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Ten Sleep Tips for Switching from Holiday Mode to Work Mode

10. Hydrate

All that time in the sun has sucked the moisture from your body. As you head back to work, try and drink as much water as possible. It will help you stay awake, fall asleep when you want and help your body preform at its peak potential.

9. Bring Back Routine

Holidays are the perfect time to abandon routine and let chance and circumstance be your guide. Now that it’s business time, routine is key. It will help you maintain a balanced sleep schedule, where your body naturally prepares for bed at the end of the work day.

8. Disable the Snooze

If you have an old-school alarm clock like us, use tape to eliminate your desire for seven more minutes of sleep. If you use your phone, use the settings menu to disable the snooze option.

7. Eat Earlier

A late barbecue or meal out in the summer is acceptable, but your body doesn’t need the extra workload of digesting right before bed. Try to eat at least four hours before crawling on to your Vancouver mattress.

6. Appropriate Snacking

If you do need a snack before bed, go with milk or nuts. Avoid pizza and anything salty.

5. Tinderdown

Put the phone away at least an hour before bed. You can scroll through the latest ‘Tinderites’ over breakfast.

4. School Prep

If your kids can’t sleep, you won’t be getting any rest. Lower bedtimes to match the school year. Increase reading before bed and strategically hide the iPad.

3. Lower the Light

The sun is setting earlier and earlier, but for these first few weeks of September, close the blinds completely to block out any unnecessary light.

2. Substitute Local Craft Beer for Organic Tea

Everyone seems to be enjoying the craft beer craze, but alcohol is the worst for securing a proper sleep. [See tip 1] Try some loose-leaf tea with your beard.

1. Mattress Makeover

Sleep can sometimes come easy after a physical day in the sun. During the fall you need all the help you can get. Upgrade your mattress at Simmons Mattress Gallery and feel an immediate difference in the comfort provided by your bed.

The End of Holiday Stress

Christmas can go on record as being the most stressful time of the year.

Suddenly our relationships with friends and family become quantified into money spent.

Gifts are analyzed to death by relatives wondering what hidden messages they contain beyond ‘I need to get your name off my list.’

Our value as hosts is put under the microscope as endless streams of guests parade through our homes running secret fingers for dust.

The measure of how well you have your life together is judged by the number Christmas cards you get out the door, and how current your family picture is.

Commitment to community is questioned by endless jingling bells and sorrowful messages scribbled on brown cardboard.

In the malls, shoppers scramble, madly sliding and pressing buttons on Visa machines. Line ups form. Cookies burn. Turkeys shrivel. Panic ensues. Liquor flows. Tempers flare. And people go off their lovely handles.

And all in the name of peace on earth, goodwill to man.

The holidays should be about friends and family. That’s it. Take out all the stress and measurement and comparisons and forget the rest. They are supposed to be fun!

So, in the name of putting an end to holiday stress, get the sleep you need. Nothing takes your mind off a hectic schedule like a good night’s sleep.

A Mattress For the Holidays

What do you get for the person who has everything?

The thing that everyone needs: A good night’s sleep.

If your partner has been sleeping on the same old mattress for years, maybe it’s time to start the New Year with something new. Instead of buying a bunch of unnecessary nicknacks that they might not even want, you can get them something they’re guaranteed to love – a comfortable new mattress.

Why leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Take your partner for a stroll through Simmons Mattress Gallery and find out what bed he or she likes best.

Keep it casual, “Okay, hon, let’s go do some more Chistmas shopping,” knowing full well that the bed they liked best has been noted.

To help you find the perfect mattress Vancouver’s Simmons Mattress Gallery is currently offering 60% off selected models for their Year-End Clearance mattress sale.

If could be the perfect time to get the Christmas present they’ll (and hopefully you as well) will enjoy for years to come.

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