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The Forbidden City

The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting a new exhibit this fall that will feature five centuries of artifacts from Imperial China. The exhibit is titled “The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’ Emperors” and will run until January 11th at the main museum centre between Robson and Georgia Street.

At the height of it’s power, the Beijing palace was a place of mystery, where only a select group of staff, visitors and family members could ogle the treasures held within its walls. Now, a century after the Empire fell, the veil is being removed and the priceless contents are being displayed for the public.

The exhibition is organized by Beijing’s Palace Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The main curator is Dr. Chen Shen, the ROM’s Chair of East Asian Archaeology. Local historian and UBC professor, Timothy Brook, is coordinating the exhibit for Vancouver’s exhibit.

The collection is divided into nine unique sections:


  • Focuses on Aisin-Gioro lineage line, the greatest triple generation of emperors in Chinese history


  • Icons of power are displayed in this room with an emphasis on the emperor’s throne.


  • Armour and weaponry, the tools for consolidating power.


  • This section looks at the colours and dress of the emperors.


  • A look at the concubines who provided heirs to the throne.


  • Less emoticons and more calligraphy, this section deals with the private and public communications voiced by the rulers.


  • The far-from-ordinary daily objects used in the palace.


  • The emperor’s private collection of artifacts from China and around the world.

Farewell My Emperor

  • The final room features a discussion on the last emperor of the Forbidden City.

The exhibit will also host two historical lectures on October 28th at 7 p.m. and November 4th at 7 p.m. Both of these talks are on a Tuesday evening, where entrance is by donation.

Coupland’s ‘Gumhead’

The Vancouver Art Gallery is bringing a new public art feature to the Robson Square Plaza that relies on public ‘chewing’ interaction. Created by local artist, Douglas Coupland, the piece features a 7-foot tall self-portrait bust of the artist. Temporarily titled ‘gumhead,’ the artwork encourages the public to add their chewing material to the sculpture. The hope being, that in a matter of months, Coupland’s face will be completely covered with a patchwork layer of saliva infused sweet bubble cud.

The gallery has described the piece as “a gum-based, crowd-sourced, publicly interactive, social-sculpture self-portrait.” It is one of fifteen works commissioned by the VAG as part of NEXT: A Series of Artist Projects from the Pacific Rim.

The bust is being installed this week on the grassy knoll of the southeast corner of Robson plaza. The official unveiling will occur on May 31st. The bust will remain at this location until September 1st.

The gumhead will be part of the plaza’s summer theme: Urban Reef. The reef project is the latest winner in the Robson Redux design competition, a contest open to local and foreign designers for re-imagining the public space outside of the VAG, between Hornby and Howe street.

Coupland’s work may have been inspired by other public ‘gum’ works. Anyone who has visited Seattle’s Pike Place Market has probably witnessed the Market Theatre Gum Wall. The wall, located in an alley just behind the market, is a kaleidoscope of used gum that has become an Instagram staple for visitors to the Emerald City. Another public gum work can be found in Berlin, on one of the wall sections from the now dismantled Berlin Wall.

For those hoping to be a part of the project, we suggest a multicoloured, HubbaBubba style, chewing addition. It’ll standout and add a bit of flare to the standard spearmint Dentyne swabs.

Mother’s Day Morning

It’s that time of year again to celebrate that wonderful woman who birthed you into this world and cared for you every second of your life.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th and Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to recommend you show your appreciation for a lifetime of love with a homemade breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is also a great starter for those dads out there who are trying to organize a full day of Mother’s Day activities.

So whether you are surprising your own mother, or preparing a morning meal for the mother of your children, here are a few tips on how to make it a memorable morning:

Start Early

  • Don’t wait to the last minute to pull something together. Dads, include the kids in the breakfast planning process. Have them work out a menu of mom’s favourites.

Keep it Simple

  • You don’t need to go all-fancy with hollandaise sauce and poached eggs. Sometimes a simple fruit plate is the best surprise.

Diet Restrictions

  • Mom may be watching her weight, so don’t load her down with pancakes and whipped cream.

Picnic Blanket

  • Breakfast in bed can get a little messy. You don’t want to stain her sheets with coffee or berries. Lay out a picnic blanket so you can enjoy your mattress meal without worrying about the linens.

Homemade Menu

  • Write up a menu with a few additional notes professing your love and appreciation for all that mom does.

Flowers On the Side

Good luck and happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful ladies who work tirelessly for us,

365 days a year. We appreciate every second of care.

Pushing Pride in Sochi

Tim Stevenson will be flying to Sochi in less than a month. He has been named deputy mayor for the trip, the official representative from the City of Vancouver.

Why is this newsworthy? Tim Stevenson is an openly gay city councilor.

Apart from representing the previous host city of the Winter Olympics, Stevenson will be lobbying for a change in the Olympic Charter to include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination clause. This will allow greater opportunities for openly gay athletes, especially in countries that outlaw homosexual activity.

Also on Stevenson’s agenda, encouraging the Olympic committee to include Pride Houses in future games, a tradition that was started in Vancouver in 2010 and repeated in London, during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Pride Houses provide safe locations for athletes and coaches who identify as LGBTQ to meet and socialize. Sochi has not sanctioned the establishment of Pride Houses.

In fact, Russia has established a number of ant-gay laws that discourage open displays of affection among homosexual individuals and make it unlawful to spread “gay propaganda.” Basically, the laws make it legal for police to give out fines for public displays of affection amongst homosexuals. These laws have been attacked by human rights organizations around the globe.

The hope is that Stevenson’s efforts will be able to illicit policy change; so future Olympic participants can compete in an environment free of discrimination based on sexual orientation.


It’s 2:38, mid-way through the afternoon, when your phone battery dies. It didn’t even last till the end of your shift. Now how will you Whatsapp your friend in New York, follow Amanda Bynes latest brush with the law and Vine your coworkers attempt at a Sasso lemon face. You might actually get some work done this afternoon…

But that’s not the point! The real issue is battery life! If you can’t count on your phone charge lasting till dinner, what can you count on? The answer is your mattress.

Simmons Mattress has developed a new mattress specifically designed for ‘recharging’ our tired bodies. Your phone might pack it in after your marathon session of Candy Crush, but your body and mind will hold their charge until pillow time.

The new mattress line uses a combination of patented Beautyrest pocket coils and AirCool and GelTouch foams to create the most recharging sleep ever. The coils provide support, the gel touch adds an extra layer of comfort and the AirCool design provides cooling technology guaranteed to keep your mattress at an ideal temperature for sleep.

The result: full bars from sunup to sunset.

Come in and test-sleep a Recharge mattress at our Broadway location. We can charge your iPhone at the same time. Free of ‘charge.’

Final Days Of The Beautyrest Sale

We are in the final days of the Simmons Mattress Gallery Beautyrest Sales Event. This could be your last chance to get a Simmons Beautyrest for up to 60% off.

So come on down to 101 Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam or if you need a quality mattress Vancouver address is 1001 West Broadway (and Oak).

We have Queen Sets from an incredible value of $699. Visco and Wool Queen Sets are only $799 and you can enjoy the World Class Queen Set for only $899.

These prices are only lasting for a few more days. So don’t delay.

Richmond Mattress Store

It takes ten minutes to run down to the store to buy a litre of milk. If you want to go to a movie downtown, you’re looking at an hour. Mattress shopping, however is a nice compromise between the two.

If you jump in your car (or get on the Canada Line) you can be at 1001 West Broadway in less than 25 minutes. You can pick out your mattress, and the friendly staff at Simmons Mattress Gallery can even help you organize delivery to your Richmond home.

If you prefer Richmond mattress stores, keep this in mind. While they might be closer to getting a litre of milk, they will be more like a movie when it comes to the details of  shipping and handling. It all takes time when you are not in the good hands of the mattress professionals. They are conscientious and thoughtful. Your order will not be misplaced, your bed will not end up in the wrong part of Richmond, and you will get the mattress you bought – for a whole lot less than if you were going to buy it in a Richmond mattress store.

So if you were thinking about going for a movie downtown, why not save yourself some time, and just go mattress shopping instead. You could have a new, comfortable mattress in half the time – and you’ll feel much more relaxed.


Famous People That Loved To Sleep

Did you know Elvis Presley slept on a Beautyrest?  Mr. Walmart slept on a Beautyrest. Even Winston Churchill slept on a Beautyrest.

There’s a great ad from the One Show back in the day about Churchill’s famous mattress. It was a winner. It rings as true today as it did in 1982. The headline went something like: “Churchill sent hundreds of thousands to their death on the beaches of Normandy. How did he sleep at night?”* Answer – the Simmons Beautyrest.

One of Winston Churchill’s famous quotes was: “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

Or… maybe it was the Beautyrest.

*I’m not a WWII historian, nor do I have the ad in front of me, so don’t hold me to the particulars.

A 2 for 1 special?

The Night Before…

It’s the night before your company presentation and all you want is a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

You have been working tirelessly for three months in preparation. There have been late nights in the office, when the only people in the building have been you, the security guard and the cleaning staff. There have been hour-long Skype sessions with the tech department in Toronto and countless meetings with your team in Vancouver.

You saw your idea evolve from a boardroom discussion to a tangible product. Over thirty employees put their time and resources into its development. Now it is time to sell it to the company brass.

No pressure.

Lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, you run through the presentation in your head. You have done all you can.

The only thing left to do is receive the seven hours of sleep you need to stay alert and focused.

You roll over on to another lump and openly curse your twelve-year-old mattress.

Give Your Mind a Rest

Innovation starts and ends with the sleep you receive. Purchase a Beautyrest mattress at one of the two Simmons Mattress Galleries in the Lower Mainland. Your productivity is resting on it.

Vancouver Mattress Shopping Tips

Before you come into shop for a new mattress at Simmons Mattress Gallery, it’s a good idea to compile a few notes on the specifics of what you will be looking for in your new bed. This will help the Simmons professionals suggest the perfect mattress for your needs.

Here is a list of questions you should consider:

1. What sort of sleeping position do you prefer? Do you sleep on your back, your side or on your stomach? Some mattresses are specifically designed for certain sleeping positions, so knowing which one you prefer helps with selection.

2. Do you have chronic back pain? Memory foam is an excellent addition for those suffering neck or back pain.

3. Do you and or your partner move around in your sleep? All of the Beautyrest models are made with non-flip pocket coils that help reduce motion transfer, but some are more sensitive than others.

4. What firmness do you prefer? Think about the most comfortable sleep you’ve had. Was the mattress extra firm or was it the softness that made it so cozy?

5. How much room do you have in your bedroom for your new mattress? You don’t want to buy a king size mattress if it will not fit in your room. Use a tape measure and record the dimensions you will need.

6. How much are you willing to spend? Figure out a budget beforehand. Knowing this number will help the mattress professional suggest mattresses within your price range.

Bring all these facts in with you when you visit one of our two locations. Make sure to sleep test at least five different mattresses in our showroom. Again, this will help you decide on what qualities you prefer.

Wake Up on Your New Simmons Mattress

“Good Morning, Good Morning!”

Good morning! Two words that sneak from our lips, but often mean far too little.

What is a ‘good morning’? Is it a greeting, a statement of fact or a question?

Well if the Viagra commercials are to be believed, it is a state of being; a post-performance glow. It has gentlemen in suits leaping over hedges, bounding down sidewalks and freely swinging their briefcases.

According to The Beatles it is a mundane rundown of your average day, mixed with a flirty skirt and a barnyard serenade.

Here at Simmons Mattress Gallery, we believe a ‘good morning’ is the product of a peaceful night’s sleep on our superior, non-flip pocket coil mattress. Nothing prepares your mind, body and soul for taking on the new day than an undisturbed rest. And quite simply, that is what a Simmons mattress provides. Our Beautyrest line will provide more spring than any blue pill will.

Try a Simmons today and you will never look back. You will greet your staff with a boastful ‘How was your sleep last night? Mine was amazing!’ That is how to start the day. Leave the chickens and the pill popping to the ill informed.

"Now look to your right..."

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

It’s your parent’s anniversary. Thirty-five years of marriage and they are still sleeping on that old mattress they bought just after you were born.

Surprise them with an anniversary gift they will cherish through their golden years. Buy them a Beautyrest mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery, Vancouver’s mattress store.

They deserve it. They’ve been through a lot, but they stuck together and always supported you. Now is your chance to repay them.

You will look like the golden child. Those memories of when you wrote-off the family car will be magically erased. In its place will blossom years of ‘thank you’s’.

You can purchase their new mattress at our Broadway location in Vancouver or at our Schoolhouse store in Coquitlam.

Not sure what mattress to choose. Make an event out of the gift. Tell them you need their help picking out a new hardwood floor. Drive them to either of our locations and have them spend an afternoon trying out our beds.

We guarantee they will leave with a smile and a spring in their step.

Simmons Innovation: Smart Response

The Beautyrest model mattress has been providing comfort to Simmons’ customers for over 86 years with its patented pocket coil support system.

This year, Simmons is introducing Smart Response Technology to their traditional pocket coil mattress. This revolution in design took the existing Beautyrest model that customers have appreciated for years and improved on it.

The Smart Response functions like two springs balanced on top of each other. The top half of the single spring is tapered to conform to the sleeper’s shape. The lower half of the spring is more rotund, offering support and the traditional motion separation that Simmons’ customers have come to appreciate. The new shape provides consumers with an undisturbed rest and a durable bed that will last for years.

These new springs can be found in Simmons’ new line of the Beautyrest NxG mattresses and our Beautyrest Elite collection.

Come in and try one this week. Your upgrade to Smart Response technology will affect your night’s sleep immediately.

Simmons Beautyrest – Improving with age!

Horizontal History

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With Your Mattress

How much money do you spend at the pharmacy each month on products designed to improve your looks? Close to a hundred dollars probably. You need to buy shampoo, bodywash, facial scrubs, toothpaste and beauty products – it all adds up. What about for your interior organs? You probably buy at least one multi-vitamin and maybe one package of stomach relief.

Did you know that a good night’s rest could change your daily complexion and help you fight off illness?

Your gym membership costs more than half your pharmacy bill and you still have to put in the work.

An undisturbed rest is free on a Beautyrest.

Those Sudoku puzzles you do to keep your brain active are rather time consuming. The first four were fun, but numbers really aren’t that interesting.

Eight hours of sleep is the perfect amount of rest needed to maintain your mental potential throughout the working day.

Seems like you could save a lot of time, money and stress by upgrading your mattress set. A Simmons may not freshen your breath, but it will do wonders for your health. Try one today at Vancouver’s mattress store, Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Sleep First

Vacation Advice From Simmons

Every night you enjoy the comfort of your Beautyrest NxG series mattress. Its advanced memory foam crowns the already cushioning cradle of non-flip pocket coils. With an ultra 360° foam encasement, it has a surface sleeping area that goes right to the edge of your bed. It is a mattress to come home to. A mattress to wake up on. A mattress that inspires each new day.

But while the NxG can guarantee you an undisturbed sleep, sometimes your schedule does not allow you to spend the optimal 8 hours in its comfortable womb.

Yes, we know you’ve been working rather hard these last few months. But thank goodness you have those two vacation weeks coming up. An all-inclusive resort in Jamaica?!? You’ll be sure to catch up on your sleep there.

Or will you?

Our advice. Be pro-active. Call ahead and find out what sort of mattress you will be spending your vacation nights on. Ask to speak to the hotel manager and find out what brands they use and how old the beds are. If you’re not happy with the answers, it may not be too late to change hotels. If rebooking is not an option, explain to the manager that your nocturnal comfort is extremely important. You might want to name drop the bed you lie on every night. That will get his attention. If all else fails, and you’re up for a little white lie, tell him you work for Trip Advisor.

We want you coming back rested and ready for the spring. So call today and make sure you will be sleeping on a Simmons.

Do Your Mattress Research.

Taking Care of Your Bed Partner

You take your car in every six months for an oil change to keep it running smoothly.

You defrag your desktop every week to clear out all those unnecessary files.

You check in with your children’s teachers every term to make sure they’re on the right track.

You pop vitamins every morning to maintain your health.

But what do you do to maintain the life of your mattress?

Simmons Mattress gallery suggests vacuuming your mattress at least once every two months. We won’t get into the details of what you need to vacuum up, but lets just say the largest organ in your body tends to shed.

A Quick Vacuum Only Takes A Few Minutes

If your mattress is not a Simmons, you may have to flip it every year. Simmons owners will know that their beds are made of advanced non-flip pocket coils that maintain their support year after year.

If you accidently spill a liquid that you fear might stain the bed, pull off the mattress pad and wash it on its own. If the spill made it through, use a mild soap and rub lightly. Do not soak your mattress.

During your bimonthly vacuuming, check the mattress for signs of wear. If you do notice a problem, consult your warranty. If your mattress is more than five years old it may be time to look for another.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is your best option in the Lower Mainland for quality mattresses at moderate prices. Come see what you’ve been missing in comfort. Take home a Beautyrest this week before you go back to work.

Just remember to maintain it.

Holiday Mattress Pains

Christmas in the Interior

You left work at noon on the 24th. You arrived home to a house of screaming children and a half packed minivan. After three or four loads to the car you finally filled it – presents, coolers, snow gear, toboggan, booze: CHECK! Oh and the kids.

After more than six hours on the road, you arrived at Williams Lake. The kids sprinted into your parent’s house and your wife went to talk to your brother’s fiancé. That left you with the unpacking. Great.

Thirty minutes later, you walked into the living room and were ambushed by your sister’s twin girls. They had you on the floor in a matter of seconds and then all the other young ones piled on.

Around eleven you had your first taste of scotch. It numbed the pain, but instantly reminded your brain how tired you were.

That’s when you saw your father eying you from across the room.

He pointed outside and you knew you were in for another long talk about your underachieving brother.

An hour later with your ear still ringing, you were finally dismissed. You checked on the kids, set the presents out and then went back to the spare room that your parents had just redone.

After a quick clothes removal, you collapsed on the bed and were out in a matter of seconds.

Then you awoke. The clock said 2:30. You fell back asleep.

Then you woke again. The clock said 2:42. You struggled, but finally fell back asleep.

Then you woke again. The clock read 3:27.

You listened for a disturbance… Nothing.

“Why,” you asked yourself, “do I keep waking up when all I want to do is sleep?”

Just then your wife rolled over and the bed began to rock like a rowboat in two-foot swells.

“Is this for real?” you thought. Did the old man find this mattress in a dumpster.

An hour later, you contemplated the floor. Two hours later, when you heard the kids running for their stockings, you had hardly slept a wink.

Getting dressed, all you could think of was the gift you would be getting your parents next Christmas: a new mattress – a Beautyrest, like your one at home.

Sleeping With The Groceries

Tired of your partner bringing snacks to bed?

The annoying cookie crumbs, the red wine stain on the sheets, the pastrami under your pillow, with all the culinary clutter it’s hard to enjoy your amazing new Beautyrest properly.

Maybe it’s time you stood up and said something.

You could confront the issue head on, banning all edible items from the bedroom. You could collect articles on how food attracts bugs and decreases the sanitary level of your sleeping quarters.

Or… you could plan a quiet vacation to Germany with a casual stop at The Food Hotel.

The Food Hotel in Neuwied, Germany

It seems counter-productive, but after spending a night in a room totally devoted to food, your partner could be scared straight.

The Food Hotel offers thirty-six rooms devoted to thirty-six different household food companies. Each sponsor had free reign to design a room that featured products from their own line of food and drinks. The cost of sponsorship included paying for the room’s furnishings and contributing towards the construction costs of the building itself.

One of the hotel’s highlights is a room produced by Chio, a German chip manufacturer. The room features a rotating mirror ball, strobe lights and an integrated sound system. Who knew potato chips were the life of the party?

The hotel also has its own private supermarket.

So buy all the crumbly items you can, choose a product theme and send your partner over the edge.

Hopefully they will come out of the experience with a renewed belief that food belongs in the kitchen, not in the bedroom.

If that doesn’t work…

There’s always the threat of abstinence.

Moving Carefully

The first thing you did after buying your new home: purchased a new mattress from Simmons Mattress Gallery.

“If this is going to be a fresh start,” you thought to yourself, “I should probably buy a mattress that takes advantage of the increased bedroom size.”

We couldn’t agree more. That tired old relic you have been sleeping on for years needed to be tossed.

The Dreaded Hide-A-Bed

But what about all your other personal belongings you plan to transfer over to your new place? Have you made arrangements to move them? Are you stressed just thinking about the prospect of loading all your furniture into a rental van?

Rid yourself of this unneeded anxiety. Hire a moving company to transport your furniture to your new home.

Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests going with Careful Movers.

Careful Movers are a Western Canada based company that specializes in local and long distance moving across North America.

They offer free estimates and provide advice and assistance from your first consultation till the last box is placed inside your new home.

Like the mattress professionals at Simmons Mattress Gallery, the men and women that work for Careful Movers are all trained moving professionals.

Visit their website for more information or call them direct.

Their toll free number is 1-888-801-0581.

Don’t stress over your move. Let your mind focus on that beautiful new Beautyrest and all the tranquil nights you will spend on it.

Vacation Netting

The Island Way of Life

The Hammock: A sling of suspended bliss for lounging with a cold drink and an island breeze.

First introduced to Western civilization by Christopher Columbus, on his return to Spain after visiting the Bahamas, hammocks were adopted by seamen who needed a compact, mobile sleeping contraption.

Their original function was similar, an easily stored, portable apparatus that kept the occupant above the ground and away from potentially dangerous animals and insects.

These days’ hammocks are more often connected with the island way of life. Nothing else spells relaxation quite like the gentle swing of a hammock.

But really, does it even come close to the level of comfort offered by a Beautyrest?

And what about the danger of falling during your sleep? Sure it may only be a few feet, but in the middle of the night…

If you’re looking for a serious sleeping structure, look no further than Simmons Mattress Gallery. We have beds that will make you feel like every night is a holiday.

Leave your suspended vacation slumber on the islands; find your mattress choice at Simmons Mattress Gallery.

Vancouver Welcomes Summer With Open Arms

Well it looks like summer may finally be coming to the west coast.

After a wet spring, that we would all probably like to forget, the sun is finally starting to poke through. The beaches around Vancouver are starting to fill, the tennis courts have line-ups until dusk and with June being ‘Bike Month,’ more and more people are hitting the road with two wheels rather than four.

But with all this activity comes a price: fatigue. Our bodies are still on winter time. We may have only hit the gym once a week in the last eight months, but now, with the extra daylight and activities to enjoy, our bodies are seeing a lot more action.

So how do we compensate? Well, the correct answer would be to get more rest.

With the longer summer nights, we tend to forget that our bodies need a minimum of eight hours of sleep. This is especially true for an active lifestyle, which most of us are lucky enough to enjoy through the summer months.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour is essential.

If you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep with the added hours of daylight, maybe it’s time you looked into a mattress upgrade.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a huge selection of mattresses to choose from. Come in and lay around our showroom. We want you to be comfortable enough to fall asleep in any condition, at any hour. A Beautyrest will provide that.

Pick yours out today and start prepping for a summer full of fun!

English Bay

Our Boys are Coming Home

The mighty Vancouver Canucks are now two games away from completing the longest road trip in NHL history. It all started with a 5-3 win over the dismal Toronto Maple Leafs on the 30th of January. Since then, the club has been able to hold on to an impressive road-trip record, slightly over 500.

The 14 games away have been spread out over 40 days and three different months. That’s more than 39 nights that the boys have been away from their beds. They have probably slept in over ten different hotels.

This Wednesday, they return to Vancouver after their final road game against Phoenix. They are leading their division and looked poised for a strong stretch run.

But come Wednesday night, I doubt the Canucks will be thinking about their impressive record or the resurgence of Kyle Wellwood. No, the boys will have one thing on their mind: sleep.

It’s what every athlete requires to perform at a top level and for over a month the Canucks have been asked to find their rest in foreign settings.

On Wednesday, each player will sink into his bed after arriving on the red-eye from Phoenix.  There may be a short physical moment with their significant other, but then it’s lights out.

“Congratulations team on an excellent road-trip. You don’t work again till Saturday, so enjoy your rest. Hopefully you’re finding it on a Simmons, the ultimate mattress for comfort and an undisturbed sleep.”

Weightless Nights

In an earlier blog, “From the Moon to Your Room,” we discussed the origins of memory foam. Memory foam was originally created by NASA to provide cushioning for high impact take-off and landings. Since then, it has been adopted by the mattress world, providing a top surface of comfort and heat dissipation.

Simmons Mattress Gallery is proud to offer memory foam as a topping layer on a number of its luxury mattress lines, passing on the innovations of NASA to the average citizen.

But you may wonder how memory foam works in a gravity free environment. Well, the foam only provides cushioning when the shuttles are entering or leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

Astronauts are not supplied with cozy Beautyrest mattresses for sleeping. Instead they use sleeping bags. Once inside the bag, the astronauts need to secure themselves to the shuttle or space station wall. If they didn’t, they could spend the night slowly bouncing around the cabin, which would result in no rest at all.

Dreaming of a Beautyrest

Increased sunlight is another factor that astronauts need to contend with while sleeping in space. The sun rises and sets approximately 16 times each day, as the shuttle or station orbits the earth. Blocking out this sunlight is important for the astronauts to receive a full eight hours of rest. This helps them maintain a 24-hour schedule.

With all the racket from the air filters and fans on board, astronauts tend to use earplugs to drown out the excessive noise. They also are encouraged to use chemical sleeping aids.

Administrators back on earth monitor the astronauts’ sleep. These individuals also wake the astronauts when their sleeping cycle is completed. They use either music, usually employed on the shuttles, or an alarm, used on the International Space Station.

And if you’re wondering if astronauts dream in space, the answer is yes.

(They probably dream of their beds back home)

So next time you are having trouble falling asleep, open the window, look up at the sky, and think of the astronauts strapping themselves in for a little shut-eye. We have it pretty good. Enjoy your sleep and be thankful for gravity.

From the Moon to Your Room

The PVR changed the way we watch television. The I-pod changed the way we collected music. The slapchop changed the way we… cut up vegetables. And memory foam changed the possibilities for a comfortable sleep.

But like a number of inventions of its time, memory foam was not originally designed for the purpose we now use it for.

Memory foam was first produced by NASA, in 1966, under the label ‘Temper Foam.’ This foam was designed specifically for the seat cushions in space shuttles. The purpose of the foam was to add a shock layer for the astronaut’s posteriors during take-off and landing.

Since then, a number of companies have adopted the foam to add comfort and safety to their products. Originally too expensive for consumer use, the foam has now shown up in helmets, in veterinary clinics, in wheel chair padding and most importantly, on the top of our beds.

Two reasons for memory foam’s widespread use are its ability to eliminate pressure points and its ability to increase blood circulation. These two features make it an ideal surface for sleeping on.

The medical world was one of the first fields to use the foam on top of a mattress. Patients with mobility issues are supplied the foam to prevent issues that arise from sleeping on a firm mattress; like stiffness and pressure sores.

By reacting to body warmth and weight, the foam also offers a cushioning that dissipates heat. This is excellent for individuals who are easily disturbed by temperature increase.

With new improvements to the foam’s composition, recovery time has increased, resulting in quicker adjustments to your natural movements in the night. Your body’s contours are consistently supported with a comfort level that only the best astronauts are accustomed to.

With NASA’s technology, Simmons Mattress Gallery offers memory foam as a luxury feature for some of our finest mattresses. Using Visco and Latex foam, our Beautyrest line is enhanced beyond the comfort supplied by our innovative pocket coil design.

Come try our Beautyrest Black series or our Beautyrest NxG mattresses and experience all the benefits of memory foam with added support right to the edge of your bed.

We may not be able to take you to the moon, but we can top your bed with the finest foam in the business.

Visit a Simmons Mattress Gallery near you to feel the difference memory foam provides.

Comfort and Quality Over a Cheap Knock-Off

Choosing a mattress is like shopping for a new pair of shoes. You could go to a discount shoe store and buy cheap replica runners that will have your feet blistered by the end of the first day, or you could pick out a pair with added support, stylish contours and name brand you can trust.

Mattress shopping is similar. If you decide to go with a cheap knock-off, you will feel the difference the first night; and every night after. When you choose a Simmons mattress you know you are buying a quality product with a history of satisfied sleepers.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Our unique pocket technology ensures your comfort through coils that compress independently. This allows for minimal disruption when sleeping with a partner. Only the coils underneath your body are affected by your position on the bed.

Choose comfort and reliability when shopping for a new mattress. Choose a Simmons.

The Simmons Mattress Gallery Difference

At Simmons Mattress Gallery we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We don’t see our customers as one-off consumers, but rather we try to foster long-term relationships built on years of good, quality sleep. We want you to remember our helpful advice, and enjoy a wonderful bed, for years to come.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. For seven years running we have been voted the Best Mattress Store at the Consumers’ Choice Awards.

With showrooms in Vancouver, Victoria or Coquitlam, Simmons Mattress Gallery makes it easy to find the bed that is right for you. We are the mattress professionals, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and a showroom stocked with the best of the best brand out there: Simmons.

Right now, there is a Beautyrest Sale, where you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep for up to 60% less. This sale only comes around once a year, so don’t delay, it ends October 4th.


Why no bed is like a Beautyrest.

Some mattress stores will state that there is a comparable mattress for every model out there. But that’s simply not true. Nothing compares to a Beautyrest.

Only the Simmons Beautyrest has patented pocket coil technology (read about it here) and the rigorously tested and perfected craftsmanship found only in the most premium mattresses around the world.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery our customers ask for Beautyrest by name, and there is a reason for that – a quality guarantee that’s says it all – your beauty will last longer, and your body will feel more rested.

There is no rest like a Beautyrest.

There is no rest like a Beautyrest.

Two Free Pillows

Follow us on twitter and receive TWO FREE PILLOWS with the purchase of any Beautyrest.


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