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Fall Back

On Sunday November 2nd, most of British Columbia will move their clocks back an hour. Daylight savings is here and with it a chance to gain back some needed sleep.

Sleep experts say that an extra hour on the mattress over the weekend can help us get caught up on our weeknight sleep debt. That extra hour helps our body recharge and our brain repair the damaged synapses that might have been clouding our thoughts during the week. And with Daylight Savings – It’s guilt-free!

You don’t even have to sleep. All you need to do is enjoy your Vancouver mattress for one extra hour. That’s not so hard.

If it is a chore to stay in bed, you probably are sleeping on the wrong mattress. A visit to Simmons Mattress Gallery can reverse your stance on sleeping-in. Come talk to the professionals before Sunday.

And for those of you on Mountain Time, well, it’s business as usual for you. To keep up with the rest of us, why don’t you head to bed an hour earlier on Saturday? We wouldn’t want an unfair advantage.

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