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Diner en Blanc

If you haven’t received your official invitation by now, it’s probably too late.

Diner en Blanc is returning to Vancouver for it’s third sitting. The mysterious all-white dinner party is an invite-only picnic that has become one of the most anticipated social engagements of the Vancouver summer calendar.

The event, for those of you in the black, is basically a bring-your-own-everything-picnic, where all the attendees wear white.

Why is an invitation so sought after? That’s a good question. Probably because the organizers are extremely savvy in their marketing and social media skills. The whole event is like one perfect Instagram photo, complete with a black and white filter to give it that retro vibe.

Tickets are $35, for nothing more than a chance to sit at a table. Again, you have to provide your own food and drink.

Besides the ‘only wear white’ gimmick, the dinner’s popularity is also aided by the mystery surrounding its location. Each year the organizers choose a new public setting for the event. The catch: no one is altered to the location until a few hours before the event.

Prospective picnickers go through a series of complicated registration phases to secure a seat. Over 35,000 people applied for this year’s event and only 3,200 were accepted. The good thing for past guests, is once you’re in, you’re in annually. That is, if you don’t break any of the long list of etiquette rules, the most stringent being ‘only white garb’.

So for those of us without a snowy white ticket, there’s always a spot on the beach. Wear whatever you like, you will always be welcomed back.

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