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Top Ten Signs Your Mattress is Defunct

10. Colour Recognition

  • If you can’t discern your mattress’s original colour through the stains on its exterior, you need a new bed.

9. Meet In the Middle

  • If you wake up each night in the middle of your mattress, pressed uncomfortably against your partner, your mattress is experiencing some significant sag. The coils are shot; An upgrade is in order.

8. Visible Damage

  • If the top comfort layer of your mattress looks like it’s gone through a shredder, it is probably impacting your comfort.

7. Sounds From Below

  • If your moves in the night incite a symphony of metal springs, it’s time to trade in the ear plugs for a Simmons Beautyrest.

6. College Size

  • If your mattress is the same size as the one you used in your college dorm room, you should probably consider moving up to a Queen size mattress.

5. Damp To The Touch

  • If changing your sheets is like pulling the cling wrap off your plate of leftovers, it means three things: You probably have a mold problem; Your mattress has been compromised; You should probably move.

4. Morning Ache

  • If your body aches more in the morning than it did before you went to sleep, you need a new bed.

3. Searching For the Sweet Spot

  • If you need to spend ten minutes trying to find a comfortable spot between the mattress lumps, you should have bought a new mattress years ago.

2. Stank Factor

1. Spring In Your Back

  • If there is an actual physical spring sticking through the top comfort layer of your mattress, take a photo and send it to us. That bed belongs on a Fail Blog.

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