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Stellar Cinema From 2010

There were many great stories in 2010. The Wikileaks escapade saw the world’s dirty laundry aired out for all the masses to read. Tiger Woods got busted without the help of Julian Assange. BP sprung a leak. Sabres were rattled in Korea. Miners were freed in Chile. And the Olympics were a huge success here at home, with Canada winning Hockey Gold.

But what about the movies? Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to spend a little time this week looking at the shining celluloid moments of 2010. Here are some of our favourite films from the year that was:

1. Inception

Christopher Nolan comes through again. Following his Blockbuster achievement with the Dark Knight, Nolan wrote and directed a sci-fi movie about dreams that had all the ingredients of a masterpiece. Like the Matrix, it pushed the limits of CGI while offering an engaging hypothetical storyline that was believable from its first ‘inception.’ If you haven’t seen this film, cross your fingers that they release it on the big screen. Our hat is off to you Mr. Nolan. The only question is: What will your next trick be?

2. The Social Network

A movie about a website that has become more addictive than cigarettes for its more than 500 million users. The film concerns the story of Mark Zuckerberg, ‘one’ of the handful of college students who helped create Facebook. It documents the many lawsuits that followed the websites release, when the world recognized the genius of a social networking tool that lets you stay updated with friends and associates from around the world. The movie has an excellent pace, intriguing characters and most importantly a heart. Even though Zuckerberg comes across as a total narcissistic —hole, he still, like all of us, just wants to be accepted for who he is.

[Friend Request Received]

3. Black Swan

From the director of ∏ and Requiem for a Dream, comes a movie that delves into the heart of madness. Natalie Portman is a ballerina who is vying for the lead role in Swan Lake. Perfectly suited for the white swan role, Portman must examine her darker side to come to an understanding of the black swan. There will be no question as to who will receive the best actress nod on Oscar night. It almost makes us forget those terrible scenes from Star Wars. Almost…

Feel free to comment and add your own review of a movie that moved you in 2010.

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