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The Job Hunt

All right Grads, this is it. You’ve finished your degree. You’ve done your necessary month of travelling and partying. Now it is time to get serious; It’s time to start job hunting.

1. Deciding on a field

Hopefully you’ve already done this and your degree or graduate work will lead you directly to the companies in need of your skills. If you are coming out with an arts degree…we hate to say it, but you’re probably looking at a few more years of skill building.

2. Researching Employers

Before you let your employers see your credentials, investigate theirs. You should have a deep knowledge of any employer you wish to work for. This will help you decide if the company is right for you. Questions to ask as you do your research:

  • Are there positions in the company that you could work towards? You never want to take an entry position, only to find out their is no room for upward movement.
  • Is the company in a viable market?
  • What sort of reputation does the company have in regards to employee satisfaction?

3. Online Sweep

Time to cleanup your online presence. Yes, employers use Facebook to check on potential employees. They will also do a Google search of your name. Guaranteed. Take down all those party shots and stiffen up your privacy settings. Go through your tweets – All of them. Remove any that might be damaging.

4. Interview Prep

The interview process is quite possibly the most difficult test you will undertake. Do not stress; be prepared. Know your skills and abilities and know what the job is asking of you. Know exactly what the company does and who their clients are. Practice with a friend or parent before heading in.

5. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

We can’t stress this enough. To be at the top of your game, you need sleep. Get to know your Vancouver mattress. There will be plenty of sleepless nights once you start working.

From Russia With Love

The Canadian Men’s Hockey team is full of high profile players that will be representing Canada on the Olympic ice in Sochi over the next few weeks. In the Olympic Village, they will probably be some of the most recognizable athletes. Along with their fellow NHLers they will also be some of the most highly paid individuals participating in the games. But when it comes to accommodations, the premier hockey players will be living in the same cramped quarters as the rest of the winter athletes.

Last Tuesday, the media was given a tour of the rooms the Canadian competitors will be staying in  – As one reporter put it, the athletes will be trading ‘luxury for community.’

The rooms are for three single occupants to live. They have four walls and the bare essentials. The most bizarre feature: the bed arrangements.

Each room holds three twin beds, lined up in a row, with just over a foot of space between. Tight, too say the least.

Shannon Szabados, of the Woman’s Hockey Team said her roommates were already making adjustments. “We arranged our beds so they weren’t side-by-side,” she said. “I think mine’s in the kitchen right now.”

One of the only NHLers to receive a sliver of special treatment was Zdeno Chara, the flag-bearer for Slovakia. Chara received an extra foot-and-a-half extension on his bed to fit his 6′9″ frame.

No word if all three Canadian Men’s Hockey goalies will be sharing a room together.

It will certainly be a change from Roberto Luongo’s lavish Yaletown digs. Maybe he will send a family member over to Simmons Mattress Gallery and we could send him a Beautyrest World Class mattress. We’ve heard there’s room in the lounge…

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