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Pillow Talk

A stack of mattresses on a university campus in Georgia is leading a dialogue on the nature of sexual consent amongst university students.

The project is titled “Pillow Talk: Conversations about Consent” and uses a variety of media elements to promote dialogue. The centrepiece is a pile of discarded mattresses that have been adorned with the hashtag #Consent. Placed on the mattresses are anonymous written testimonies of students who were victims of sexual assault. Passing students are asked to add their own experiences to the piece.

The installation’s organizers, ‘Art For Change,’ were inspired to create the work after hearing about Emma Sulkowicz, a fellow university student and her silent protest of carrying around a mattress after she was raped in her dorm room.

Often these issues are suppressed by college culture, with the assailants being protected by their social group.  Organizers hope the installation will help students relieve themselves of the burden of holding on to secrets regarding sexual consent.

Victoria Brannon, one of the creators, said the project got off to a rocky start: “We actually had an interesting morning because we had people coming by, completely ruining the sculpture and I feel like that was saying a lot about people asking for consent.” The vandals did not receive consent to trash the installation.

Liquid Beauty

After a poor night’s sleep your face can look like a Lindsay Lohan mugshot, with red swollen eyes, dark bags and a total absence of colour in your cheeks. It is probably your least attractive state.

Keeping your beauty up means getting a proper 7-8 hours of rest a night, along with all those other measures you partake in. Unfortunately, no amount of concealer can hide the damage of an all-nighter.

But why does a lack of sleep do so much aesthetic destruction on your face. Apparently it comes down to water retention.

The upper and lower eyelids have the thinnest layer of skin on your body. When you are low on fluids, the eyes are the first area on your body to reflect your dehydration.

Being the windows to your soul, your peepers are one of the first features that strangers look to. When they look like hell, your previous night’s dispersions are obvious to all.

A night of heavy drinking will almost assuredly disrupt your sleep. Both of these will leave your body craving liquid.

To keep your face looking its best, moderate your alcohol intake and head to your Vancouver mattress at a reasonable hour.

Ten Sleep Tips for Seniors

As we age and ease into retirement, new issues arise that disturb our sleep. Chronic pain can become a daily occurrence and can affect our ability to find comfort, even on our Vancouver mattress. With retirement, a change in our daily schedule can be hard to adjust to. And there is always the increase of worry and stress brought on by the passing of loved ones. All of this weighs heavy on our sleep routines.

Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to offer ten tips for seniors struggling with sleep issues:

10. New Exercises

Exercising becomes increasingly difficult as our body start to change. Finding new, low-impact exercises, is important for continued health. Try yoga as a start.

9.  Adjust Your Diet

Changes in our bodies can also affect what foods we can handle in our old age. We may not be able to stomach the spices we could in our 40s. An upset stomach can impact your bodies ability to remain asleep.

8. Nap Less

With more time on our hands, we may feel the urge to nap. This can decrease our ability to fall asleep at night.

7. Create a Sleep Schedule

Once our work schedule is abandoned, we sometimes lose track of our sleep schedule. Regular bedtimes create healthy sleep patterns. Stick with them and reap the rewards.

6. Remove Your Clock

Our alarm is no longer needed, but our bedside clock remains. Sometimes the reminder of time can create unneeded anxiety, especially if we are having trouble sleeping. Removing the clock is luxury we’ve earned.

5. Mattress Function

Reserve your mattress for sleeping only. We sometimes start to add televisions and other entertainment devices to our bedrooms. Your bed should be used for only two things: sleep and sex.

4. Reduce Your Caffeine and Alcohol

A glass of wine or two with dinner or a nightcap of scotch on the rocks is tempting when our responsibilities are reduced, but alcohol has an increased ability to disrupt our sleep patterns as we get older. Opt for tea instead of the hard stuff.

3. Keep a Sleep Journal

If you are concerned about your sleep patterns, you should document your nocturnal activities. This will help you and your doctor find an appropriate treatment.

2. Check Your Prescriptions

Always read your prescription bottles carefully, especially the appropriate times to take your pills.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are concerned about your sleeping habits, talk to your doctor immediately. The quicker you can normalize your sleep the better.

The Love Drug

Dr. Seus: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Love is a strange drug. It infects our brain and leaves us helpless to our basic desires. It consumes our thoughts and places all our other obligations second. It even has the power to reduce our basic need for food, water and our favourite subject, sleep.

Many would attest that during the initial stages of a romantic relationship our desire for sleep is extremely limited. Our sole preoccupation is the affection we have for another. Lying in bed, our racing heart struggles to slow down, as we lose precious hours of shut-eye to love’s all consuming hold.

You would think this would leave us tired and grumpy, but love’s sweet cocktail prevents us from feeling the effects of sleep loss by releasing hormones that produce natural rewards for our brain. An increase in neurotransmitters such as dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin, create a pleasure state, similar to the feelings artificially created by drugs such as caffeine, sugar and cocaine. Our ‘love high’ boosts our energy, reducing our need for the mattress.

When we do sleep, the quality of our rest is actually quite high. In a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, by Professor Serge Brand of the University of Basel in Switzerland, teens in “early-stage intense romantic love” were found to sleep, on average, one hour less than their loveless counterparts. But the same study found that the young people in the intense love group, were less likely to wake-up. Their sleep was superior in quality.

Unfortunately, there have been no studies done with groups over 25. One would reason that the same hormonal spikes would be visible, but on a lesser degree. Adulthood tends to pacify the intensity of young love.

So, if you do find yourself in a new all-engrossing relationship, relax. Your body is designed to help you through it. You might lose a little sleep, which we never like to see, but your passion will level out your basic needs.

Tech Specs: Sleep Gadgetry

Apple has hired J.E.M Raymann, from the Philips Research team, to help implement new health sensors in their forthcoming iWatch. Raymann has been focusing on sleep research with the Philips Tech Company. The hire suggests that the iWatch will be able to track the sleep activity of it users, hopefully offering personal advice on how to improve sleeping habits.

The Philips team founded a Sleep Experience Laboratory that focuses on non-clinical sleep research, with a non-pharmacological approach. Raymann will be able to use this background work to advise Apple on their products ability to optimize rest and activity.

Apple is releasing few details about the product, but rumours have the watch being heavily tied to the new IOS system, iOS 8. It will work in conjunction with current products, such as the iPad and iPhone. The wrist device is also rumoured to have a proximity charging station.

As a Vancouver bed store, we hope that Apple’s new watch will encourage user’s to spend a full eight hours on their mattress, or at least remind them to prioritize sleep. You can arm your self with new-fangled gadget from head-to-toe, but if you don’t get your rest, your mind and body will lag.

Snow Conditions

You’ve had a whole winter to rest Vancouver, now it’s time to hit the slopes; Whistler is calling.

Snow conditions are at the best they’ve been all season and it looks like more of fluffy white stuff to come. The current base is 170cm with 195 out of a possible 200 runs open. Of the 37 scattered lifts, 36 are open for use. In the terrain park, 20 of the 30 jumps are available, with another 40 rails out of a possible 50. Unfortunately, both pipes are still down.

For our Island friends, Mount Washington has worked out a deal with Whistler, offering its season pass holders, free access to the Whistler hills for the month of January. This is to makeup for the complete lack of snow on Vancouver Island’s premier ski destination. Mount Washington hopes to open sometime this month, if not, early February. The Island mountain has seen a 50-year precipitation low since early November.

Vancouver’s local mountains have received an average of 13cm of snow in the last few days. Mt. Seymour currently has the deepest base with 82cm.

If you are heading for the hills, remember to get a good night’s rest on your Beautyrest mattress. It will let you take full advantage of the newly fallen ‘white gold.’ Enjoy my friends. Winter has finally arrived.

Point Grey Road Closure

Vancouver is heavily invested in changing the commuter habits of its residents. The Point Grey Road bike lanes are a part of this commitment. On January 18th, like it or hate it, Point Grey Road, from MacDonald to Alma, will be closed to commuter traffic.

The area is being rezoned for local vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic only. The conversion is part of a plan to increase bike access on Vancouver’s West Side, connecting the Jericho bike path with Kitsilano.

Work began last fall on the south side of the Burrard Bridge to streamline the bicycle traffic coming and going from the Burrard Bridge bike lanes.

The plan will also support the much larger, Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, already in place. Greenest City hopes to make walking, cycling and public transit the preferred transportation options by 2020. The specific target of this plan is to reduce the distance of vehicular travel driven by each resident by 20% from levels recorded in 2007.

City planners project that the road changes will temporarily increase the number of vehicles travelling on the neighbouring streets. The planners predict that traffic will increase on MacDonald from 10,000 users per day to 17,000. West 4th, they predict, will jump from 15,000 to 20,000 and West Broadway from 18,000 to 21,000.

Hopefully these numbers will decrease as more commuters buy into the idea of commuting via greener methods.

Sidenote: Simmons Mattress Gallery is located along an excellent transit line. Our mattress store is also walking distance from the Canada Line connection at Cambie and Broadway.

Golden Moments from the Globes

The Golden Globes were last night and although the shock value wasn’t on par with the Ricky Gervais broadcasts of year’s past, the night did have a few OMG moments. In descending order, here are our top five:

5. Gravity’s Pull

While gravity rarely plays a role in the Botox-friendly crowd (zing), last night’s first laugh came at the expense of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock space drama. It was actually more to do with Clooney’s dating habits. The line from Tina Fey: “George Clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” Ouch.

4. Woody (Not the Cowboy)

Diane Keaton accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award for Lifetime Achievement on behalf of Woody Allen. The speech was a nice homage to the ‘film-a-year’ auteur, but she punctuated her final point on friendship with an odd cappella performance of the Girl Scouts song, “Make New Friends.” Love Keaton, but stick with the acting.

3. I’m Doing Matt Damon

Matt Damon seemed to be the butt of quite a few jokes over the course of the evening. The best was an impersonation by Melissa McCarthey. She nailed the mannerisms. But Damon took it all in stride, even referring to himself as the ‘garbage man’ during his acceptance speech for the TV drama “Beyond the Candelabra.” Amy Poehler had given him this title during the opening.

2. Crazy Lady

Jacqueline Bisset was called up to the stage to accept the Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Dancing on the Edge.” What happened next, well… Words cannot describe. Here’s a clip:

Somebody shouldn’t mix her painkillers with alcohol.

1. One Last Zinger

The last joke of the night was aimed at Hollywood’s, golden son, Leonardo DiCaprio. Tina Fey introduced the final presenter of the night with this not-likely-to-be-forgotten line: “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Bonus entry:

Amy Poehler, making out with Bono after her name was called to accept the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical. She went for it. Fortunately, so did Bono. Nick Kroll, Amy’s boyfriend and fellow comedian tweeted this message after the kiss: “Hey Bono, watch your back.”

The Black Veil

Lululemon yoga pants are like magical black sorcerers that help lift, tone and accentuate the backsides of women around the world. They can make you look like you spent all week on the stair-master, when you actually spent your free time getting caught up on Breaking Bad. They are a high-priced illusion for those of us who would rather enjoy a cinnamon bun, than run five miles after work.
But, if you want the real thing – the toned legs and the perfect bum – you need to hit the gym. Plain and simple. Lulus might help you catch a stare or two, but at the end of the day, those pants are coming off.
It’s like your mattress. You can dress up your bed with 800 thread count sheets, but if the coils beneath are worn, what’s the point? You would be far better off spending your money on a quality Beautyrest than Egyptian cotton.
Like a toned body, the quality of a mattress is found beneath the fabric layers. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses use individual pocket coils to support bodies of all sizes. Their unique design limits motion transfer and lets couples sleep soundly.
Pull back the black veil and work on improving the basics; the gym is calling. You can always rest later on your Beautyrest – sans pants.

Morning Back Ache

The British Chiropractic Association has released a new poll that shows one in three British citizens wake up with back or neck pain. Rishi Loatey, a chiropractor and spokesman for the BCA believes that changing your mattress every seven years can alleviate unnecessary morning pain.
This practice, along with proper lifting techniques can dramatically reduce the need for chiropractic work.
Here are a few rules for proper lifting:

  • Always enlist the help of equipment to help you lift heavy objects. Don’t soldier all the weight when a mechanical device can reduce the burden. It might take a few extra minutes for setup, but your back will thank you.
  • Never twist at the waist while lifting.
  • Bend with the knees and keep your back straight.
  • If you need to do repetitive lifts, take short breaks so as not to over exert your muscles.
  • Always stretch before beginning repetitive lifts

Follow these steps and keep your mattress upgraded and hopefully your mornings will be free of pain.
For a new mattress look no further than Vancouver’s luxury mattress company, Simmons Mattress Gallery. Our 75% off sale is continuing this fall, so take advantage of the deals being offered on our whole line of Beautyrest mattresses.

Cops for Cancer

In 1994, an Edmonton police officer shaved his head in a show of support for a young cancer patient who was being teased at school. Since that initial show of solidarity, police officers all over the country have been supporting cancer patients through different fundraisers.

One of the largest programs is Cops for Cancer, an annual bike ride event that tours through communities in British Columbia. The ride is broken into stages, with different riders taking on specific sections. In total, the event includes over a 100 police and emergency service personnel.

The cycling side of the cancer fundraising started in 1998 on Vancouver Island. This year, Tour de Rock section will be over 1,000 kms in two weeks. The wheels start spinning Saturday, coming to a rest on October 4th.

The Tour de Valley starts the following week. Riders will travel from Langley to Boston Bar and then south to Tsawwassen and White Rock.

To help the program, sign-up to support a specific rider or give a general donation. All money raised is being sent to the Canadian Cancer Society to fund life-saving research.

So far the police have raised over $25 million. Help them keep up the good work.

Bedtime Routines for Young Children (Part 3/3): Star Gazing

Stars Above

The stories are finished and it’s time to make a silent exit from your little one’s room. The only problem is your munchkin’s eyes are still open. Time to light up the sky.

If you’re old fashioned and love the retro look of glow in the dark stars, you can use your iPhone to give them a last minute power boost before you head out of the room. A fun game is to name the stars as you power them up.

Looking for something a little more educational? Try the Twilight Turtle. This small plush toy, with a hard shell, will light up your child’s room with eight major constellations. It comes with a star guide for you and your child and offers a 45-minute shut off timer. As your child begins to recognize the constellations, they can form their own stories on how the constellations interact.

Want to go a little more high-tech? The Laser Stars Indoor Light Show is a considerably larger investment, but the visuals are stunning. With a dual projection system, the faux sky takes on an animated form with nebula cloud formations and the occasional shooting star. This projector is so cool, you’ll want one for your own room.

Give up the night light for star power. Leave your child with a visual that will whisk their imaginations away to a sky full of nocturnal possibilities

Coquitlam Mattress Store

We would like to welcome Mattress Choice to the neighbourhood. If you live in Coquitlam mattress shopping will never be the same again, and here’s why.

Traditionally there were only two options for mattress stores.

  1. Generalist. This is the most common  model. You’d go into a mattress store in Coquitlam only to discover that they have a huge selection of a variety of brands. Problem is, floor space is finite. So to make up for all of the possible styles and sizes and shapes of bed, what they do is keep a disjointed number of brands. You may find the bed you are looking for – but not in a brand you recognize. This is no good. You are getting an inferior product just because you have a particular comfort preference level and your Coquitlam mattress store doesn’t have the depth of brand choices to cover it.
  2. Specialist. Simmons Mattress Gallery stocks Simmons brand mattresses exclusively. This is great if you love Simmons, and frankly, who doesn’t? The depth element of brand choice is covered, because every bed in every size will be a premium Simmons bed. However, this can be a little limiting if you like different big brands as well (ie Sealy or Serta).

The answer is Mattress Choice. Opening their new mattress store in Coquitlam, they have found a way to offer the best of both worlds. By dealing exclusively in the three top brands (Simmons, Sealy and Serta) they are able to ensure that every bed you pick is a top quality mattress without the second-rate brands that will only compromise your decision (and rest).

So, welcome Mattress Choice to Coquitlam. You can find them at 202 Schoolhouse Street, just off the Lougheed Highway in Coquiltam.

Book Of Awesome – Bedtime Edition

Have you read the Book of Awesome? It’s all about little, yet significant events that we stumble across in our day that totally makes it better, such as rain on a hot sidewalk or the smell of fresh cut grass in the summertime.

We thought we’d expand the awesomeness into the evening as well. Here are a few awesome things that can totally make your night.

Waking up early only to realize you still have another hour to go before your alarm goes off.

Cuddling up to your partner without waking them up. Spoon for the win.

New sheets fresh out of the dryer. Nothing’s better than falling into that at the end of the night, amiright?

Starfish. Usually you can only pull this off when sleeping alone, but on those nights you get a chance to spread out, fingers extended, toes stretched to your heart’s content, you have to admit, that’s nice.

The cool side of the pillow. There is nothing quite like flipping over your hot, ruffled pillow in the middle of the night to enjoy the smooth, calming cool of the other side. Just one of the awesome things about loving your bed.

That new bed smell, okay, so there’s no new bed smell, but the first night on a new mattress can be pretty magical.

It’s time to bring this awesome back home. Visit us at our Vancouver mattress store and we will set you up with

Don’t Sweat the Technique: Sleeping Through the Heat

“Sufferin succotash! I say, where… Where did this here heat wave come from?”

With temperatures in the high 20s, Vancouverites are experiencing an uncommon phenomenon for the West Coast: a heat wave. It may not be comparable to the heat experienced in Dixie, but the mercury is rising to heights rarely seen in Lotusland.

Accompanying the heat are a host of new personal issues that Vancouver citizens are being forced to tackle, issues like sweat drenched work clothes, melting dry goods and sleepless nights.

We can’t offer a solution to your dripping work shirt, but we do hope to share a few ideas for cooling down your bedroom. Here is a quick list for improving your sleep this week:

Avoid Trap (Trap is sooo 2012)

Keep the air circulating at night by opening windows and creating a cross breeze. Have the windows and shades closed during the day. If you have access to an attic or loft space, open the hatch or door to give the heat an area to move to. Circulate the air in your living space with fans. Larger fans move more air with less noise.

Duck and Cover

Heat rises, so stay as low as possible. If you have a furnished basement, you may want to move your mattress down a few stories. If you’re in an apartment, you may consider removing your foundation. The closer to the floor the better.

Body Chills

Water can work wonders for keeping your body cool. Before you head to bed, take a colder shower. Only partially dry yourself before getting back in bed. With the fan on, the extra moisture will help cool your body. No time for a shower? Use a light mist with a spray bottle before turning on the fan and heading to bed. Use blue ice blocks wrapped in a cotton material as cooling pillow.

Faux A//C

If you can afford A/C, your investment is paying off. If you can’t, place a shallow bowl of cubed ice directly below your room fan. This will blow cool air over you during the night, or at least for the first hour while you try and fall asleep.

Another crazy alternative is the ‘water wick’ method. Dip your curtains in buckets of water on the floor. During the night, the fabric in your curtains will (hopefully) absorb some of the water. If any breeze enters the room from outside it will pass through the curtains, transporting some of the moisture to your waiting body as you sleep. Random fact: the British adopted this method during their colonization of India.

Yo! This is What’SUP

It is easier to store than a kayak, more portable than a canoe and less dangerous than windsurfing. The new craze to hit the West Coast is Stand Up Paddleboarding.

All it requires in gear is a board, an elongated paddle, and a PFD (personal flotation device). That’s a lot less than winter sports like snowboarding.

Unlike surfing in Tofino, the learning curve is low. First timers can find their balance in calm water and be paddling in 5 minutes. Most companies offering lessons include a 15-minute intro course on land.

Secluded saltwater shelters like Deep Cove are excellent locations for beginners to learn. First timers may also want to practice on freshwater lakes before bringing their talent to the ocean.

Besides an excuse to get out on the water with a new sport, standup paddleboarding also offers an amazing workout. Anytime you can incorporate balance into your physical activity your core muscles will thank you.

Some local entrepreneurs have been offering classes that combine yoga and paddleboarding. The classes are around 30-50 dollars and include the rental cost. The boards are anchored to reduce drift.

There are currently a handful of companies offering lessons and rentals in the Greater Vancouver area. Give it a shot and take your summer to a whole new level of fun.

Pitt Meadows Mattress Store

There is only one Pitt Meadows mattress store that stocks exclusively Simmons mattresses. That store is Coquitlam mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Why is it important to stock only the best brand? Simply put, we want to have the deepest selection of only top quality beds. That bed would be the Simmons.

Everyone has their personal preference level for what makes a comfortable night’s sleep. No two people are alike. So instead of being forced into an inferior brand just because you like a model that is not a traditional bestseller – Simmons Mattress Gallery has that model ready for you, in premium brand, no less – the Beautyrest.

If you live in Pitt Meadows and you need a good bed, drop by Simmons Mattress Gallery at 101 Schoolhouse Street, just off the Lougheed Highway, today.

It’s only 22 minutes into Coquitlam. That could be the best 22 minutes that you’ve ever spent in your life.

I Hear The Secrets That You Keep

A few weeks ago we wrote about a condition called Somniloquy, or sleep talking. It has been the end of many a relationship, as secrets slip out in the night when one partner is sleeping away – evidence of affairs, locations of buried bodies, dark confessions, and other misdeeds make their way to the surface when one is too lost in sleep to keep their secrets in check.

Psychology Today wanted to pull back a few layers and get to the bottom of why people sleep talk.

It is interesting to note that somniloquy occurs when there is a transition between sleep states. When these transitions happen, most people fall immediately back to bed. Others partially wake up while in a deep REM state. A part of our mind is in deep wave sleep, while the other half is pulled out into consciousness, which is where sleep walkers get up, sleep eaters raid the fridge, and sleep talkers spill their guts.

Most NREM parasomnias occur when slow wave sleep occurs, in the first third of the night. The more you need to sleep, or the more you try to force yourself to stay awake, the more likely they are to occur. For example, if you are sleep deprived, and badly in need of slow wave sleep (which is thought to be the most restorative for the brain).

They are also more frequent when you are sleeping in a strange location (such as a hotel, airport, or roadside ditch). Moving sleeping children from one location to another (such as from the couch to their bed) can trigger paraomniac responsise like night terrors or sleep talking/walking. The mind is torn between being hyper-aware of harm, because it is in a new or changing location, versus the need for sleep. Sleep talking also occurs when you are sick, especially with fever, likely for the same reason.

When trying out beds at our Vancouver mattress store, be sure not to fall completely asleep, or we may hear you telling stories about how you usually wear your wife’s heels to bed.

Abbotsford Mattress Store

44 minutes. That’s it. If you want to get a top quality mattress you only need to drive to Coquitlam. It’s probably something you do once a week or so anyway.

Sure, there are mattress stores in Abbotsford, so why would you drive the extra mile? Because we do the same.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, they have the least pushy salespeople out there.  They are informative, patient and they are there to help you answer your questions. Located at 1001 Schoolhouse St, Simmons is not technically an Abbotsford mattress store, but it is the best!

If the professionalism of the sales staff is not enough to make you go from Abbotsford to Coquitlam, consider the pricing.

Currently, Simmons Mattress Gallery in Coquitlam is having a Beautyrest Sale with queen sets for as low as $699. That’s incredible. They have mattresses bargain priced at up to 60% off.

So if you are looking for a mattress store in Abbotsford, look a little further, and you’ll find the perfect place for your new bed.

Hope Mattress Store

If you live in Hope, BC and you need a mattress store in Hope, BC, what are you going to do? It’s not like there’s a plethora of mattress stores in Hope BC.

Tell you what. Mention that you saw this post and come into our Simmons Mattress Gallery in Vancouver, BC. We’re on 1001 West Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Oak.

Tell us that you read this blog. Give us some proof that you are from Hope, BC and that you are looking for a mattress, and we will give you the deal of a lifetime.

If you are looking to buy a Beautyrest mattress – we will knock up to 60% off the price.

If you mention that you are from Hope and you saw this post, we will even throw in two free pillows. Just let us know.

We don’t get a lot of people from as far as Hope, BC, but we would like to think that we are you local Hope mattress store, even though we are two hours away, based on the fact that we have crazy deals on mattresses and we want you to have the very best.

West Vancouver Mattress Store

West Vancouver is known for many things: Yummy mommies, The Housewives of Vancouver, epic backyards and million-dollar views. But it is not really known for its West Vancouver mattress stores.

Sure there are a few to be found hither and yawn, but to find a bed you really want to crash out on, you are going to need that special West Vancouver blend of quality and value. No one understands premium in Vancouver, like the people from West Vancouver.

That’s why the Midsummer Beautyrest Sale at Simmons Mattress Gallery is perfect for the discerning client. Beautyrests are top of the line, and par none when it comes to the best bed on the market. Only a Beautyrest has the patented pocket coils to eliminate motion transfer between partners. So when you sleep soundly, you won’t be woken in the night by someone coming in later, or getting up and down to refill their latte on a Sunday morning.

This is where the West Vancouver mattress stores cannot compete. Only Simmons Mattress Gallery on Broadway and Oak offers Simmons Beautyrests for 60% off. But it is only during the Beautyrest Mattress Sale, so there is a limited window to get a high quality bed at incredible value.

If you live in West Vancouver, simply drive across the bridge and up to Broadway, and the Simmons Mattress Gallery staff will be more than happy to help you get the bed you deserve, at a price you can brag about.

True Service Cuts Both Ways

Amazing the things we take for granted.

In today’s North American society, we just assume so much is simply owed to us. As a breed of consumers, we are accustomed to being served, and our needs taken care of at every turn. Because we are always buying: The buyer has the power.

But there is supposed to be give and take.

In a perfect world, that is the exchange. The smiling saleslady who patiently waits as you try on six skirts without buying any, will in turn get her service when it comes to ordering sushi that evening and making the waitress dance around her new age diet. The problem arises, when you have an unbalanced society: when everyone is buying and no one is selling. That is when you get an air of entitlement. Consumers expect the world to cater to their every need just because they have a few coins jingling in the pocket. And this expectation carries over into everyday life. The whole world exists to serve – without an understanding of the service we must give back. This is the problem with debt. You create a nation of spoiled children who always take, without any intention of repaying.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we do our best to keep a staff that truly believes in service. We bend over backwards to ensure that our customers get the treatment they deserve. We also understand the balance of give and take, so we also expect the very best from our suppliers. This in turn helps you as well.

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With Your Mattress

How much money do you spend at the pharmacy each month on products designed to improve your looks? Close to a hundred dollars probably. You need to buy shampoo, bodywash, facial scrubs, toothpaste and beauty products – it all adds up. What about for your interior organs? You probably buy at least one multi-vitamin and maybe one package of stomach relief.

Did you know that a good night’s rest could change your daily complexion and help you fight off illness?

Your gym membership costs more than half your pharmacy bill and you still have to put in the work.

An undisturbed rest is free on a Beautyrest.

Those Sudoku puzzles you do to keep your brain active are rather time consuming. The first four were fun, but numbers really aren’t that interesting.

Eight hours of sleep is the perfect amount of rest needed to maintain your mental potential throughout the working day.

Seems like you could save a lot of time, money and stress by upgrading your mattress set. A Simmons may not freshen your breath, but it will do wonders for your health. Try one today at Vancouver’s mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Sleep First

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