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Sleeping Cities

Jawbone, the makers of the ‘UP’, a self-tracking system you wear on your wrist, has published an interesting data survey that shows the sleeping patterns of different cities around the world.

The UP system helps you make personal alterations to your daily routine in the pursuit of leading a healthier life.

With the permission of their users, the creators profiled a sample of 5,000 participants per city and used the data to create a worldwide comparison of sleep schedules.

The findings showed that Melbourne was the most well rested city, with the average participant sleeping six hours and fifty-eight minutes a night. The least amount of sleep award went to users in Tokyo, Japan.

UP wearers in Brisbane were the first to go to bed, with the average being 10:57 p.m. The night owl designation went to Moscow, wear the average user sought out their luxury mattress at 12:46 a.m. Coincidentally, Moscow recorded the latest average rising time with 8:08 in the morning. The data would seem to indicate that the Russians sleep the most, but the UP instruments showed that even with the extended hours spent on the mattress, Moscow participants spend a large amount of time awake on their beds. This could be due to a healthy sex life or a plethora of uncomfortable mattresses.

Data from Vancouver was not featured in the chart, but Simmons Beautyrest owners would probably bring our average up to the Melbourne benchmark.

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