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This is East Van!

Commercial Drive? The Clutch Theatre? The Foundation? Trout Lake? Strathcona Park? The Main Street Hipsters? Vancouver Specials?

What do you think embodies East Vancouver?

Is it the people who live between Main and Boundary and the Fraser and Burrard Inlet? Is it the hippie gardens and the multi suite character homes? Is it simply a feeling or a colour?

Now is your chance to share it with the world.

This is East Van: A Community Photography Project, is looking for submissions for any photographic work that highlights what it means to live in East Vancouver.

The photographs that are chosen will be published in a book. The publishers are hoping to showcase a broad scope of what life is like in East Vancouver right NOW!

Contributors will not be paid for their submissions, but they will be credited and each photo that is chosen will receive a full page spread. There will also be the option for up and coming photographers to include their contact information at the back index.

So pull out your old SLR or charge up your digital equivalent and hit the streets.

All entries can be sent to:

The deadline for submissions is August 15th.

No Words Needed

Clearance Mattress Sale

The mattress event of the year is taking place right now as Simmons Mattress Gallery hosts its first and last “Clearance Sale.” All mattresses are being reduced by 60%. Every design, every product, the entire store is being given a clearance price. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Our complete collection is available to you. Our entire Beautyrest line, our ComforPedic memory foam beds, our power foundations, it is all being sold at 60% off.

You could upgrade every bed in your house for next to nothing. The master bedroom, the kids’ rooms, the guest room, they can all be re-equipped with Simmons signature mattresses.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity and head down to our Blanshard location today. This is a mattress sale like no other, and it won’t ever happen again.

In Victoria: 3510 Blanshard Street

Other Simmons Mattress Gallery locations:

1001 West Broadway, Vancouver

101 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam

Simmons Adjustable Beds

Try watching TV without a remote. It’s harder than you think. With the remote in our hand we have power, the same power we strive for in our relationships, at work, even in the kitchen.

That power is now available in the bedroom, with Simmons Adjustable Beds. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book or just relaxing, you have control of your bed’s contours.

There are three unique Power Foundation models:

  1. The Basic Model features a ‘one touch flat’ bed function.
  2. The Deluxe Power Foundation has the ‘one touch,’ a massage option and a cordless remote.
  3. The Wallhugger Power Foundation has the same features as the Deluxe with an added component that maintains your proximity to your headboard.

Pair your choice of Simmons mattress with one of these Power Foundation options and enjoy the relaxation you deserve, with the power you strive for.

The Simmons Power Foundation

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