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The Night Before…

It’s the night before your company presentation and all you want is a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

You have been working tirelessly for three months in preparation. There have been late nights in the office, when the only people in the building have been you, the security guard and the cleaning staff. There have been hour-long Skype sessions with the tech department in Toronto and countless meetings with your team in Vancouver.

You saw your idea evolve from a boardroom discussion to a tangible product. Over thirty employees put their time and resources into its development. Now it is time to sell it to the company brass.

No pressure.

Lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, you run through the presentation in your head. You have done all you can.

The only thing left to do is receive the seven hours of sleep you need to stay alert and focused.

You roll over on to another lump and openly curse your twelve-year-old mattress.

Give Your Mind a Rest

Innovation starts and ends with the sleep you receive. Purchase a Beautyrest mattress at one of the two Simmons Mattress Galleries in the Lower Mainland. Your productivity is resting on it.

Cook With Class

Tired of taco night and boring pasta dishes? Want to rekindle your culinary passions? Looking for things to do around Vancouver that don’t involve a mattress?

The Arts Club Theatre Company is hosting celebrity cooking classes for Vancouverites to learn and indulge in the fine art of food preparation. Head chefs, from a variety of restaurants around the Lower Mainland, are teaching the classes. The lessons include a full meal, wine tasting and a hands-on learning experience.

Hosted at private homes, the lessons are an opportunity to learn cooking techniques in a casual environment, where the product can be enjoyed in the setting it was intended for.

The experience is also a fundraising opportunity for the Arts Club Theatre program.

Tickets are $125 per person. There are five planned events being offered before the New Year. Each class is unique and specific to the chef who is hosting.

Your PVR recordings of Hell’s Kitchen can only take you so far. Learn how to cook extravagant meals without Gordon Ramsey telling you where to stick it.

For more information, visit the Arts Club Theatre website.

Culinary Theatre

Pink Inspiration

“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough,

And stands about the woodland ride

Wearing white for Eastertide.”

-A.E. Housman

Pink is the colour of spring in Vancouver. It floats above our heads and flutters to our feet. It lines our streets and patches our parks. It brightens the grey skies of April and whispers in our ear, “May is not far off.”

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a unique celebration of Vancouver’s relationship with the pink flowers of the Japanese Cherry Tree. This year the festival is running from March 26th until April 22nd. On April 16th, at the VanDusen Botanical Garden, the city will distribute 3,000 new cherry trees to property owners who have paid a reduced rate of $40 per tree. The trees are being sold as part of the celebration around Vancouver’s 125th birthday. They are the pink candles on our cake.

The festival is also hosting a public bike ride on the same day as the VanDusen handout. ‘Bike the Blossoms’ will begin at 11am at Devonian Park in the West End. If you can’t make this date, you can download a PDF of different blossom bike routes for your own private viewing.

Need to express your love of the pink? Enter the Haiku Invitational poetry contest. Put your thoughts into three simple lines of 17 moras and submit your poem before the May 31st deadline. The winning submissions will be featured on Translink spaces around the Lower Mainland.

So get inspired Vancouver and enjoy the yearly offerings of the cherry blossom.

Vancouver: Still the Number One Place to Live in the World!

For the fifth year in a row, Vancouver has been voted the most livable city in the world! The poll was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The group uses three broad categories to make its decision: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Vancouver received a perfect rating of 100 in the categories of healthcare, education and culture and environment.

The second place finisher, just 2.3 percentage points below Vancouver, was Auckland New Zealand.

But what would Vancouverites say when asked ‘what makes us the best’? They would probably mention the cleanliness of our city, the mild weather, the security (you can basically walk down any street and feel comfortable), the dining options, the Olympics, the proximity to the mountains, the transit and bike lanes, the parks (Stanley being the jewel) and the people.

There is an infinite number of reasons why Vancouver is such an amazing place to live, but we like to think it’s the mattress shopping. Simmons Mattress Gallery has been providing quality beds and professional advice to Lower Mainland residents for years. This service has sent thousands of citizens off to work well rested and happy with their lives. We’re not saying we did it all, but we certainly played a part.

Congratulations Vancouver, this truly is the best place to live.

Sunset Beach

Romantic Inclinations

Romance is thick in the air this week, as lovers across the Lower Mainland profess their undying love for one another with heart felt cards and more than one or two sad clichés.

But if you are one of those absentminded folk, who may have forgotten to grab some overpriced flowers for your shmoopie, it’s not too late. For the flowers, maybe, but there are other gifts that can get you back in the good books with your significant other.

Our suggestion to you: head over to Simmons Mattress Gallery for a great deal on a new bed. Nothing says, ‘baby, I know I messed up, but I want to fix it so we can get back to having fun,’ like a new passion platform. Simmons has a massive variety of beds in ranging sizes, firmness and extravagance. Upgrade from your Ikea cast-off to a bed that will keep you and your loved one comfortable for years to come. Buy it before Friday and he/she will never remember your epic fail.

Want to make a romantic evening out of it? Pack some sexy nightwear, for both of you, and head into our showroom to sample some of our beds on display. We won’t judge your tiger print and we promise not to stare at your partner’s visible parts. Just hold off on the physical stuff until you get home.

Happy Valentines week, from your friends at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

All Smiles

Air Quality Concerns

Just before dozing off on your Simmons, you may have noticed an odd sight on the skyline, these last couple of nights. A giant orange-red ball has replaced the sinking sun in the westward sky.

Red Sky at Night

No, smog levels have not risen to apocalyptic proportions. And no, it’s not a harvest moon (wrong side of the horizon).

The reason for the burning ball: the forest fires in B.C. are sending so much ash into the atmosphere that they are affecting the way we view the fading sun.

There are now over 400 active forest fires blazing in our province.

This may be a staggering number, but in reality, the figure is close to par for this time of the year.

What is concerning is the rate at which these fires have sprung up. The average number of new fires per day is currently about 55.

Fire crews are working around the clock to contain the blazes, but with so many fresh burns, its a wonder the whole province isn’t a sea of flames.

And while Lower Mainland residents may not see the fires firsthand, we are experiencing the effects.

The sun’s peculiar disguise is a sign that air quality has deteriorated to a dangerous level. Metro Vancouver posted an advisory warning residents to avoid strenuous activity and to limit outdoor exposure for infants and the elderly.

Showers could come as early as Saturday, but till then, enjoy the new occupant of the evening sky and remember to take care of your lungs. If you’re feeling any new discomfort you should definitely contact your doctor immediately.

Karate Kid in the Park

“We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you, you promise learn. I say, you do, no questions. “

-Mr. Miyagi

The Karate Kid

For all those children of the 80s who were brought up on adventure classics like the Goonies and Star Wars, rejoice. FreshAirCinema is bringing classic popcorn films back to the big screen; well, back to a big blow up screen.

FreshAirCinema is hosting free outdoor movie nights around the province for the next month and a half. Locations and times can be found on the company’s Facebook page titled: Free Outdoor Movie Events in BC.

This week’s can’t-miss-feature is the ‘original’ Karate Kid, starring a young Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso and Pat Morita as the zen master, Mr. Miyagi. The movie will be screened at Ceperley Field, the large grassy area just behind Second Beach, in Stanley Park. The start time will be 9:30.

Last year’s performance of The Princess Bride brought out huge crowds to the same setting. So get there early, bring a blanket and spread out.

Other outdoor free shows around the Lower Mainland this summer are:

August 7th: Wizard of Oz at Holland Park in Surrey (9:00)

August 8th: Back to the Future at David Lam Park in Yaletown (9:00)

August 9th: The Never Ending Story at McSpadden Park in East Van

August 13th: E.T. at Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour

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