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Neymar’s Mattress Endorsement

The Brazilian football phenom, known simply as Neymar, touched down in Tokyo this week to film a series of mattress advertisements intended for Japanese television.

The superstar athlete, who became recognized worldwide during the 2014 World Cup, was injured in Brazil’s quarterfinal matchup with Columbia. A cracked vertebra in his lower back kept the striker from playing in Brazil’s last three matches.

Rest and physiotherapy will hopefully allow the footballer to rejoin his offensively stacked club team, FC Barcelona in the fall.

The Japanese mattress manufacturer, AirSleep, hopes to cash in on Neymar’s rise to football fame, using his star power to sell their new beds. The young Brazilian was filmed sitting on AirSleep’s foam mattress, a mattress they claim holds secret relaxation properties.

Sleep is key for Neymar’s recovery, as his muscles and tissue work to mend the damage done during Brazil’s win over Columbia.

Upon completing his obligatory media spots, Neymar ended the day with a quote that was almost assuredly written by his publisher:

“This mattress feels great. I am sure it will help me in my recovery. I had a long trip here, so I’m looking forward to testing this mattress tonight.”

This isn’t the first time a Japanese company has claimed that their mattresses help pro athletes. Weava Japan provided beds for 150 Japanese athletes during the London Games. The mattress was multipurpose: one side for muscle fatigue and one side for relaxed training.

For the weekend athlete, we suggest a Simmons Beautyrest, the perfect bed for restorative health; ideal for tasks like keeping up with your four year-old.

World Cup has Vancouverites Showing Their True Colours

“When I get older / I will be stronger / They’ll call me freedom /

Just like a Waving Flag” – K’naan

The colours of the world’s flags are on display in the Lower Mainland this month, as the World Cup kicks off in South Africa.

Not since the Olympics, has Vancouver seen this much national pride featured on the streets.

The two predominant jerseys are the yellow and green of Brazil and the white and red of England. (No, sadly those aren’t Canadian colours, as our national team, once again, failed to qualify)

The matches will be played out in cities around South Africa until the final game on June 11th.

As in previous years, the place to celebrate will be Commercial Drive, Vancouver’s unofficial Mecca of world culture. This is where the rainbow of colour starts and finishes.

To pick up your own jersey, try Soccer Express in North Vancouver, Coquitlam and Kelowna. Or to grab something to wave, try The Flag Shop at 1615 Powell Street.

If you’re feeling crafty, try your hand at a pride quilt. Nothing else shows your support quite like a colourful bed covering. Your friends will be impressed, your family will love your enthusiasm for your homeland and best of all, it’s a great excuse to bring dates back to your bedroom.

Just make sure the mattress underneath is up to par.

If you’re worried, make a trip to Simmons Mattress Gallery between games. We’ll give you two free pillows, with your purchase of a new mattress, if you bring in a homemade quilt featuring the colours of your team.

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