list that need something simple but festive. From ornaments, to wreathes, to salt and sweet treats, you’ll find everything under the broad blanket of Christmas crafts.

This weekend hosts a number of Christmas craft fairs around the city. Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests the following sales:

Friday, November 25th

-9th Annual Chilliwack Christmas Craft Crawl

Various times and locations in Chilliwack

-North Delta Potter’s Guild Christmas Pottery Sale

Artspace Studio (11425 84th Avenue)

-Richmond Potter’s Club Christmas Sale

Richmond Cultural Centre (7700 Minoru Place)

Saturday, November 26th

-Dunbar Community Centre’s Annual Craft Fair

10am – 5pm (4747 Dunbar Street)

-Renfrew Community Centre’s Craft Fair

10am – 3pm (Eastt 22nd and Renfrew)

-Strathcona Community Centre’s Winter Craft Fair

601 Keefer Street, Vancouver

-Urban Artists’ Craft Fair

10am – 5pm Roundhouse Community Centre

-Woodside Gallery Christmas Arts and Craft Show

10am – 5pm (2226 Lougheed Highway)

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Blues To Be There

The historic Yale Hotel and Blues Bar is closing its doors after 130 years of operation. One of Vancouver’s finest small-act musical venues, The Yale will close for twelve months to undergo a much needed renovation plan. November 21st will be the final show day.

Opened in the 1880s, The Yale was one of only a handful of buildings to survive the 1886 fire. It became a musical frontier in the early 1900s and has been supporting emerging and established blues, jazz, R&B and soul acts ever since.

The renovations will help The Yale take on Vancouver Heritage status. The renos will also improve the facilities in the club. Planned improvements include an upgraded sound system, a hardwood dance floor and a raised roof above the stage area.

The final five nights will feature 5 genres of top-end local and imported talent.

Wednesday, November 16th

-The Best of Boogie Woogie

Featuring Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

Thursday, November 17th

-The Best of Country and Classic Rock

Featuring Chilliwack

Friday, November 18th

-The Best of Electric Blues Guitar

Featuring David Gogo

Saturday, November 19th

-The Best of Rockin’ Soul Blues

Featuring the All-Star Blues Revue

Sunday, November 20th (Afternoon)

-Big Band Blues

Featuring Dal Richards

Sunday, November 20th (Evening)

-The Best of R&B, Soul and Blues

Featuring Brickhouse and special guests

The Yale: Vancouver's Only Rhythm and Blues Bar

Random Fact: From 1889 to 1911 the Yale was renamed The Colonial,

before returning to its original handle.

Public Warning

Warning: A deadly virus is finding its way into homes across Vancouver. Families are being warned to educate their loved ones before the viral outbreak reaches epidemic levels.

The symptoms are tired springs, midnight sag and motion distrubance. These three manifestations have caused many citizens to lose a full night’s rest. Sufferers may appear bag-eyed, lethargic and irritable. Any person displaying these signs should not be approached.

The outbreak is thought to be contagious, with many homes having two or more affected beds.

Luckily, Simmons Mattress Gallery has found a cure.

The Beautyrest mattress line can rejuvenate the energy depleted by the infected beds. With the purchase of a Beautyrest mattress, sufferers can return to their regular sleeping schedules overnight.  Patented non-flip pocket coils will support the weight of the inflicted patient, offering a comfortable layer of cushion. The coils’ individual nature limits motion transfer between sleeping partners. Beautyrest’s quality design will prevent sagging over time, keeping the virus at pay.

Prescriptions can be filled at the Simmons Mattress Gallery on Broadway in Vancouver and on Schoolhouse Road in Coquitlam.

The Virus Is Not Yet Airborne. No Need For Radiation Suits.

Old beds should be discarded immediatley. Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests using one of Vancouver’s four mattress-recycling companies. 

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

When watching a film, our gaze is directed at a subject that has been chosen for us. We give the director free reign to control our sight line. This exchange encourages new experiences, some of which are cultural.

This week, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival hopes to direct our eyes towards the North American Asian experience.

In their 15th year of operation, the VAFF is intent on providing a cultural bridge between Asian and non-Asian communities. The Festival will run from November 3rd to November 6th, with all shows screening at Cineplex Odeon International Village, near Roger’s Arena.

The films range in subjects from cross-cultural love for the Vancouver Canucks, to a historical documentary on the migration of asian settlers to North America.

Also included in this year’s festival, as a part of Vancouver’s 125th celebration, is an encore presentation of “Love Letters,” the photo and video campaign shown last June. Love Letters was an open call for Vancouver citizens to submit digital records of images and video that conveyed their love for our fair city. VAFF will show Joanna Wong’s entry on the festival’s opening night.

Tickets for all the shows may be purchased online at the Festival site or the day of at the Festival box office. Passes are also available for the true film buffs.

Diwali Lights Up Vancouver

The new moon has a special significance in October (and no, it has nothing to do with Vampires). It marks the date of the cultural festival known as Diwali. Observed by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, Diwali is a fall festival that celebrates ‘good over evil.’

In traditional celebrations, the triumph of good is portrayed through the lightening of lamps and candles.

The new moon is the darkest day of the month. In a natural setting, void of electrical lights, the candles represent a defeat of the darkness that exists during the absence of the moon.

Like Thanksgiving, Diwali is traditionally a family occasion, with activities organized around the family unit.  But it is also celebrated with community events and decorations.

The slogan for Vancouver’s publicly organized Diwali celebrations is “Light your Spirit.” There are five major events put on by Vancouver Celebrates Diwali. They run from October 15th to the 23rd. Here is a brief summary of the planned festivities:

October 16

“Dance All Sorts Diwali Style” (2:00 pm)

-The festival will begin with a performance by Bageshree Vaze, a contemporary kathak dancer, who will preform at the Roundhouse Theatre in Yaletown. Tickets at the door.

October 18

“Diwali Bright Lights” (4:30 pm)

-This night is dedicated to emerging South Asian artists in the Vancouver community. It will include classical Indian music and a variety of dance groups, including the ever-popular Bollywood style. The event will take place at the Heritage Hall on Main Street. This is a free event.

“Chai House on Main Street”

-This is an upscaled version of the earlier event. The headline performer will be Grammy winner Chin Injeti. Tickets are $10.

October 23

“Diwali Downtown” (12:00 pm)

This is a family event to close out the public festival. It runs from noon till 6:00 pm at the Roundhouse in Yaletown. There will be a variety of musical acts, dance teams, craft workshops and traditional Indian food. Tickets for this final event are by donation.

Diwali Celebrations

Festival of Lights

Locating Our Biological Clock

How often do you wake up minutes before your alarm goes off?

With the right sleep conditions, our bodies naturally wake up at a similar hour each day. If you are sleeping on a Simmons Beautyrest, this event is probably a common occurrence.

Until recently, scientists had trouble determining the cause of this natural phenomenon. The scientific community was roughly aware of the mechanism that prepared us for sleep, but little was known about the way we wake-up.

Now researchers at the Salt Lake Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla California have located the gene that triggers our body to wake-up at a given time.

Researcher, Satchidananda Panda, claims, “the body is essentially a collection of clocks.” These clocks subconsciously trigger our brain and other organs to carry out involuntary actions. Our body’s natural drop in temperature before we fall asleep is one example.

With the ‘wake-up’ gene located, sleep scientists can now expand their study of sleep disorders. There is also hope that the discovery can aid research into chronic illness and aging.

Take-Off Fridays

You wouldn’t think the airport would be a weekend destination spot, but YVR has other plans. This summer, experience ‘Take-Off Fridays’ at the Vancouver International Airport for games, family events a live DJ and multicultural mingling.

The final Friday event is August 27th. The fun starts around eight in the morning and wraps up around four at night. The festivities are spread out over both the domestic and international terminals.

Activities include face painting, dancing, food specials and the ‘money machine.’ The latter offers each contestant a chance to grab as many YVR bucks as they can. The catch: you need to grab them while standing in a closed wind cylinder. Each ‘buck’ you grab can be used towards purchasing items at stores around the airport.

The backdrop to this event are the finely carved and crafted First Nation artifacts that routinely offer travelers a glimpse at the beautiful history of the first West Coast peoples.

Come and enjoy the richness of YVR with the whole family. Your kids will love it and you will be reminded of how lucky we are to have such an amazing airport to welcome and bid farewell to travelers from all over the world.

A Walk in the Park

Looking for an educational activity for the family this weekend. All Discovery Walks is offering a interactive tour of one Stanley Parks secret bogs. The tour begins at Lost Lagoon at 1:30 and ends around 3:30.

Vancouver Community College Science Instructor, Maria Morlin will be hosting the walk that will focus on the role of bogs and wetlands in forest ecology.

This is an excellent opportunity to subtly get your children back into an academic setting. You may want to research the topic of bogs beforehand with your family, to get them thinking about the subject matter. While on the trail, encourage questioning by modeling. Maria will be happy to answer any questions you or children bring to light.

Educators might also want to take part, specifically those working with students in Grades 3 and 4. ‘Habitats and Communities’ is a big part of the Science curriculum for these grades. Maria’s tour may inspire you to organize your own forest walk in the fall.

If you do plan on attending, you may want to wear appropriate footwear. We suggest boots.

Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the start of the tour.

Beaver Lake

Malkin Bowl Welcomes Ben Harper

On Friday, August 28th, the Malkin Bowl Summer Concert Series welcomes Ben Harper to Stanley Park. This is one of the most anticipated outdoor shows of the season. Tickets went on sale in May, but there are still some being sold online. If you see one show this summer, catch Ben Harper’s set in the park.

Harper is touring on his most recent album, Give Till it’s Gone. Like most of his previous works, the album contains a strong message of hope, mixed with the pain of life. Always spiritual, Harper’s tracks reverberate with healing and religious conviction. But even with their strong Christian message, Harper’s words attract a strong secular audience that can relate with the pain and joy of love’s handiwork.

If you have never heard Harper’s music, download Live from Mars. Standout tracks include “Please Bleed,” “Women in You” and the quintessential mix-tape track “Walk Away.”

Harper will be playing between the cedars and beneath the stars at the beautiful Malkin clearing. Bring a blanket and some friends and let the one-man choir receive your heart.

Ben Harper Playing the Slide Guitar

Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

Are you looking for a unique theatrical experience that will arouse your senses, bring you to tears with laughter and inspire your passions at home? Of course you are!

This week, our city hosts the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. For three nights, international stars will join the performers of Vancouver’s growing burlesque scene on two different stages.

On May 5th and 6th the show will take place at the Rickshaw theatre. There will be three performances each night, with single and ensemble acts.

On May 7th, the action moves to the Vogue Theatre. This night will include a long line-up of stars that will perform from 8:00 on.

If you are curious about the burlesque artistry and would like to get involved as a participant, there are workshops being offered on Saturday May 7th at the Chicken Coop at 2280 East Hastings. Tickets are $20 per class. There are three classes being offered at this location along with a make-up class at the Prophouse Café.

General Admission seats for the nightly performances are $20. There is also the option to purchase tickets at fourteen VIP tables.

So pull out your fans and your fishnets and take in some sultry theatre at the 6th Annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

President’s Trophy Champs

It’s official, the Canucks are the President’s Trophy champions. Currently holding 113 points they have the best record of any team in the National Hockey League.

Their remaining games are inconsequential. All they have left to play for is pride and statistics.

On the fortieth year of the franchise, on the 125th anniversary year of their hometown, on the cusp of heading into the playoffs, the Canucks seem like a team destined for a championship.

The Sedins have never been hotter, Luongo is clearly in the zone and the injured winter soldiers are slowly returning to the line-up.

Daniel has a firm grip on the scoring title with 102 points, Henrik is leading the league in assists with 74, and Luongo has the most wins with 38. Hamhuis should be back in the line-up this weekend after his second concussion this season and Samuelson has already started skating with the club. Alexander Edler could also see action by the end of the week, in time for the final game of the season against the Calgary Flames.

With the Western Conference still in limbo, it could take until Sunday for the Canucks to know whom they will face in the opening round. A loss to Calgary on Saturday could set the stage for Vancouver to ultimately face their old rivals from Alberta.

More than likely, our boys will be matched against the Blackhawks, the team that has secured our quick exit from the playoffs for the past two years. However, a series win against Chicago could be the perfect catalyst for a push to the finals.

No matter what the match-up, the Canucks are ready and willing.

This is our year. Let’s plan the parade route down Broadway, right past Vancouver’s premier mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

They Gave It Everything They Had In 94

(Sorry, we’re a little selfish. But like the rest of you who cursed that goal post in 94, we believe our city deserves this and we want to be there for the celebration!)

Queen Size

So we covered the Kings pretty well, but what about all the Queens? How many royal ladies are currently holding power in the world? Do they sleep on King size mattresses? Well we couldn’t come up with that information, but we did find a little info on a few of the world’s most powerful women:

1. Elizabeth II – Queen of the United Kingdom

-She is all over our money and for many Canadians, an important link back to European ancestry. Elizabeth is wort $650 million US. She is currently 84 years old and a mother of four. She is head of the Commonwealth

2. Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard – Queen of Netherlands

-Beatrix may not be Queen for much longer. It is rumoured that she may step down to make room for her son, Willem-Alexander. Her net worth is in the 300 milion US$ range. Fact: It is illegal to quote any statement that Beatrix utters. This law was put in place shortly after her inauguration. (Maybe she stutters? Geoffory Rush might be able to help her.)

3. Margaret II – Queen of Denmark

-Margaret is the first Danish monarch to be female. She has ruled since 1972. Margaret is fluent in Danish, English, French, Swedish and German. She is an established painter and costume designer. She also is said to have a strong addiction for nicotine. This is very evident on her teeth. You think a Queen could afford a better dentist.

4. Oprah Winfrey – Queen of American Media

-Well not quite royalty, Oprah is the reigning leader of a commercial empire that has its fingers in almost every form of media there is. She was the world’s first black billionaire and is rated by many to be the most powerful woman in the world. An endorsement from Oprah is more valuable than a 30 second Super Bowl spot, 2 million YouTube views or top spot on Google. But like the rest of us, she puts her pants on one leg at a time. She also needs a good eight hours of sleep each night to keep her head in the game.

“Think like a Queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone towards greatness.” – Oprah

Oprah Winfrey: Media Queen

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