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Professionalism In the Workplace

Simmons Mattress Gallery is home to Vancouver’s top mattress professionals. Our in-store staff are dedicated to finding the perfect mattress for your home. Their deep knowledge of the Simmons mattress line-up will help you make an educated decision regarding your next mattress purchase.

All the staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery go through an intense mattress education program. This instruction, along with years of experience in the mattress industry, qualifies them as experts in the mattress field.

Knowing each bed from the floor to the pillow top helps them suggest appropriate mattresses that match your desired specifications. Bring in your measurements and a basic comfort preference and our professionals will handle the rest. Spend an hour or two sampling the beds they recommend and leave the showroom with the mattress of your dreams.

Don’t waste your time at bulk furniture stores. Buy your next mattress from a professional and sleep soundly on the ‘right mattress’ for years to come.

Start With a List

Simmons Mattress Gallery professionals are always being asked the same age-old question: “How do I fall asleep at night when my body won’t turn off?”

Are answer always starts with a question: “What kind of mattress are you sleeping on?” After suggesting a switch to an ultra-comfortable Beautyrest, we widen our advice to include a few tips that have been passed down to us from our many satisfied customers.

One tip is specifically formulated for those nights when you have an important business meeting or presentation the following day.

Our anxious nature occasionally inhibits our mind from slipping into a state of unconsciousness. For those nights when we are consumed by the pressure of our work, we offer this tip:

  • Don’t lie in bed trying in vain to fall asleep. Get off your mattress, go to your desk or kitchen table and take out a pen and paper. Do not work on the computer; that will just add more distractions. Write out everything you will be doing the following day. Include all the details you can think of. If need be, include a timeline.
  • With that done, return to bed and switch your brain from logical functioning to creative. Imagine a picture or scene and place yourself in it. Let your mind relax and drift away.

You’re welcome.

Write It Down

The Best Place On Earth

British Columbia issued license plates for the Olympic year with the slogan, “Best Place on Earth.” Many Easterners saw this as another west coast hyperbole that proved the level of our conceitedness.

But for those of us who call BC home, the phrase holds more truth than the sharp-tongued retorts of the critics.

BC is one of the most diverse provinces in the country. It has the mildest winter weather and the least humid summers. It is is home to the country’s most beautiful city, Vancouver, and It is also the proud parent of the Vancouver Canucks, the only Canadian team to get past the opening round of the 2011 NHL playoffs.

Our province has some of the lushest parks in the country, the most epic skiing conditions and one of the only stretches of shoreline worth surfing in Canada.

We showed the world we could host a party in 1986 and we did it again in 2010.  The BC acronym is synonymous with a higher level of living that folks from all over the world recognize.

Part of that living experience is the proximity to the most elite mattress store in the country, Simmons Mattress Gallery. The BC mattress store, offers the top Simmons Beautyrest beds at prices that are worth the drive from St. Johns.

If you’ve never slept on a Simmons, you’ve never experienced the west coast. Come see why this truly is the best place on earth. We’ll be waiting with a mattress, two free pillows and some of the BC’s finest (mattress professionals).

California King Bed

The Queen of pop, Rihanna, has released a brand new video on a subject close to our hearts. Rihanna’s new single, “California King Bed,” details the relationship between two lovers who, even though they share a bed, are separated by an emotional distance.

The red-haired singer laments, “It feels like more than distance between us / In this California king bed / We’re 10,000 miles apart.”

In the video, directed by Anthony Mandler, Rihanna is seen lying in bed with a muscular model. As the song progresses, the bed widens and a physical separation appears between the couple.

Ironically, a California King, the largest mattress in the Simmons Beautyrest line, is four inches longer, not wider, than a regular king size mattress. Our Simmons’ mattress professionals recommend this mattress for individuals taller than 6’’.

The Barbados pop star measures in at 5′9”, a height that probably does not require the extra four inches in length. Our suggestion for Rihanna, go with a Queen size. It will bring you and your significant other closer and still allow for extended, after-hours play.

We understand her choice though, as ‘California king’ works more effectively as a symbol for her conflict and her lover.

The official video was released on Monday, May 9th. The single, we’re sure, will be the radio hit of the summer, adding to the list of hits that Rhianna’s Loud album has already generated.

Vancouverites will be able to see the singer live when she performs two sold out shows in June. We already have our tickets. Fingers crossed she encores with “California King Bed.”

New Bed for the Newlywed

With one week left before Christmas, you still don’t have gifts for your sister and her new husband. They got married in October, a beautiful fall wedding in the backyard of a family friend. With over a hundred guests, they received every gift known to man – from the slapchop to an electric lawn mower to edible organic massage oil.

Now it’s time to buy them a more practical, but still intimate gift.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has the perfect idea.

Organize a group gift. We know it’s a little late, but we’re sure the rest of the family is on the same page.

Buy the newlyweds a gift they will use 365 days a year. A gift that will enhance the likelihood of family extension. A gift that will soften the impact of the first-year-speed-bumps that occur in every new marriage.

Buy them a new mattress.

We suggest the Beautyrest NxG, from Simmons.

The NxG series mattress is the perfect mattress for a couple going through the early stages of married life. Like all Simmons mattresses, built with the patented non-flip pocket coil design, the NxG offers the very best in motion separation innovation. If your sister’s new husband is a nocturnal squirmer, your sister will never feel it. The advanced memory foam will provide a quick recovery surface that won’t leave crater indents after passionate moments. The 360° Foam Encasement will provide support to the edge of the bed on nights when space is needed. Most of all, the comfort supplied by the NxG will guarantee that your sister and her new man will look forward to heading to bed each night.

It’s the perfect gift for two young people just starting out.

Trust the professionals. Go with the Simmons NxG.

First Year Bliss Is Found On a Simmons

Swedish Sense

When you think storage accessories, what is the first store that comes to mind: IKEA.

They seem to have a two-fisted lock on the cabinet, shelving and drawer industry. But then there are their other endeavors, like the Sultan mattress line.

The IKEA Mattress Showroom

Swede’s may know a thing or two about saving space and organizing the family home, but when it comes to mattresses, wouldn’t you rather shop at a store that deals specifically with securing you a restful night’s sleep each and every night.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is that store. We don’t spend our time worrying about all the other nooks and crannies in your house. We’re really not that interested in your bathroom set. And we don’t need to know any details about what you’re hiding in your closet. No, our only concern is your bed.

We want to improve your sleep. That’s all. And we can accomplish this task by outfitting your bedroom with the perfect mattress for your comfort rating, budget and aesthetic preference.

Our sales staff is all trained mattress professionals. This means that they can address all the questions you have with educated answers. They can listen to your needs and suggest beds that will fill them. They can explain the motion separation offered by our patented pocket coils, while you lounge on the actual item.

We may not serve a $1.99 breakfast and there is no ball room, but we can offer you the best mattresses in the industry.

So find your skubbs (that’s a fancy Swedish word for shoebox) at IKEA, but receive a peaceful nights sleep from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

We’re here to help you sleep better.

Looking At The Numbers

Vancouverites Preparing To Sleep

On an average night in Greater Vancouver, how many people do you think are sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses?

With an estimated population of 2.1 million, Simmons Mattress Gallery would guess that about 10% of Vancouverites, that’s over 200,000 people, are not receiving the comfort they deserve from their bed. Seems like a large number to us.

But why? Is it apathy? Do they know their mattress is not up to par, but choose not to do anything about it?


Maybe they believe there aren’t any alternatives – that all mattresses are lumpy and sagging.

Friends, there are better mattresses out there. And you need to try them.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a showroom full of mattresses that will make you wonder why you ever slept on anything else. From the top-of-the-line Beautyrest Black, to the economically priced DeepSleep, Simmons mattresses provide an unparalleled level of comfort.

If you are one of the 200,000 people sleeping on a less than adequate bed, make the short trip to the nearest Simmons Mattress Gallery to experience horizontal heaven. Don’t settle for mediocrity, when you can have the best in the business. Let the mattress professionals find the ideal bed for you.

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