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From Russia With Love

The Canadian Men’s Hockey team is full of high profile players that will be representing Canada on the Olympic ice in Sochi over the next few weeks. In the Olympic Village, they will probably be some of the most recognizable athletes. Along with their fellow NHLers they will also be some of the most highly paid individuals participating in the games. But when it comes to accommodations, the premier hockey players will be living in the same cramped quarters as the rest of the winter athletes.

Last Tuesday, the media was given a tour of the rooms the Canadian competitors will be staying in  – As one reporter put it, the athletes will be trading ‘luxury for community.’

The rooms are for three single occupants to live. They have four walls and the bare essentials. The most bizarre feature: the bed arrangements.

Each room holds three twin beds, lined up in a row, with just over a foot of space between. Tight, too say the least.

Shannon Szabados, of the Woman’s Hockey Team said her roommates were already making adjustments. “We arranged our beds so they weren’t side-by-side,” she said. “I think mine’s in the kitchen right now.”

One of the only NHLers to receive a sliver of special treatment was Zdeno Chara, the flag-bearer for Slovakia. Chara received an extra foot-and-a-half extension on his bed to fit his 6′9″ frame.

No word if all three Canadian Men’s Hockey goalies will be sharing a room together.

It will certainly be a change from Roberto Luongo’s lavish Yaletown digs. Maybe he will send a family member over to Simmons Mattress Gallery and we could send him a Beautyrest World Class mattress. We’ve heard there’s room in the lounge…

Home For the Holidays: Accommodating the In-Laws

The in-laws arrive on Thursday night.

They are flying in from across the country.

Simon and his fiancé are traveling from Calgary. Brenda, Scotty and the kids are coming in from Oshawa. Fran is making her way from Nova Scotia and Frank and Laura are flying out of Cranbrook.

It’ll be a packed house.

The turkey has been bought, you’ve planned dinners for both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and the presents are wrapped. The only thing left to do is to figure out where everyone will sleep.

So in your usual fashion, you make a list.

Master Bedroom  – You and your husband.

2nd Bedroom (Jules’s) – Your two kids and Brenda and Scotty’s boys. They can squish. You have three extra foamies plus Jule’s bed.

3rd Bedroom (Mathew’s) – Simon and his finance. The bed’s small, but they’re in love. Well, newly in love, so you assume they still enjoy holding each other at night.

Office – Fran. It’s small as well, but there is a mattress in the garage that fits perfectly into the room. She’ll also be closer to the computer, which you’re sure she will appreciate.

Basement – Brenda and Scotty. They need a break from their little monsters and that’s the furthest spot away you could offer them.

Den – Laura and Frank, your husband’s parents.

But wait, you replaced the hide-a-bed last year with that new couch from the Brick. It doesn’t fold out! OMG! You can’t make them sleep on the floor…. Frank’s back is always bothering him. Plus, Laura would never forgive you. She’s still sour about the spaghetti incident from last summer.

What now?!??!

Don't Leave Your Loved Ones On The Floor

The quick solution: buy a spare mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery. They’re open all week till six o’clock. You can make it to the Coquitlam location after work on Tuesday. You’ll have the mini-van and you can tie the mattress to the roof. Best of all, Laura can’t complain about the quality of a Simmons!

Excellent. Crisis averted. Stand down. Christmas is a go… for now.

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