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Sleep As a Problem Solver

The old phrase ’sleep on it’ might hold more value than you expect. A new study done at Lancaster University reveals that complex problems are easier to tackle after a full night’s rest.

The study, published in the journal Memory and Cognition, proposes that sleeping on a problem may actually help our brain look at alternative solutions to the proposed obstacle.

For the study, three groups were created out of volunteers. One group was asked to solve a series of verbal insight problems immediately, one group was given time during their waking hours and the other was allowed to sleep on the problem. The questions included a range of difficulties.

For the easier questions, the study found no difference in the answers of the participants. The harder questions revealed a much higher success rate with the group who was allowed to sleep on the queries.

The studies author, Padraic Monaghan, suggests that our brains are more creative during our hours spent asleep. “Sleep has been proposed to ’spread activation’ to the solution that is initially distant from our first attempts at the problem,” claims Monaghan. “The advice stemming from this and related research is to leave a problem aside if you’re stuck and get some sleep if it’s a really difficult problem.”

Basically, your Vancouver mattress could supply the answer to your next conundrum. It’s probably worth investing in a Simmons Beautyrest to receive the full cerebral problem solving abilities.

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