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Ten Sleep Tips for Switching from Holiday Mode to Work Mode

10. Hydrate

All that time in the sun has sucked the moisture from your body. As you head back to work, try and drink as much water as possible. It will help you stay awake, fall asleep when you want and help your body preform at its peak potential.

9. Bring Back Routine

Holidays are the perfect time to abandon routine and let chance and circumstance be your guide. Now that it’s business time, routine is key. It will help you maintain a balanced sleep schedule, where your body naturally prepares for bed at the end of the work day.

8. Disable the Snooze

If you have an old-school alarm clock like us, use tape to eliminate your desire for seven more minutes of sleep. If you use your phone, use the settings menu to disable the snooze option.

7. Eat Earlier

A late barbecue or meal out in the summer is acceptable, but your body doesn’t need the extra workload of digesting right before bed. Try to eat at least four hours before crawling on to your Vancouver mattress.

6. Appropriate Snacking

If you do need a snack before bed, go with milk or nuts. Avoid pizza and anything salty.

5. Tinderdown

Put the phone away at least an hour before bed. You can scroll through the latest ‘Tinderites’ over breakfast.

4. School Prep

If your kids can’t sleep, you won’t be getting any rest. Lower bedtimes to match the school year. Increase reading before bed and strategically hide the iPad.

3. Lower the Light

The sun is setting earlier and earlier, but for these first few weeks of September, close the blinds completely to block out any unnecessary light.

2. Substitute Local Craft Beer for Organic Tea

Everyone seems to be enjoying the craft beer craze, but alcohol is the worst for securing a proper sleep. [See tip 1] Try some loose-leaf tea with your beard.

1. Mattress Makeover

Sleep can sometimes come easy after a physical day in the sun. During the fall you need all the help you can get. Upgrade your mattress at Simmons Mattress Gallery and feel an immediate difference in the comfort provided by your bed.

Sounds to Soothe Your Baby to Sleep

A new baby can turn your sleeping schedule upside down. Finding ways to help your infant fall asleep at times that are suitable for you is a challenge. New research is showing that one of the best aids you can use is soothing noise. This calms the baby and encourages sleep.

The makers of baby related products have reacted to this research and have started producing high-end white noise machines. These little items might make great shower gifts, but for those mothers who don’t receive one, the cost can be a little excessive. Babies are an expensive enterprise and finding ways to cut down on costs is a necessity for new parents.

Good news! A new app for your android phone called Relax and Sleep Plus can play soothing sounds through the speaker in your phone for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a white noise machine. The app costs $2 and is available at the Android Marketplace.

The app lets you set how long you want the ambient noise to run. It also has a number of various sounds to choose from. You can mix them together, or have them play one after another. Examples of available sounds are: acoustic guitar, aquarium sounds, ocean and rainforest. There are also animal noises such as frogs and birds. The most bizarre option is the sound of wolves howling, for those Farley Mowat fans.

Consumer guides suggest setting the volume at a low level and keeping the phone well away from the sleeping infants head; the debate on cell phones and stimulating brain cancer is ongoing.

Another tip is to set your phone on airplane mode. You don’t want your infant interrupted by one of your friends calling or texting.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, this app is not currently available on Apple products. We’re sure they will make something similar in the coming months.

Down for at Least a Few Hours

iPhone Fail

“Oh my god! What time is it?!?!?”

This was probably the comment made by many iPhone customers who failed to wake-up on time for work this past weekend. Apparently, a glitch in the iPhone’s iOS 4.0 operating system caused the alarm feature on the phone to malfunction. The single wake-up feature did not work on the phones after midnight on December 31st. If customers had set their phones for a certain alarm time, the gadget, that claims to make everyone’s lives easier, would not have responded.

Many customers, mostly young people who use the phone for organizing their hectic lives, rely on the alarm feature instead of a traditional alarm clock.

This is the second issue with the new iPhone’s alarm that has occurred in less than two months. The first was an issue with the daylight savings time change on November 7th.

iPhone customers took to the web to voice their grievances.

“Stupid iPhone alarm clock went off an hour late. What a great start to the week.” Messages like these were all over the social networking website known as Twitter.

Apple claimed to have fixed the problem by Monday, January 3rd.

Our advice. If you have a highly unsympathetic boss or an important meeting to attend, always use a back up. Alarm clocks cost less than twenty dollars and can be equipped with a battery incase of a power outage.

We know you love your sleep, but keeping your job is even more important.

Employ a Back-Up

iPhone Mattress Technology

Wondering about how much time you spend tossing and turning at night?

Need to monitor and track your sleeping hours?

Are you tired of your alarm clock jolting you from your dream of winning a Nobel Prize?

Well, as the saying goes: “There’s an app for that.”

The Sleep Cycle Graph

LexWare Labs has developed an app for Apple’s iPhone that tracks your body’s nighttime movements.

The app is entitled The Sleep Cycle. It uses the iPhones accelerometer to monitor the motion on your mattress.

Accelerometers are often found in video game controllers, such as the ones available for the Wii.  They measure an object’s experienced acceleration relative to freefall.

The instructions for sleep monitoring include tucking your phone into your fitted sleep before you head to bed. As you move in the night, Sleep Cycle records and graphs your activity. The graph shows when you are dreaming, when you are in a deep sleep state and when you are awake. It provides daily statistics that can be added together over a week to produce a readout of your average sleep pattern.

The developers suggest using the app to monitor changes in your bedtime schedule. If you read a book before bed one night, compare your readout to another night when you watch a movie just before sleeping.

The Sleep Cycle also comes with an alarm clock that is custom designed to wake you gently during a period when your body is naturally moving. This will remove the jolting experience and will lessen the likelihood of having a dream interrupted.

The price of the Sleep Cycle app is $0.99.

Although the Sleep Cycle does sound amazing, it can’t promise you a better nights sleep.  That can only be provided with a new mattress.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has an app for that.

Come in, bring your phone and try out a new mattress today.

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