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“Wake Up Baby!”

A young Ohio couple was shaken from their sleep this past week by the sounds of screaming from their baby monitor; the unnerving part: the screams were the voice of a young man.

“Wake up baby,” was the call that startled them from their slumber. Apparently, a young man had hacked into their home monitoring system, which included a camera, a microphone and a mobile display interface. When the father ran to the bedroom of his child, the camera turned to face him. The voice then uttered obscenities until the father unplugged the unit.

The scene seems like something from a sci-fi novel, where the household instruments, that we rely on daily, turn on their users. In this case, it was more of a security breach, then an Orwellian takeover.

The breach demonstrates how vulnerable we are when we open our lives up to the ‘Internet of Everything.’ Complete connectivity comes at a risk and securing our endpoints is an important part of being a responsible consumer.

Dave Evans, at Cisco Systems Inc., estimates that there are over 10 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet. Like your home computer, all of these electronic systems are susceptible to hackers.

Even appliances without cameras or audio are being compromised. An oven or rice maker connected to the Internet could tell a potential thief the approximate times when a family is home. They can also be turned on remotely, possibly creating a fire hazard.

Education and an updated security system is key.

When it comes to your bedroom, Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests a tech free zone. It has been repeatedly proven that quality of sleep is directly related to the amount of electronic devices in and around your Vancouver mattress. Reduce the amount of gadgets and improve your nighttime rest.

For alternatives to baby monitors, sleep with your hall door open or decrease the distance between you and your sleeping child. It is surprising what the human ear will detect when the sounds are from a loved one.

Vocabulary Expansion

Oxford Dictionaries Online published a list of the new word submissions for 2013. On the list, is Miley Cyrus’s favourite new dance move ‘twerk’, phone portrait photos known as ’selfless’, and the act of disconnecting, known as ‘digital detox’.

The online version of The Oxford English Dictionary adds approximately a thousand words each year, often entering terms that have been directly pulled from pop culture. The words are not always a product of the current year. The term ‘twerk’ has actually been a part of hip hop culture for close to 20 years. It only gained recognition this year as a popular dance move, thanks to Miley.

More words then ever have a strong connection to social media and our digital environment. As a technology evolves, so does our language.

The mattress world is no different. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are evolving and with their evolution come a new language for describing the elements and components of mattress design.

Here are three terms ushered in by Beautyrest’s Recharge Mattress Technology:

1. Pocket Coil

2. AirCool Memory Foam

  • A layer of foam that provides pressure relief and temperature control.

3. TruTemp Gel

  • Absorbs and releases excess warmth to maintain a cool consistent sleeping temperature.

Now that your vocabulary has increased, consider using it with your next purchase of a Beautyrest mattress Vancouver residents can purchase these modern miracle machines at Simmons Mattress Gallery on Broadway and Oak Street.

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