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Ten Ways to Keep Cool in Your Bedroom

The temperature this week in Vancouver is on the rise. This can mean uncomfortable sleepless nights – a crime against humanity. Here are ten ways to beat the heat when it’s time to turn in:

10. Circulation

Keep that air moving. If you don’t own a fan, buy one immediately. Better yet, visit an appliance recycling centre. People are always discarding old fans that can be brought back to life with a simple wire connection.

9. Pillow Pops

You heard us: Pillow Pops. Take your pillow, put a bag around it, preferably one with an airtight seal and place it in your freezer two hours before bed. With your head cool, your body will follow.

8. Hangtime

Remove your sheets in the morning and hang them in the coolest part of the house. This will probably be somewhere in the basement. Try to find an area with a cross breeze. Add a bouquet of dried lavender to offer a fresh scent.

7. Thinning on Top

No, we’re not talking about male-pattern baldness. We’re talking about switching your duvet out for those summer sheets.

6. Hydration Meditation

Water is your best friend in the summer. Drink more water and your body will be cooler. You may have to make one more bathroom trip during the night, but your overall comfort level will be much higher.

5. Misty Mountain Top

Summer essential: a mist bottle. Hit up the dollar store for a cheap cool down tool. Doubles as a furniture scratcher deterrent.

4. Muscle Packs

Grab one of your blue gel packs from the freezer, throw a zip-lock bag around it and toss it in between your sheets.

3. Wrist Guards

Sounds like an old-wives-tale, but cold water on your wrist can actually cool down your whole body. Do it just before bed and receive an hour of relatively cool body temperature.

2. Disrobe

The less elastics on your body the better. You might also improve your relations with your neighbours.

1. AirCool Foam

The Simmons Beautyrest AirCool design utilizes AirCool memory foam, a breathable mesh border and a ventilated foam encasement to keep your bed cool and comfortable. Mattress Vancouver has your summertime mattress on sale.

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