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Tinder Has Gone To the Dogs

Are you jealous of your single friends and their Tinder app? Wish you could do some of your own swiping? Looking for a dog to adopt?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, or more importantly, the last question, you may be interested in a new app called BarkBuddy.

BarkBuddy takes the ease of Tinder dating and uses it to match potential pet owners with dogs who need adopting.

The needle on the cute scale is threatening to break off…

Similar to Tinder, the intuitive app lets you swipe through profiles of dogs that need homes in your area. Each dog has a handful of photos and a brief bio. If you find a friendly four-legged friend that you could see yourself adopting, you can set-up a meet and greet. You can also save your favourite pooches to a potential love-bank.

There are currently 300,000 dogs looking for homes in the apps database.

Although the app is getting many positive reviews, some users claim, like the dating world, that the only way to find a potential friend is in person, at the local SPCA.

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