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On A Mission

“I know that intersection! That’s downtown.”

Though the boom years of the “X-Files” are over, Vancouver still is being sought as a shooting location for film and television productions. This past week, the big news around the city was that “Mission Impossible 4” had begun shooting. Tom Cruise was spotted at two public locations doing action scenes. The first was underneath the Burrard Bridge, just up from the Aquatic Center, in the West End. Tenants in the towers surrounding the set were able to watch Cruise perform a number of action sequences. The paparazzi arrived late and were under-the-gun to capture a shot of the megastar.

Later in the week, the crew set up outside the brand new Vancouver Convention Centre, across town. The neighbourhood was given a redress, standing in for an unknown city in India. Filming went late into the night, with Cruise performing a dramatic chase scene through parked traffic.

If you are looking to see Cruise in the flesh, you won’t be directed to set with giant signs that say Mission Impossible. The production company has chosen the code word ‘Aries’. So if you’re in the hunt, keep your eyes open for small white signs with green or orange arrows and the title “Aries” in the center.

Tom Cruise On Set In Vancouver

Other productions, currently shooting in Vancouver, are “Apollo 18,” a sci-fi picture concerning NASA’s last attempt to land on the moon and “The Grey,” a film about a group of stranded men who are stalked by a pack of wolves. “The Grey” stars Liam Neeson. It is expected to be released sometime in 2012.

USA Kicks Off Vancouver’s Celebration of Light

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

Gave proof thro’ the night” that Van City was still there

The Celebration of Light, formerly the Symphony of Fire, returns to Vancouver tonight for four nights of spectacular ariel visuals.

This year there will be four countries competing: United States, Spain, Mexico and China.

The United States will open the fireworks festival tonight with a tribute to the Big Band Era. The theme of their routine, put together by the Rozzi’s Famous Firework team, is ‘In the Mood.’

The shows will then run every Wednesday and Saturday till July 31st, when China will close out the festival.

The countries will be competing against each other under the categories of geneal concept, colour, originality, quality of production and correlation of music.

Last years festival was not judged, but the 2008 winner was Canada’s Archangel Fireworks Inc., with their theme of ‘Attack.’

This year the fireworks will be shot from two separate barges setup in English Bay.

Here is a list of some of the top viewing spots:

English Bay Beach

-You can hear the music from the loudspeakers, the waterfalls from the barge are all visible and the ariel explosions are directly overhead.

Burrard Bridge

-Spots fill up fast and you have to stand the whole time, but the bridge is an awesome elevated location.

From a boat in English Bay

-If you or a friend is lucky enough to have a boat, find a spot in the bay and enjoy the show from the water. If there is any extra room on your vessel make sure to call us.

(Safety note: Make sure your boat is equipped with a spotlight to find your way back through the maze of other ships once the show has wrapped)

Vanier Park

-Not as close as English Bay, but the crowds are more bearable and the sight lines are excellent.

(Musical note: If you are watching the fireworks from a distance, make sure to bring aportable radio and tune into Shore 104fm to listen to the corresponding music.)

Celebration of Light

If you have any opinions about the performances, feel free to share them with us as comments on our blog.


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