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Simmons Mattress Gallery is home to Vancouver’s top mattress professionals. Our in-store staff are dedicated to finding the perfect mattress for your home. Their deep knowledge of the Simmons mattress line-up will help you make an educated decision regarding your next mattress purchase.

All the staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery go through an intense mattress education program. This instruction, along with years of experience in the mattress industry, qualifies them as experts in the mattress field.

Knowing each bed from the floor to the pillow top helps them suggest appropriate mattresses that match your desired specifications. Bring in your measurements and a basic comfort preference and our professionals will handle the rest. Spend an hour or two sampling the beds they recommend and leave the showroom with the mattress of your dreams.

Don’t waste your time at bulk furniture stores. Buy your next mattress from a professional and sleep soundly on the ‘right mattress’ for years to come.

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Attention Foreign Students Studying in Vancouver.

Before you move into a furnished home there are three things you should consider about the mattress you will be sleeping on for the next three to twelve months:

1. Its Condition – What is the age of the mattress? Are the springs in good condition? Does the mattress have a disturbing odour? When you remove the sheets, are there stains covering the surface?

2. Mattress Size – When you lie down on the bed, are your feet sticking out over the end? Is there enough room to stretch out? Is the bed an appropriate size for the room it’s in?

3. Bed Bugs – Is the mattress currently in a building that is on record with the Vancouver Bed Bug Registry? Did the mattress come from another location that may have had a bed bug issue? Is their evidence of bed bugs along the seams of the mattress?

If any of these questions cause you concern, discuss them with your landlord, home-stay parent or placement supervisor. If you need to buy a new bed, a Simmons Mattress Gallery professional can help recommend the perfect mattress for your Canadian lodging.

Your time abroad should be spent in comfortable setting. Consider a new mattress.

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