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Pop Songs vs. Lullabies

Kelly Clarkson recently admitted that when its time to put her baby down to bed, her go-to-song is not a classic lullaby, but a pop hit from the 90s R&B group TLC. “Silly Ho” is her baby’s favourite (non) traditional lullaby.

Sounds like an odd choice, especially from a songstress with such a deep catalogue of beautiful love songs, but it seems this is becoming the norm.

More and more parents are choosing to sing pop songs to their wee ones instead of traditional lullabies.

A survey done by toy manufacturer “Symphony in B” found that 64% of parents choose radio hits over the classic cradlesongs. The kids hear them in the car, in the kitchen and on television. They hear their parents singing along and create a comfort level with the melodies. Hearing their parents preform them soothes their mind and relaxes their bodies.

Of the 2000 polled for the survey, 89 per cent believe that music is an important at an early age to develop an appreciation for music later in life. Experts also believe that children that are sung to are also more likely to develop proper language skills.

Maybe Iggy isn’t the ideal language teacher, but her lyrics may have your future prosecutors spouting full sentences before they hit the playground.

Keep it ‘Fancy’ Vancouver.

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