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Splatter Zone

The goriest night out in Vancouver this Halloween season is Evil Dead: The Musical.

The B-movie is transformed for the stage with all the characters you loved from the original film series. At the centre of the action is Ash, played by Scott Walters (originally Bruce Campbell). Ash brings his boomstick and all the one-liners you can handle: “You might say that was overkill… I say it was just enough kill.”

Accompanying Ash are Cheryl, Ash’s little sister; Linda, Ash’s girlfriend; Scott, Ash’s best friend; and Shelley, Scott’s new squeeze. All the performers dance, sing and shoot their way towards the shows gory conclusion.

Tickets are $29.99 for regular seats or an even $40 for the splatter zone. Yes, you heard that correct. SPLATTER ZONE! If you go with the big ticket, make sure you wear a light coloured shirt that you’re not too attached to.

The production is running nightly at the Norman Rothstein Theatre until November 1st.

Who needs a right hand when you can replace it with a chainsaw!?!?!


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