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Vocabulary Expansion

Oxford Dictionaries Online published a list of the new word submissions for 2013. On the list, is Miley Cyrus’s favourite new dance move ‘twerk’, phone portrait photos known as ’selfless’, and the act of disconnecting, known as ‘digital detox’.

The online version of The Oxford English Dictionary adds approximately a thousand words each year, often entering terms that have been directly pulled from pop culture. The words are not always a product of the current year. The term ‘twerk’ has actually been a part of hip hop culture for close to 20 years. It only gained recognition this year as a popular dance move, thanks to Miley.

More words then ever have a strong connection to social media and our digital environment. As a technology evolves, so does our language.

The mattress world is no different. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are evolving and with their evolution come a new language for describing the elements and components of mattress design.

Here are three terms ushered in by Beautyrest’s Recharge Mattress Technology:

1. Pocket Coil

2. AirCool Memory Foam

  • A layer of foam that provides pressure relief and temperature control.

3. TruTemp Gel

  • Absorbs and releases excess warmth to maintain a cool consistent sleeping temperature.

Now that your vocabulary has increased, consider using it with your next purchase of a Beautyrest mattress Vancouver residents can purchase these modern miracle machines at Simmons Mattress Gallery on Broadway and Oak Street.

Resting Up

With rain sputtering against your windshield, terrible rush-hour DJ’s on the radio and traffic lined-up farther than you can see, it’s nice to know, that after that long drive home from work, there are 800 perfectly designed pocket coils waiting to cradle your tired body to sleep; that is, if you own a Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

Simmons is the leader in providing a full night of undisturbed sleep.

We know you work hard. And we want to help you manage the precious time you have at home to naturally recharge your body’s internal battery.

Our patented non-flip pocket coils minimize the motion transfer between you and your partner. If one of you moves during the night, the independent coils react and cushion at impact, allowing little to no transfer to the opposite side of the mattress.

Sleep for a full eight hours and wake up ready to take on whatever crap assignment your boss throws at you.

And remember, the weekend is only days away. Make sure you have enough energy to enjoy it.

Sleep well. Sleep on a Simmons.

There Are No Silly Questions; Well, Maybe a Few

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we talk with conscientious consumers every day who are interested in finding the perfect mattress for their unique lifestyle. With the entire Simmons catalogue available to us, we are able to match every customer with a bed that will meet his or her comfort, quality and price expectations.

But there are those few moments when we are caught off guard by a random question.

This week we thought we would post a few questions that made us smile:

1. I love the mattress set and the price is in my range, but does it come in hot pink?

2. I rode my bike over. Do you have any rope I could use to tie my new mattress to my handlebars?

3. Can the ‘pocket’ coils be used for storage?

4. Does the Beautyrest line come with a complimentary makeover?

5. What if I sleep too soundly? Will I constantly be late for work?

6. My great dane sometimes likes to share my bed. Will the motion separation provided by your patented pocket coils ensure me an undisturbed sleep if he starts to move in the middle of the night?

(The answer is yes! The coils will ensure his movements do not disturb you. So long as he doesn’t kick you or lick your face.)

7. I’m building a trapeze set in the backyard. How many mattresses would it take to support a 10 foot fall?

8. What if my kids become jealous of my new bed?

(This is actually a common problem. The only solution: new mattresses for the entire family)

The Simmons Difference

Consumers choose to purchase mattresses from Simmons Mattress Gallery for three major reasons: the comfort a Simmons can provide, the unparalleled motion separation offered by our unique pocket coil design and the professional help Simmons Mattress Gallery staff deliver to their customers.

This week we would like to look at these three features in a little more detail.

1. The Comfort Factor

-Many mattress makers promise a comfortable night’s sleep, but very few can provide the sustained level of comfort that a Simmons offers night after night. A Simmons mattress is essentially comprised of three layers. There is the foundation layer, which is specific to each mattress, the support layer, which cushions the weight of your body and the comfort layer, the top layer that provides you with a surface on which to spread your body. The Simmons comfort layer is made of plush fabrics that yield a soft but strong immediate sleeping surface. The option for visco memory foam adds another dimension of comfort to an already perfect design.

2. Motion Separation

-Each Simmons mattress is made with 800 individual pocket coils to provide the least amount of motion transfer between you and your partner. If you made the poor choice of having three day-old chinese food less than half-an-hour before bed, your partner won’t have to feel the effects of your indigestion as you toss and turn.

3. Professional Advice

-Simmons Mattress Gallery staff are trained to provide the absolute best customer service possible. Their knowledge of the Simmons brand helps them recommend beds that are perfectly suited to the comfort and support levels you describe. In a non-rushed atmosphere they will happily explain the benefits of every mattress in the showroom. Take advantage of their expertise; come with questions and leave with answers.

Visit one of our two Simmons Mattress Gallery locations in either Coquitlam or Vancouver.

Mattress Protest

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

With all the violence that took place this past weekend at the G20 summit, it’s a shame more demonstrations don’t go the way of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 bed-in. Held in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel and again at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, the bed-in demonstrations brought attention to the anti-war movement that was growing around the world for America’s involvement in Vietnam.

The issues may have changed over the years, but non-violent protests still hold weight. Done in the right manner, they can garnish the same amount of attention as an angry mob, without incurring violence, damaging public property, or interfering with the daily lives of average citizens.

And with the mattress innovations at Simmons, the whole experience can take place on a pocket coil cloud of comfort with no chance of tear gas, attack dogs or water cannons.

To size up the setting for your next demonstration, swing by one of the Simmons Mattress Gallery locations near you.

No one wants to be locked in a temporary holding cell for protesting. Create your own environment for change and invite the world to your bed.

Mattresses Needed For MMA Fighters

Vancouver's First UFC Event

There may be a few more tired bodies hitting the mattresses in Vancouver this month, as the UFC makes it’s inaugural debut in Western Canada on June 12th.

Already cited in town, Chuck Liddell has been training for his bout with Rich Franklin. The two veteran warriors will be the main event next Saturday. Liddell’s original opponent was Tito Ortiz. Unfortunately, Ortiz was forced to back out after undergoing surgery on his neck.

Ortiz and Liddell were the coaches for the latest installment of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show.

The undercard will feature Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry, Paul Thiago vs. Martin Kamomann and eight other bouts.

The athletes competing will need to get all the rest they possibly can before heading into the Octagon.

Let’s hope they’re getting their rest on a Simmons Beautyrest.

They will certainly appreciate all the individual pocket coils the night after their fight.

Putting your body through that kind of punishment deserves a reward and no other mattress can supply the comfort levels offered by a Simmons.

Try one for yourself at a Simmons Mattress Gallery.

You may not have the muscle tone or grappling skills to compete in the UFC, but you can still enjoy a Simmons.

The Magic Number

I’m thinking of a number right now. Can you guess it?

Let me offer a few hints.

It’s between zero and a thousand.

Too large a range?

It’s a number that could change your morning disposition.

But it has nothing to do with coffee.

It’s a number that represents all that separates you from your tossing partner.

No, it’s not one.

It’s a number that you will never forget once you’ve come to feel its significance.

No, not that number either.

It’s the number that denotes the potential comfort you could be enjoying if you purchase a Simmons Beautyrest.

Give up?

The number is . . . (drum roll please)


For the 800 patented non-flip pocket coils that cradle you in each Simmons mattress. 800 individual coils that work to give you the most comfortable, undisturbed sleep possible. 800 coils that are specifically made so you will never have to flip your mattress again. 800 tiny metal hands wrapped in soft yet strong fabric to cradle you to sleep.

Top Five Things That Can Disturb You As You Sleep

5. Noise from your neighbours

4. Sirens from passing Emergency Vehicles

3. The phone ringing at an ungodly hour

2. Your baby crying

1.Your partner

The first four disruptions are out of our control, but we can help with the final one. Sleeping with a partner on a Simmons is like having the comfort of two separate beds with the intimacy of one. Our patented pocket coil mattresses minimize motion transfer to your loved one. The coils also conform to the exact shape of your body, offering you unparalleled comfort levels.

Pocket Coils

To learn more about Simmons mattresses visit or head straight to the source and purchase a new mattress with us, Simmons Mattress Gallery. Your partner will thank us.

(For the first four disruptions, try earplugs)

The 8” Pocket Coil

The Beautyrest Black has chartered new territory. By inventing a pocket coil that is 8” long, it is able to offer greater comfort, stability and support than ever before by ensuring that it is pre-compressed, to offer precise contouring to every inch of your body, all the while reducing ‘motion transfer’ from your partner. To top it off, the pocket coils are joined together, to guarantee you a great night’s sleep.

8" pocket coil

8" pocket coil

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