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Choosing Sleep

A survey done by the Conference Board of Canada reported that two-thirds of Canadians would rather spend more time with their mattress than a night out on the town. Even more significant, 55 per cent of the 18-24 bracket said they would rather catch up on their sleep as well; Young people are choosing health over partying.

Now, this could be just lip service. When the text comes that Jennifer is having people over to her new Kitsilano suite, all thoughts of sleep could be pushed back. And with more and more ways to communicate socially, it seems like there is always an invitation waiting in the inbox. But the poll does show, that at the very least, young Canadians are recognizing that sleep is a necessary component for a healthy lifestyle.

Young people are attempting to go to bed earlier, limit their caffeine intake and prioritize a 7-8 hour rest period. Part of this progress is due to the health education they now receive during grade school. Another contributing factor is the health emphasis that companies are now implementing into their training programs. Businesses are realizing that an overworked intern is far less productive than an employee (paid or unpaid) who has worked a standard 8-hour worked day.

Our wired world is still a detriment to fulfilling our desire for sleep, but at least our youth are aware that sleep is a necessary element for success.

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