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Have you ever had one of those shopping days where every pair of jeans you try on, just don’t seem fit right? They look great on the mannequin and the shopping assistant, but somehow they don’t really equate to your body type.

Mattresses can be the same way.

We have lots of customers who have the same issues with mattress shopping: They love the features of the bed, the velvety top layer and the unique pocket coil support, but when they lay on it, especially on their side, it just doesn’t feel 100 percent. And you should ALWAYS feel 100 percent sure when buying a mattress.

Enter the Beautyrest ComforPedic.

The ComfurPedic is made with advanced memory foam technology that moulds to your unique body type without giving up support or heat dissipation. Our propriety formulation is amazingly responsive and is specifically designed to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Your body curves will mold into the foam for a seamless fit. The GelTouch will offer exceptional pressure relief and the luxurious fabric top will have you questioning every bed you ever owned.

Leave the others on the rack and head straight for the ComforPedic. The Better Memory Foam.

Losing Heat

Your body is a natural conductor of heat. As you sleep, your body increases the temperature of your mattress. Unfortunately, our bodies sleep best at a cooler temperature.

Enter the Simmons Recharge Beautyrest mattress. The Recharge’s design reduces the heat stored by your mattress, keeping your bed at a controlled temperature. It does so with two new innovations in mattress technology.

The first innovation is AirCool Memory Foam. Simmons new design contains a ventilated structure that provides support to the edge of the mattress. The top layer of memory foam dissipates heat, while the built in vents allow heat to pass through the middle of the mattress and exit through the sides.

The second innovation is TruTemp Gel. This gel is added to the top layer of foam. It is specifically designed to absorb, store and release excess warmth in the one-of-a-kind, Beautyrest World Class mattress series. The Simmons design team has patented this innovation.

Even during winter, mattress temperature can affect the way you sleep. A Recharge Beautyrest will ensure your bed remains at the optimal temperature for unparalleled sleeping comfort.

Exceptionale Mattress

What could be more comfortable than a layer of 80 individual pocket coils? A double stack of coil on coil springs to ease your body onto. Add a 360° memory foam encasement and top it with a hi-loft pillow top and you have the finest Beautyrest mattress available in our showroom.

The Beautyrest Exceptionale series is the jewel in the Beautyrest line. It is designed to offer the most comfortable sleep imaginable. No other mattress comes close to the pampering offered by an Exceptionale mattress.

The stack begins with two layers of four-inch coils; that’s a full eight inches of support. The foam layer adds another three inches of cushioning. And the pillow top is half an inch. The total sum: eleven and a half inches of mattress heaven.

Add a Triton foundation, and your bed is suddenly a tower of clouds so soft and supportive, an angel would be envious.

If you feel you deserve the best mattress possible, select the Beautyrest Exceptionale mattress. It is comfort taken to the highest level.

Beautyrest Exceptionale - You Deserve It!

Vancouver Mattress Shopping Tips

Before you come into shop for a new mattress at Simmons Mattress Gallery, it’s a good idea to compile a few notes on the specifics of what you will be looking for in your new bed. This will help the Simmons professionals suggest the perfect mattress for your needs.

Here is a list of questions you should consider:

1. What sort of sleeping position do you prefer? Do you sleep on your back, your side or on your stomach? Some mattresses are specifically designed for certain sleeping positions, so knowing which one you prefer helps with selection.

2. Do you have chronic back pain? Memory foam is an excellent addition for those suffering neck or back pain.

3. Do you and or your partner move around in your sleep? All of the Beautyrest models are made with non-flip pocket coils that help reduce motion transfer, but some are more sensitive than others.

4. What firmness do you prefer? Think about the most comfortable sleep you’ve had. Was the mattress extra firm or was it the softness that made it so cozy?

5. How much room do you have in your bedroom for your new mattress? You don’t want to buy a king size mattress if it will not fit in your room. Use a tape measure and record the dimensions you will need.

6. How much are you willing to spend? Figure out a budget beforehand. Knowing this number will help the mattress professional suggest mattresses within your price range.

Bring all these facts in with you when you visit one of our two locations. Make sure to sleep test at least five different mattresses in our showroom. Again, this will help you decide on what qualities you prefer.

Wake Up on Your New Simmons Mattress

Finding the Right Mattress For Your Pregnancy

Tossing and turning with a basketball glued to your stomach is a difficult task!

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to make your pregnancy more comfortable. A quality spring mattress with a memory foam top is just the thing for finding the ideal sleeping conditions during your nine months of growth.

A Simmons non-flip pocket coil mattress will keep you properly supported through the entire night. With individual springs, your mattress will respond to your movements with soft fingers of compression. The coils will reduce motion transfer, so your partner can sleep through the night as well.

For an extra layer of comfort on top of your springs, take the memory foam option. Nothing moulds to your changing figure quite like memory foam.

You may find that you will require additional firmness at points during your pregnancy. Just remove the foam top and store it carefully in an elevated area of your closet.

One thing you definitely don’t want to invest in is a waterbed. Though the idea of floating while sleeping may seem intriguing, waterbeds do not supply nearly enough support for pregnant women. They can also be dangerously hard to get out or off of. Stay away from the 80’s fad and live in the present with the latest innovations from Simmons.

Sleep well ladies.

Sleep Through the Night

Simmons Mattress Gallery Vancouver: Trendsetter

The new trend in mattress shopping is the inclusion of memory foam. More and more consumers are requesting memory foam tops on their mattress purchases. The foam layer adds a pillowy softness that conforms and retracts to the users body shape.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we offer Visco memory foam on all our top lines; including Beautyrest World Class, Beautyrest Exceptionale, the NxG series and the jewel in our crown, the Beautyrest Black collection.

Our memory foams respond quickly to body movement, dissipate heat and a consistent sleeping surface. With the 360° foam encased edge, support is provided right to the edge of the mattress.

For those with back pain, the extra foam layer cradles the problem areas to allow a comfort filled sleep.

The only problem with purchasing a memory foam mattress is once you’ve spent even one night on one, it will be hard to go back to anything else. But if you feel you are ready for the ultimate in comfort, stop by a Simmons Mattress Gallery to test sleep one of their prized mattresses. Your body and your partner will thank you.

Embrace the foam and start sleeping better.

Visco Memory Foam

From the Moon to Your Room

The PVR changed the way we watch television. The I-pod changed the way we collected music. The slapchop changed the way we… cut up vegetables. And memory foam changed the possibilities for a comfortable sleep.

But like a number of inventions of its time, memory foam was not originally designed for the purpose we now use it for.

Memory foam was first produced by NASA, in 1966, under the label ‘Temper Foam.’ This foam was designed specifically for the seat cushions in space shuttles. The purpose of the foam was to add a shock layer for the astronaut’s posteriors during take-off and landing.

Since then, a number of companies have adopted the foam to add comfort and safety to their products. Originally too expensive for consumer use, the foam has now shown up in helmets, in veterinary clinics, in wheel chair padding and most importantly, on the top of our beds.

Two reasons for memory foam’s widespread use are its ability to eliminate pressure points and its ability to increase blood circulation. These two features make it an ideal surface for sleeping on.

The medical world was one of the first fields to use the foam on top of a mattress. Patients with mobility issues are supplied the foam to prevent issues that arise from sleeping on a firm mattress; like stiffness and pressure sores.

By reacting to body warmth and weight, the foam also offers a cushioning that dissipates heat. This is excellent for individuals who are easily disturbed by temperature increase.

With new improvements to the foam’s composition, recovery time has increased, resulting in quicker adjustments to your natural movements in the night. Your body’s contours are consistently supported with a comfort level that only the best astronauts are accustomed to.

With NASA’s technology, Simmons Mattress Gallery offers memory foam as a luxury feature for some of our finest mattresses. Using Visco and Latex foam, our Beautyrest line is enhanced beyond the comfort supplied by our innovative pocket coil design.

Come try our Beautyrest Black series or our Beautyrest NxG mattresses and experience all the benefits of memory foam with added support right to the edge of your bed.

We may not be able to take you to the moon, but we can top your bed with the finest foam in the business.

Visit a Simmons Mattress Gallery near you to feel the difference memory foam provides.

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