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Raindrops Are Falling

As the patters on the outside window increase, our head becomes heavier and our arms cross over our keyboard – it’s time for a quick nap.

The precipitation we all love to complain about in Vancouver may make increase our desire to close our eyes, but does it help us sleep better? People often say that they love to go to bed to the sound of rain but new research shows that sunny weather is actually more inspiring for a restful sleep than our all too familiar, rainy nights.

In a study done by the University of Rochester’s Sleep Laboratory, researchers found that a higher barometer reading was more likely to induce a sounder sleep. 43 subjects were asked to document their nighttime mattress activities in a journal. Their entries were cross-referenced with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather database. The findings showed that the subjects were more likely to sleep longer in their beds and with fewer interruptions, when the skies were clear above. The lab also noted that overcast skies decreased the willingness of subjects to leave their mattresses.

Probably not the greatest news for a city that sees a fair amount of annual precipitation, but it does explain why we are so energized when we finally have a solid string of sunny days.

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