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Pasta License

A young man from Surrey is being denied his driver’s license because of his religious beliefs that include the wearing of a plastic colander on his head.

Obi Canuel is a devout member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and identifies as a practicing Pastafarian. In November of 2013, he attempted to have his driver’s photo taken while wearing his religious headgear. ICBC denied him an identity card but issued him a temporary license.

Since his first attempt at receiving a proper license, Canuel has returned to his local ICBC branch, only to be issued additional temporary slips. But on October 3rd of this year, Canuel’s luck and ICBC’s patience ran out. The corporation governing driver identification gave him a one-day license and claimed that he could not apply again until he conformed with the proper photo requirements (bare-headed).

ICBC currently allows citizens of the province who belong to religions with certain headgear policies to retain their coverings for their ID photographs. When asked about the policy, ICBC spokesperson Adam Grossman stated that the insurance corporation only permits individuals to wear head coverings if their religion prohibits their removal. “Mr. Canuel,” claims Grossman, “could not provide us with any proof that his faith prohibits it.”

While, the case sounds unique, it is not the first time that a Pastafarian has been denied an ID photo. There have been numerous other battles around the world between members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and government identification boards. Currently there are four countries that permit the specific strainers to be worn. Oddly enough, one of these is the United States.

When asked about his next course of action, Canuel said that he would not be pursuing further legal action as to do so would only cost money and the time of the Canadian justice system.

Simmons Mattress Galley would like to formally welcome Canuel to their showroom. There are no formal rules regarding headgear for customers or staff. If you choose to wear a sacred colander to bed, that is your prerogative; although we can’t imagine it to be that comfortable.

The Key to Unlocking Your Potential

Potential is a buzzword that is batted around when an individual is preforming at a level below expectations. It is often accompanied by the conjunction ‘but’, as in: “he had the potential to reach his goal, but [insert popular excuse].

Simmons Mattress Gallery wants to embrace potential, while removing the ‘but’. We believe that a new mattress is the ‘key’ for moving from potential, to success. This key will opens doors, creates confidence, improve your health and generally make life easier and more manageable.

How does this ’super key’ work?

A Simmons Beautyrest will improve your overall energy potential allowing you more opportunities to succeed at what ever task you set your mind to.

You won’t be sapped for energy at 2:30 in the afternoon. You won’t arrive at work looking like you spent the previous night at a dive bar (even if you had). You won’t be forced to make-up excuses for why you didn’t make it to the gym. And you definitely won’t spend the day showing off your back molars

Our beds will recharge your body, mind and soul. With eight hours of undisturbed rest, you will have more opportunities to kick-ass. A proper sleep will transform your ability to meet your goals leading to a happier, healthier, richer life.

Unlock your potential today, with a new bed from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Wish Upon A Star

Since 1998, St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver has been creating a public light display to raise funds for various projects and causes connected with the hospital.

This year, the ‘Lights of Hope’ display intends to raise $1.9 million in corporate and private donations. The St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation has already raised a total of $16 million since the conception of the light show.

The set-up for the lights began on November 5th, when a 100 volunteers helped erect the carefully planned display. It is estimated that the lights would span 10 kms, if attached as a single line. That would be quite the sight.

If you would like to donate, visit the charity’s website: The site suggest many creative ways to give, from security stock, to a mention in the will, to a monthly donation. Whatever you can afford to give, they’ll use.

The projects that the hospital wishes to fund are: the purchase of a new CT scanner, two 3D-capable echocardiography machines, bronchoscopy equipment, for the detection of lung disease and the completion of the Diagnostic Treatment Unit.

The official opening of this year’s Lights of Hope display will be on Thursday, November 24th.

Light Up the Stars Tonight

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