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Latin Flavour

The World Cup has brought a lot of attention to Latin America these past few weeks and that interest is only going to increase with the start of the 6th Annual Latin America Week here in Vancouver.

From June 28th to July 6th, Latin Americans will be showcasing their colourful culture at events around the city.

The official Latin America House will be hosted at Edgewater Casino with an 18 foot high HD screen for World Cup viewing. There will be drink and food specials and music to move to.

On Canada Day, the party will take to a float that will feature folk dancers from Mexico, Peru and El Salvador. On Thursday, the party moves back indoors with Carnaval de Sol Fiesta at FanClub on Granville Street. Expect this to be a long night…

For family fun, visit the final days of the festival for a two-day street party on Granville. There will be 400 performers, three stages, a marketplace and a street soccer tournament. The festival focus for the weekend will be arts and culture.

Wondering what to expect? Well, by now we’ve all seen how the Brazilians can party. Let’s hope they make it past the Quarters.

Securing a Commitment

Are you having troubles getting your partner to commit to more than just a verbal acknowledgement of your relationship? Are you tired of dropping hints about moving in together? Want to up the ante? Change your mattress.

Partners who are afraid of commitment tend to idealize their single living dwellings. In order to rationalize their delay in settling down, they focus their attention on how sweet their current residence is.

Getting them out of their comfort cocoon takes a cunning offensive. What you need to do is make your own living arrangement more attractive. That can mean many different things, from keeping up with cleaning, to a well-stocked fridge, to a decent cable package, to the ultimate lure, a new luxury mattress.

We spend more time on our mattress than any other furnishing in our homes. If your mattress exudes opulence, your partner will notice. Guaranteed.

Everyone wants to improve his or her sleep and if you can provide that need to your partner, well the game just swung in your favour.

Improve your commitment strategy with a trip to Simmons Mattress Gallery.  We have the finest beds in the business at a convenient location on the Broadway corridor. Stop by this week to sleep test some of our mattresses.


Simmons Mattress Gallery is not usually a forum for gossip speculation, but the recent split of newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has us a little concerned.

The marriage lasted a total of 72 days. They didn’t even complete a financial quarter. Imagine what all the guests who attended that wedding are feeling. I bet a few of them are wishing they didn’t spend so much on their gift.

But the real question is: Why are so many celebrity couples calling it quits?

Is it the pressures of being in the spotlight? The legions of fans who bolster their egos? Is it that they were never in love to begin with? Are all these marriages simply grandiose publicity stunts?

No. Most probably started with love, but somewhere along the way, the fire died.

Sleeping apart from your partner can have that effect. We firmly believe the couple that sleeps together, stays together. Often celebrity couples are forced apart by the demands of their jobs. Without a permanent mattress to share, the individuals start to feel less like a union and more like two private enterprises.

Thankfully, most couples that buy our mattresses are able to enjoy the comfort they offer together. With non-flip pocket coils, designed to eliminate motion transfer, both partners can rise in the morning refreshed from an undisturbed sleep. When both parties in a relationship are rested, there is less chance of minor issues blowing up into major ones. There is also more energy for the other endeavors that mattresses provide.

Don’t model your life on the fleeting bond of two distant stars. Stay grounded on a mattress that supports the weight of a committed relationship.

Kim Kardashian

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

It’s your parent’s anniversary. Thirty-five years of marriage and they are still sleeping on that old mattress they bought just after you were born.

Surprise them with an anniversary gift they will cherish through their golden years. Buy them a Beautyrest mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery, Vancouver’s mattress store.

They deserve it. They’ve been through a lot, but they stuck together and always supported you. Now is your chance to repay them.

You will look like the golden child. Those memories of when you wrote-off the family car will be magically erased. In its place will blossom years of ‘thank you’s’.

You can purchase their new mattress at our Broadway location in Vancouver or at our Schoolhouse store in Coquitlam.

Not sure what mattress to choose. Make an event out of the gift. Tell them you need their help picking out a new hardwood floor. Drive them to either of our locations and have them spend an afternoon trying out our beds.

We guarantee they will leave with a smile and a spring in their step.

President’s Trophy Champs

It’s official, the Canucks are the President’s Trophy champions. Currently holding 113 points they have the best record of any team in the National Hockey League.

Their remaining games are inconsequential. All they have left to play for is pride and statistics.

On the fortieth year of the franchise, on the 125th anniversary year of their hometown, on the cusp of heading into the playoffs, the Canucks seem like a team destined for a championship.

The Sedins have never been hotter, Luongo is clearly in the zone and the injured winter soldiers are slowly returning to the line-up.

Daniel has a firm grip on the scoring title with 102 points, Henrik is leading the league in assists with 74, and Luongo has the most wins with 38. Hamhuis should be back in the line-up this weekend after his second concussion this season and Samuelson has already started skating with the club. Alexander Edler could also see action by the end of the week, in time for the final game of the season against the Calgary Flames.

With the Western Conference still in limbo, it could take until Sunday for the Canucks to know whom they will face in the opening round. A loss to Calgary on Saturday could set the stage for Vancouver to ultimately face their old rivals from Alberta.

More than likely, our boys will be matched against the Blackhawks, the team that has secured our quick exit from the playoffs for the past two years. However, a series win against Chicago could be the perfect catalyst for a push to the finals.

No matter what the match-up, the Canucks are ready and willing.

This is our year. Let’s plan the parade route down Broadway, right past Vancouver’s premier mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

They Gave It Everything They Had In 94

(Sorry, we’re a little selfish. But like the rest of you who cursed that goal post in 94, we believe our city deserves this and we want to be there for the celebration!)

What’s In A Name?

Interested in the historical past of many of Vancouver’s most prominent streets and sites. There is an excellent book out in publication called “Namely Vancouver.” It is written by Tom Snyders, with the help of Jennifer O’Rourke. The book is organized alphabetically and lists almost all of Vancouver’s street names and neighbourhoods. Each entry includes the origin of the name and when possible, a brief history of the site. You can flip through and look up different street names you’ve always wondered about, or look up all the areas you ever lived, or just start on page one and work your way through. Some of the entries are a little dense with their historical references, but the real gems are the stories that Snyder includes.

Here are a few of our favourite finds:

Jericho (Beach) – Named after Jeremiah (Jerry) Rogers, Jericho was once a thriving logging camp. Jerry ran the camp and according to Snyders, treated his employees with dignity and provided fair wages. The camp was given the nickname Jerry’s Cove. It seems that over time, maybe through slurred after work libations, the name morphed into Jericho. Jerry would later become a justice of the peace.

Jericho Beach (Looking Towards Downtown Vancouver)

Wreck (Beach) – This popular nudist spot is named after the man-made breakwater that was built in 1928 using three log barges, a floating grain elevator, four former U.S. World War I freighters and an ore carrier.

Broadway (Home to Simmons Mattress Gallery) – 9th Avenue was changed to Broadway in May of 1909, in hopes that the area would take on a New York Broadway kind of feel. The name change was also instituted to encourage American investment in the area.

“Namely Vancouver” is published by Arsenal Pulp Press

Shopping Cart Art

One of the most alluring aspects of Vancouver is our dedication to the Arts. All around our city, there are indoor and outdoor installations featuring the work of local artists. From the public statues erected for the Olympic year, to small galleries on Granville Island, to the always-inspiring work of Bill Reid at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver is proud to display the talents of Canadian artists.

One of the smaller galleries that is making a name for itself for its historical and cultural exhibits is The Pendulum Gallery. The Pendulum is located at the base of the HSBC tower. It is a seven story, glass-covered atrium, created with the help of the City of Vancouver to promote cultural and historical exhibitions.

Last month, the Pendulum showed a photography exhibit titled “Swedes in B.C.,” which documented the life of Swedish immigrants.

This month, the gallery will be showing the work of Taizo Yamamoto. Yamamoto has produced an exhibition of intricate drawings titled “Shopping Carts and Recent Drawings.” The works present artifacts and single subject sketches of downtown life. The shopping carts are presented as still lifes, a vehicle holding the possessions and survival instruments of absent figures. The detail is truly amazing and worth the trip downtown.

So come out and support the work of local artists. You will walk away with a new appreciation for your own community and the projects it inspires.

Yamamoto’s work will be shown until March 5th.

Much More Than a Receptacle For Groceries

Flowers For Everyone

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we accommodate all comfort levels to find our customers the perfect bed for their lifestyle. In the food world, this task is often a little more difficult, especially if your chosen lifestyle is vegan. Finding goods that meet your ingredient standards can be a difficult task. Finding baked goods – almost impossible.

Well that is all about to change, with the opening of Edible Flours (cute little pun), the first all-vegan retail bakery in Vancouver. The bakery will launch in late March, on Broadway, between Vine and Yew. Edible Flours will offer sweets of all sorts that are dairy and egg free. This includes cupcakes, cookies, muffins, loaves, brownies and even birthday cake. All the sweeteners used in these products will be un-refined.

Their menu will also include items for specialty diets, with the option of gluten, wheat, soy and sugar free products.

Unfortunately, the bakery will not initially produce bread, but co-owner Paul Briggs claims it may be a possibility further along.

Briggs and Alli Neville started the project with a make-to-order bakery a year ago.

Divine Vegan Treats

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