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The Suite Dreams Project

A charity organization in Michigan is helping to create custom bedrooms for children with special needs. The non-profit group, “The Suite Dreams Project,” is dedicated to constructing unique bedroom environments that provide a space for healing, enjoyment and sleep.

Kay Ponicall and Kris Appleby spearhead the project. Ponicall and Appleby work with parents and children to help boost the quality of life for the entire family. They start with the child’s ideal bedroom and then work out from there. They add elements that make the physical work easier for the parents and make the room pretty and practical for the child.

“Many of [the children] are spending most of their time in their bedrooms and in their own beds so it’s not just their refuge,” said Ponicall. “It is really where they spend most of their time.”

Recipients of the bedroom makeovers are referred by hospitals, social workers and physical therapists in the area.

Local business owners and volunteers, many who have been active with the organization since its conception in 2001, aid the charity.

If you would like to offer your time or resources to help children with special needs in Vancouver, please contact the Variety Club Children’s Charity.

Other organizations that help children in our city:

Kids Up Front

  • Helps underprivileged kids attend events that they may not have the opportunity to see normally.

Ronald McDonald House

  • Provides accommodation for seriously ill children and their families.

Covenant House

  • Helps street youth find sanitary.
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