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Top Ten Reasons to Take a Nap this Afternoon

Feeling a little drowsy around 2:30? Here are our top ten reasons to take a power nap:

10. Productivity

  • As the workday progresses, your productivity dips. The energy and enthusiasm you had at 9:30 has tailed off by mid-afternoon. Taking a quick nap helps you bring you back up to speed.

9. Creativity

  • You are far more creative when your brain has rested. An overtaxed mind is far less likely to produce a groundbreaking idea.

8. Memory

  • You are also more likely to retain information after a refreshing nap. Play a quick memory game to test this theory. We guarantee you will be more successful after a quick 45-minute snooze.

7. Beauty

  • Everyone wants to retain that fresh glow throughout the day, but after three meeting and four written reports your facial features start to mirror your mental state. Your body is much more likely to regenerate skin sells when you are rested.

6. Sexuality

  • Yup, it’s true. Grab a nap in the afternoon and your sex drive will receive a boost. Maybe wait till you get home from the office to act on these desires…

5. Motor Tasks

  • Simple tasks like typing and more complex motor tasks like operating heavy machinery are improved after a catnap. Make sure to get your foreman’s approval.

4. Accuracy

  • A quick mattress moment will improve your ability to make accurate judgments, especially when comparing data. Your brain will be more likely to recognize inconsistencies in the dozens of spreadsheets that clutter your desk.

3. Diabetes

  • The possibility of developing a metabolic disease is reduced when your body is rested. Sleep helps your body process carbs, which reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

2. Dependency

  • A quick nap will also reduce your body’s reliance on caffeine for artificial stimulation. One less coffee in the late afternoon means a better sleep at night; this is a definite win-win.

1. Mood

  • If you’re working at home or in a crowded office, improving your mood in the afternoon always helps, especially if you’ve booked some late meetings. Put that smile back on your face with a half-hour siesta.

Like You Needed Anymore…

Why is it important to get a full night’s rest each and every night?

Here are five firm reasons to secure at least seven hours a night.

  1. Falling asleep at work could cost you your job. If your boss happens to catch you taking a power nap, you better have your desk cleaned out by the end of the day. Drool is also terrible for keyboards.
  2. Falling asleep at the wheel could cost you your life. 17% of fatal car accidents involve a sleepy driver. Turning up the radio or opening the window won’t help. If you are consistently experiencing drowsy conditions on your daily commute, it’s time to put aside more hours for sleep.
  3. Your health. Simmons Mattress Gallery has written numerous articles on the negative health effects of limited rest. From diabetes, to heart failure, to lower life expectancy, there is a long list of sleep related health problems that occur with individuals who neglect their downtime.
  4. Your mood sours dramatically when you haven’t gotten enough shut-eye. People who are sleep deprived often are quick to lose their temper and are less able to deal with pressure situations. Their mood often sours their relationships at work and at home.
  5. Our brains need a break. Even if your other organs could handle continuous nights of less than three hours of sleep, our brains would eventually slow down to a crawl. Each night when we doze off, our brain reverts to an energy-saving mode. Different areas are called upon to fuel our subconscious, but the area we count on for our most intense processing is given a break. Run anything for 21 hours a day and it will eventually self-destruct.

"Wake up!!!!"

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