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The Kids Are Alright

The kids could be heading back to school on Monday, as the B.C. teacher’s strike looks to finally be over.

The two sides reached an agreement on Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning. Vince Ready, a veteran mediator who has helped negotiate labour agreements in British Columbia as far back as the 1980s, helped them find a workable solution. Ready had initially declined the invitation to mediate the teacher’s dispute, but chose to wade into the foray in mid August after two other mediators, Mark Brown and B.C. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kelleher, refused to offer assistance.

The new six-year collective agreement will see a 7.25 per cent salary increase for the teachers over the next six years. The agreement also calls for $400 million to be spent on additional educational needs such as hiring new teachers, controlling class size and increasing the number of educational assistants.

Premier Christy Clark promises that the deal will not require a tax increase.

The teachers still need to vote on the agreement that would send their more than 40,000 members back to work. More importantly, it would allow 500,000 students the chance to resume their education.

Both sides might finally be able to get some sleep after three months of bitterness and frustration.

Our guess is there will be more than a few educational professionals seeking a new mattress. Both sides are welcome at Simmons Mattress Gallery. We’re just glad the kids get to back to school.

Living Life Fully Charged

Have you ever had one of those shopping days where every pair of jeans you try on, just don’t seem fit right? They look great on the mannequin and the shopping assistant, but somehow they don’t really equate to your body type.

Mattresses can be the same way.

We have lots of customers who have the same issues with mattress shopping: They love the features of the bed, the velvety top layer and the unique pocket coil support, but when they lay on it, especially on their side, it just doesn’t feel 100 percent. And you should ALWAYS feel 100 percent sure when buying a mattress.

Enter the Beautyrest ComforPedic.

The ComfurPedic is made with advanced memory foam technology that moulds to your unique body type without giving up support or heat dissipation. Our propriety formulation is amazingly responsive and is specifically designed to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Your body curves will mold into the foam for a seamless fit. The GelTouch will offer exceptional pressure relief and the luxurious fabric top will have you questioning every bed you ever owned.

Leave the others on the rack and head straight for the ComforPedic. The Better Memory Foam.

Travel Layout

If your sleep history was a coffee table book, that unfolded with glossy pages of the beds that you had spent your night’s on, the most interesting layouts would probably be from your time spent travelling.

Sleep is often a luxury when travelling abroad, especially on a budget. A mattress that you would never even consider using at home, might be an oasis after an overnight bus ride to Luang Prabang. But that’s what makes travelling such an adventure – the unknown. Your Beautyrest will always be there to cradle your tired body when you return home. But sleeping next to a chicken cage and a family of eight, that’s priceless.

Here are a few colourful suggestions for travellers looking to enhance their personal sleep pages:

-Under the Grecian Skies

The overnight ferry from Athens to Crete without a sleeper cabin is an experience. Save the money and make yourself comfortable on the deck. Beware of drunks and seabirds.

-Human Sardines

Any overnight train in India will offer you an experience you will never forget. You will almost undoubtedly arrive to find your seat, bench or private car occupied. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Claim your spot, but don’t be surprised to wake-up to a total stranger using your thigh as a pillow.

-Sand for Springs

You’ve spent a few dollars on a beach side hut in Thailand and packed it with your fellow travellers. Let them snore each other to sleep. Try the sand for a night.

-Sleeping With Strangers

Preface: Always wear protection. That being said, befriending a local can save you money on accommodation and present some of the most unique sleeping experiences you will encounter. The comfort of a stranger is sometimes oddly compelling.

-’Yurt’le The Domed Turtle

Leave the tent behind on your next backpacking adventure and spend a few night’s sleeping in one of the world’s most basic, yet satisfying sleeping structures: the yurt.

The Benefits of Sleep Contact

A study out of the University of Hertfordshire showed that 94 percent of couples that spent the night in contact with their partners were happy with their relationship. On the flip side, 68 percent of couples that slept the night on opposite sides of the bed showed the same feelings of happiness.

The same study found that couples that sleep touching face-to-face are far more content with their relationship than couples that sleep in the spoon position. But within the group of couples who sleep without contact, the group that slept facing the same direction was more content then the group that faced each other.

The research did not elaborate on what stage the relationships were at. From experience, we might assume that the close sleepers were probably at the initial stages of their time together.

Your comfort is important, but so is contact. Maintaining a physical bond with your partner will increase your endorphin levels and solidify your feelings for each other.

You may have a wonderful king size mattress to spread out on, but pull your sweetie close.

Natural HGH Release

Vancouver is a hyper competitive society when it comes to physical fitness. We all want to achieve an ideal muscle tone, so when the sun finally reveals itself in June, we can discard our clothes and reveal the fruits of our physical labour. Some of us dream to be billowing pillows of muscle, while the majority strive for the chiseled ‘cross-fitter’ physique. In either case, the secret to our success may not lie in our discerning diets or regimented workout schedules. The true answer to creating your desired body type is sleep.

During sleep, the body releases HGH, the human growth hormone that promotes fat breakdown and increases muscle mass. This release often takes place during your deepest sleep cycle, the first few hours spent on your mattress. In the later REM stage, your body repairs muscle tissue, restores organs and recirculates the HGH created at the start of your rest. When you interrupt your sleep or limit the time your body has to rest, these natural processes are disturbed and your body is denied the necessary hormones for growth and development.

Knowing this, can help you prioritize your time. Instead of going for a late-night run, you are probably better off getting an extra hour of sleep.

The same logic can be applied to the money you put towards fitness. Instead of spending hundreds on a personal trainer, you are far better off investing your funds in a new mattress. A new bed will limit sleep disturbances, increase your comfort and ultimately maximize your physical output.

Without sleep, time spent at the gym is wasted. Take that little nugget of truth and change your life.

Lions Vandalized

A disturbing local story was brought to our attention this week. It appears that vandals have damaged two of the Lion Statues on the Stanley Park overpass near the Lions Gate Bridge. The damage was reported Saturday morning to park staff officials.

The vandals damaged the paws and faces of the two stone animals, chipping away the proud stoic looks that echoed the much larger lions at the onramp to Lions Gate. The smaller statues were installed in 1998, while the larger gatekeepers were put in place in 1939.

The police have been notified as well and hope to track down the culprits. VPD spokesperson, Sergeant Randy Finch had this slightly stern but humorous comment to add: “Investigators will be working with the Vancouver Park Board to ensure those responsible are held accountable for taking the roar out of these two lions.”

While it is easy to hate the people responsible for such a pointless act, it is also important to understand the reasons for their actions. Perhaps it was a lack of sleep that brought on a momentary psychosis? It was more likely a mix of alcohol and group mentality.

Whatever the case, we hope the statues are restored quickly and the parties responsible are dealt with appropriately.

Professionalism In the Workplace

Simmons Mattress Gallery is home to Vancouver’s top mattress professionals. Our in-store staff are dedicated to finding the perfect mattress for your home. Their deep knowledge of the Simmons mattress line-up will help you make an educated decision regarding your next mattress purchase.

All the staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery go through an intense mattress education program. This instruction, along with years of experience in the mattress industry, qualifies them as experts in the mattress field.

Knowing each bed from the floor to the pillow top helps them suggest appropriate mattresses that match your desired specifications. Bring in your measurements and a basic comfort preference and our professionals will handle the rest. Spend an hour or two sampling the beds they recommend and leave the showroom with the mattress of your dreams.

Don’t waste your time at bulk furniture stores. Buy your next mattress from a professional and sleep soundly on the ‘right mattress’ for years to come.

Heritage Classic Festival

This Sunday the NHL is holding their annual ‘Heritage Classic‘ game at BC Place Stadium.  The ‘outdoor’ (roof open) game will feature the Ottawa Senators taking on our hometown Vancouver Canucks.

To add to the days festivities, the NHL has just announced a plan to host a pregame show at the Plaza of Nations, across the street from the stadium. The festival will celebrate hockey in a family friendly environment from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Former local superstars, Cliff Ronning and Kirk McLean will be on hand to sign autographs and relive moments from their infamous 94′ cup run.

The festival is heavy with corporate sponsorship, but some of the events sound really cool for kids.

Here’s a short list of some of the attractions that caught our eye:

  • The Upper Deck trading card company will be having a booth where your child can suit up and have their picture taken. Upper Deck will then transform this photo into a personalized hockey card.
  • Tim Hortons will be creating a mini-rink, so bring your own blades if you have them.
  • Bridgestone will be hosting a shoot out booth, where contestants will have their play called by a live play-by-play announcer.

And for the adults:

  • The Molson Canadian Hockey House will reopen for some pregame beverages. They will also be hosting a bubble hockey tournament.

Should be a fun day of hockey.

Complimenting Capitalism

As a consumer in a capitalistic society, you have choices for what you buy and where you buy it. There is no one warehouse for shampoo or light fixtures and fortunately we all don’t have to buy the same ugly trainers. We are free to spend our money on any product we deem economically superior.

The consumer’s responsibility is product comparison. Finding the lowest price and best terms is a demanding second job. Fortunately, some companies are making it easier for the consumer. Their prices and the quality of their products places their item or service on a level far above their competition.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is one of these companies.

SMG is currently offering up to 60% off on beds in their warehouse. That is a massive markdown that can’t be beat.

They are also offering free delivery. Customers don’t have to lift a hair.

SMG will also remove and recycle your old mattress, an environmental benefit that will help you sleep even more soundly at night.

Save money, buy a quality product and have it delivered. Simmons Mattress Gallery has it all covered.

Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

This Wednesday, April 6th, marks the official start to Vancouver’s 125th Birthday celebration. There will be an all-day event at Jack Poole Plaza, the site of the Olympic Cauldron. The festivities will begin at 2pm and continue until 10pm.

The opening event will be a drop-in street hockey tournament. This will be followed by an organized youth tournament featuring teams from Thunderbird, Sunset, West End, Britannia, Riley Park and Killarney communities.

From 6:00 to 7:00 will be the Official Ceremonies, with a giant birthday cake and speeches by Mayor Gregor and other dignitaries.

The big draw will be a performance by Vancouver’s own classic rockers, 54-40. They will hit the stage around 8:45 and will play until 10:00. During the performance, the plaza will become the backdrop for a video and light installation titled Time Drifts, by Berlin-based artist Phillipp Geist.

In the spirit of our ever-loving cycling mayor, there will be a bicycle valet option for those of you choosing the two-wheeled commute.

Gregor has also promised to unveil other events as the year progresses.

The Olympics were just the beginning Vancouver! Let’s celebrate who we are and where we came from!

Blow Out The Candles

A New Year’s Dream

The New Year is almost upon us. What changes will you make in your life this year? Is it time to finally kick the smoking habit? Or maybe lose that winter weight? What about shaving the unibrow? Or at least trimming it? We kid, we kid…

No, the men and women at Simmons Mattress Gallery got together and thought long and hard about a doable resolution that any citizen living in the Lower Mainland could accomplish. So after hours (minutes) of discussion and debate, we finally settled on one action that could positively alter the daily comfort of every individual who tried it.

Yup, shoes with no laces! Velcro is an option, but we were thinking penny loafers.

Kidding, again.

We thought, that if everyone decided to go out before January 1st and purchase a new bed, this could be the year of the mattress.

Think of it, an entire population of sound sleepers. No road rage. No employees falling asleep at their computers. No seasonal affective disorder.

Coffee sales might drop dramatically, but gym memberships could sky rocket.

A whole population of content citizens. Scary.

Well, we can all dream. Some of us more comfortably than others…

Happy New Year!

The Neglected Room

The summer renovations are all completed. You finally finished the kitchen, the deck has been re-stained and the children’s rooms have all been repainted. The house is finally ready.

But wait. You may have neglected one room that often gets overlooked: the spare room.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up faster than you would like to acknowledge, the time is coming for guests to enjoy all the hard work you put in improving your house.

But they will need a room to sleep in while they visit.

It may be too late to repaint and the carpet will have to wait till next year, but you could improve their sleeping surface with a brand new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Let’s be honest, the mattress in there now is the saggy one you abandoned three years ago, when you upgraded your bedroom.

Why let Auntie Louise suffer? She doesn’t deserve it. And a rest-deprived houseguest is an irritable companion.

So throw out the droopy dud that’s currently in there and head to one of Simmons Mattress Gallery’s two convenient locations.

Louise will appreciate your purchase for years to come.

Louise's New Mattress

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