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Rowing the Pacific

We are excited to tell you about a historic expedition that will be undertaken by two Vancouver rowers. Rebecca Berger and Leanne Zrum are attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean, unassisted, in a rowboat, specifically designed for their journey from Vancouver to Honolulu. The two hope to complete their daunting paddle within 80 days. They estimate this will include over a million oar strokes. The pair will row 24 hours a day in two shifts.

Their vessel will include video and communication systems, navigational equipment and a small forward cabin for sleeping and shelter. Looking at the photo of their rowboat, it is doubtful that it is large enough to fit a Vancouver mattress, but you never know.

The two will definitely need their rest to row through the unpredictable weather that will greet them out on the wild Pacific.

The only other pair to successfully cross the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat is Chris Martin and Mike Dawson, who rowed from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco in 2009.

The local heroes will be the first women’s pair to make the crossing. Their journey is also intended to raise funds and awareness for the David Suzuki Foundation.

Berger and Zrum will be hosting a sendoff party on Sunday, April 13th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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