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Fall Back

On Sunday November 2nd, most of British Columbia will move their clocks back an hour. Daylight savings is here and with it a chance to gain back some needed sleep.

Sleep experts say that an extra hour on the mattress over the weekend can help us get caught up on our weeknight sleep debt. That extra hour helps our body recharge and our brain repair the damaged synapses that might have been clouding our thoughts during the week. And with Daylight Savings – It’s guilt-free!

You don’t even have to sleep. All you need to do is enjoy your Vancouver mattress for one extra hour. That’s not so hard.

If it is a chore to stay in bed, you probably are sleeping on the wrong mattress. A visit to Simmons Mattress Gallery can reverse your stance on sleeping-in. Come talk to the professionals before Sunday.

And for those of you on Mountain Time, well, it’s business as usual for you. To keep up with the rest of us, why don’t you head to bed an hour earlier on Saturday? We wouldn’t want an unfair advantage.

Tinder Has Gone To the Dogs

Are you jealous of your single friends and their Tinder app? Wish you could do some of your own swiping? Looking for a dog to adopt?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, or more importantly, the last question, you may be interested in a new app called BarkBuddy.

BarkBuddy takes the ease of Tinder dating and uses it to match potential pet owners with dogs who need adopting.

The needle on the cute scale is threatening to break off…

Similar to Tinder, the intuitive app lets you swipe through profiles of dogs that need homes in your area. Each dog has a handful of photos and a brief bio. If you find a friendly four-legged friend that you could see yourself adopting, you can set-up a meet and greet. You can also save your favourite pooches to a potential love-bank.

There are currently 300,000 dogs looking for homes in the apps database.

Although the app is getting many positive reviews, some users claim, like the dating world, that the only way to find a potential friend is in person, at the local SPCA.

I Am A Food Blog Champion

Saveur Magazine has honoured Vancouver’s own, Stephanie Le with this year’s award for top food blogger. Miss Le has been blogging since 2010, when she took on the Julie Powell challenge (Julie and Julia) and cooked her way through every recipe in the chef David Chang and New York Times food critic, Peter Meehan’s cookbook, Momofuku. Le went on to produce her own image-heavy blog, simply titled: I Am a Food Blog. With international exposure, Le’s work found its way to the screens of Saveur. Their recognition of the Yaletown blogger’s output is guaranteed to put Le on the iPads of amateur chefs around the world.

When asked about her favourite places to dine in Vancouver, Le provided this list:

  • Suika, for Japanese
  • Toshi, for sushi
  • Ganache, for pasteries
  • Thomas Haas, for croissants
  • Phnom Penh, for chicken wings
  • Au Petite Cafe, for banh mi

We don’t know if there is a prize for top sleep blog, but we’d like to think we would be in the running.

Here are some of our favourite beds to sleep on:

“Wake Up Baby!”

A young Ohio couple was shaken from their sleep this past week by the sounds of screaming from their baby monitor; the unnerving part: the screams were the voice of a young man.

“Wake up baby,” was the call that startled them from their slumber. Apparently, a young man had hacked into their home monitoring system, which included a camera, a microphone and a mobile display interface. When the father ran to the bedroom of his child, the camera turned to face him. The voice then uttered obscenities until the father unplugged the unit.

The scene seems like something from a sci-fi novel, where the household instruments, that we rely on daily, turn on their users. In this case, it was more of a security breach, then an Orwellian takeover.

The breach demonstrates how vulnerable we are when we open our lives up to the ‘Internet of Everything.’ Complete connectivity comes at a risk and securing our endpoints is an important part of being a responsible consumer.

Dave Evans, at Cisco Systems Inc., estimates that there are over 10 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet. Like your home computer, all of these electronic systems are susceptible to hackers.

Even appliances without cameras or audio are being compromised. An oven or rice maker connected to the Internet could tell a potential thief the approximate times when a family is home. They can also be turned on remotely, possibly creating a fire hazard.

Education and an updated security system is key.

When it comes to your bedroom, Simmons Mattress Gallery suggests a tech free zone. It has been repeatedly proven that quality of sleep is directly related to the amount of electronic devices in and around your Vancouver mattress. Reduce the amount of gadgets and improve your nighttime rest.

For alternatives to baby monitors, sleep with your hall door open or decrease the distance between you and your sleeping child. It is surprising what the human ear will detect when the sounds are from a loved one.

Ten Signs You’ve Found the Right Mattress Store

Mattress stores are plentiful in the lower mainland, so finding the right one can seem like a task for some consumers. To help with your Vancouver mattress shopping, we’ve created this quick checklist to help you determine if a mattress showroom is worth your time:

10. The sales people’s first question is about your sleep preference, not your mattress preference.

9. You are allowed to test sleep all of the beds in the showroom.

8. There is a wide range of comfort options on the mattresses being sold.

7. The sales professional is able to describe every component concerned with the make-up of the bed.

6. The store’s focus is mattresses. Period.

5. You are not pressured to make a same-day purchase.

4. Your chosen mattress does not cost more than a new car.

3. All of your questions about your new mattress are answered without the sales representative resorting to a catalogue.

2. The predominant mattress brand is a brand you recognize.

1. It says Simmons Mattress Gallery above the door.

The Top Ten Worst Uses For Your Mattress

10. Dominoes

Why someone would ever use their mattress for a life-size game of dominoes is beyond us. If your mattress is that expendable, come talk to Simmons Mattress Gallery about a replacement bed.

9. Hiding a Body

Why is this a bad idea? Let’s start with ‘Why are you hiding a body!’ It’s also the first place investigators look. CSI 101.

8. Safety Net

Even in an emergency situation, it’s probably better to wait for the fire department then to throw your mattress out a third storey window and hope that it breaks your fall.

7. Hillbilly boogeyboarding

We covered this crazy sport in one of our first posts, almost five years ago. How it works is ’said Hillbilly’ attaches a long rope to his mattress, brings out to a field and ties the other end to a 4X4. The driver then pulls the mattress around a field as one brave (stupid) sole rides it.

6. Human Sushi

It’s a thing. Don’t Google it. You’ll be disgusted. Trust us.

5. Wrestling Platform

Back to the hillbillies. Wrestling, even though the world knows it’s fake, still seems to be popular among young adult men. Mattresses are used as platforms for wannabes to practice their suplexes. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt.

4. Family Toboggan

‘A family that plays together, stays together.’ But in the case of mattress tobogganing, ‘a family that sleds together, shares a hospital room together.’

3. Child Fort

Jokes aside, mattresses are often used as the roof for child forts. This is incredibly dangerous. Mattresses can be heavy objects that can easily pin a child down. In a worst-case scenario it could suffocate them. Please inform your child about the dangers of building a fort with a mattress.

2. Piggy Bank

Banks are hard institutions to trust these days, but when you start stuffing your bed full of money to avoid paying banking fees, you immediately begin to limit the comfort you will receive from your mattress. If you insist on storing your money at home, use something less valuable – like a shoebox.

1. Snacking

The TLC program, My Strange Addiction, featured a young woman who was obsessed with eating the contents of her mattress. The woman was featured on the show’s season premiere last month. Only in America.

Reducing The Threat of Alzheimer’s

Researchers have linked lack of sleep with the increase of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain of older adults. These plaques lead to cognitive impairment and increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Previous scientific studies have documented the frequency of fragmented sleep, experienced by sufferers of Alzheimer’s. The new findings, revealed in a study done by The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, suggest that it may be possible to delay or prevent the onset of AD with modern sleep medication.

“Because late-life sleep disturbance can be treated,” claims the study author, “interventions to improve sleep or maintain healthy sleep among older adults may help prevent or slow AD to the extent that poor sleep promotes AD onset and progression.”

These findings could go a long way in improving the quality of life for older adults.

The Hopkins researchers admit that there research is still in its initial stage and that longer trials will be needed to solidify the link between sleep and the progression of Alzheimer’s.

In the meantime, seniors with a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s might consider speaking with their doctors about improving their sleeping patterns.

Even if future research proves the link to be minimal, a good sleep can be the difference between finishing the Sudoku puzzle and forgetting your keys.

Gaming With Your Kids

Want to spend more quality time with your children? Can’t pry them away from their technology? Try joining in the fun by picking up a controller, phone or iPad. Let them teach you how to navigate their game world.

The technology gap between parents and their children will always be present, as different generations cling to the gadgets of their time. You may not understand the appeal of the latest gaming console, but have you asked your child to explain its features?

By putting your son or daughter in the teacher seat, you allow them the opportunity to become an expert. As they explain the buttons and functions, their confidence grows and they increase their own understanding of the gaming experience. To teach you, they need to become more empathetic and relate their technology in a language you will understand – a challenging exercise.

Professional teachers have been using these methods for years, encouraging students to each other. When a student is able to confidently explain a theory to his/her peers it shows they have a full understanding of what is being taught.

Arizona State University’s Teacher College is now sponsoring a program that hosts gaming nights for children to bring their parents to. Elisabeth Gee, a professor involved with the program, claims that the most common pairings are mothers and their sons. “Typically, mothers are less informed about the games their sons play,” say Gee. “Yet they really want to be able to understand them.”

It’s easy to dismiss gaming as a waste of time, but when you start to play them, you begin to understand their value.

For one thing, gaming is far more active than television. A child can stare at a television for hours, engaged but distant. A gaming experience is a much more complicated relationship. There is of course the hand-eye element, but there is also strategy, problem solving and social skills at work.

Playing with your child provides opportunities to discuss the topics presented in the gameplay. These interactions can lead to deeper discussions. Ultimately, they help you create a rounder understanding of your child’s thoughts and behaviour.

The Naughty List

What’s that line from Chicago: “If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it / I betcha you would have done the same.”

Here’s a quick list of some of the common and not so common crimes we’ve been unjustly pegged for over the holidays:

10. Pretending to Sing

We’re doing everyone a favour.

9. “Homemade” Cookies

Who has time to bake these days? The office would have never known if Pam didn’t rat us out. Never trust Pam with a secret is the true holiday lesson here.

8. Not Shoveling the Walk

Give it an hour. This is Vancouver.

7. Turning off “It’s A Wonderful Life”

“Die Hard” is a far superior Christmas film. ‘Yippie Kaiyay ’something-something.’

6. Absent Christmas Cards

Canada Post – slipping up again.

5. Spiking the Punch

What’s an office party without a little bit of the wobbly mixture? The question should not be ‘who spiked the punch’, but why was there no booze in there to begin with. Really. It’s Christmas!

4. Last Minute Shopping

Yes, we had all year, but so did Santa and you don’t see him dropping off gifts in August.

3. Falling Asleep At Church

Must have been the punch.

2. Re-Gifting

Those socks look horrendous on anyone with an ounce of style, but on Aunt Gina, they look absolutely divine.

1. Mattress Snow Angel

Shopping is exhausting and our Beautyrest is just so darn comfortable. Sorry honey.

Bacon, Vampires and Jimmy Fallon

Everyone plans to go to bed early, but we all get distracted by work, television, family or chores and end up staying up way later than we wanted to. It’s human nature.

Being a Vancouver mattress company, we want our customers to have an optimal sleeping experience, with eight hours or more a night of quality rest. So, to encourage an earlier bedtime, we came up with a list of five solid reasons to head to bed early:

5. YouTube

It used to be, that we all had to stay up till 11:30 to watch late night TV. But with YouTube, we can watch the best bits the next day at work. It might seem counterproductive, but think about all the energy you will have for the rest of your working day when you don’t stay up till 12:30. It’s 11:15 and the spreadsheets are done, the phone calls are made, the reports are filed and you’ve updated your Facebook status – now you have plenty of time to watch the Hashtag/Hashtag video.

4. Bacon

We all love it. It’s the perfect food and you have a half pound waiting for you in the morning. The quicker you go to bed, the sooner it’s bacon time.

3. Sex

You can have sex anywhere, but its more comfortable on a mattress. Head to bed early and work off some of those bacon calories. The exercise will also help you fall asleep quicker. Everybody wins.

2. Vampires

They love to suck your blood, but they also have terrible night vision (weird for a nocturnal species). Head to bed early and turn out the lights. If you do hear some banging around downstairs, send the dog down. He’s getting old anyway.

1. Pocket Coils

Sounds kinda dirty, but it’s actually the key component in the make-up of a Beautyrest mattress. With over a hundred individual pocket coils to support your body, the Beautyrest will reward your early bedtime with an unprecedented sleep. So worth it….

Lowering the Blinds

Question for everyone: Do you close your bedroom blinds at night, or do you leave them open?

Your answer probably depends on a few things: What time you go to bed; If your bedroom points east for the morning sun; What the evening’s agenda is.

If you tend to head to bed before ten, especially in the summer, you probably close them. Just a guess. Better to block out the light.

If the morning sun has a direct path to your pillow, you probably close them as well.

And, if you plan to get a little frisky with your loved one, you probably shut them before the birthday suits come out.

But, if you love fresh air, natural light and the occasional voyeur, chances are they stay raised or open. At this time of year, the morning light works better than an alarm clock. And it’s definitely less grading…

It probably also depends on where you live. Urban dwellers, especially those folks living downtown tend to shut theirs. Folks in the country have less to worry about with fewer neighbours to peek in.

Another variable is your mattress. For those sleeping on a Simmons, a mattress Vancouver has fallen in love with, sleep comes instantly. It doesn’t matter if the sun is still up when you head to bed, if the morning rays are pouring in at 7am or if your neighbours are gathering in the backyard. With a Simmons Beautyrest, sleep is your only concern.

Open your mind. Invite a Simmons mattress into your home and let the light shine in.

The Queen’s Beautyrest

We just heard about a crazy story out of London. Turns out the announcement for the Royal birth could be delayed by the Queen’s sleep schedule.

Apparently, the Queen needs to be told the child’s name and sex before the world. Now, if the baby comes at night, who will wake the Queen? Turns out no one will.

If the heir to the throne arrives during the wee hours of the night, the official announcement will be delayed until morning.

So, if the Queen has a restless sleep and gets up early for the royal morning constitutional, she could be brought up to speed on all the baby details before the sun rises. In this scenario, Brits could learn of the baby news before they were finished breakfast.

But, what if she has an amazing sleep, one brought on by the cushiony softness of over 180 individual pocket coils. In this case, she could wake up hours later, delaying the announcement even further. The news could break during the morning rush hour commute. Imagine 50 million Brits listening intently to their radios, constantly refreshing their news source and feverishly scanning twitter for accurate information. Imagine the bedlam on the M1, the congestion at the tube turnstiles and the chaos at Heathrow when the news came.

A comfortable mattress could lead the Empire to a potentially disastrous scenario.

Lets hope the Queen hasn’t replaced her mattress Vancouver in a few years.

Keeping Up With Christmas

We have just over a month to go till Christmas. Are you ready?

The Starbucks cups were out on the 1st, St. Paul’s Lights of Hope turns on next Thursday and the Christmas Train starts up on December 2nd, Each unique event reminds us of how close we are coming to the family holiday.

And there’s so much to do…

The cleaning is what stresses us out. Vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, polishing – it all must be done before the family arrives.

Then there are the lights to be hung, the tree to buy and the sweets to be baked.

Finding time to rest over the holidays can be a chore in itself. To improve your horizontal hours, purchase a Simmons Beautyrest mattress from Vancouver’s mattress store. It will be a gift that you can enjoy every day of the year. You can’t say that about the Rudolph-themed slippers you received from Uncle Rob.

So treat yourself to a new bed and counteract the Christmas sleep withdrawal.

Asleep At The Switch

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

When watching a film, our gaze is directed at a subject that has been chosen for us. We give the director free reign to control our sight line. This exchange encourages new experiences, some of which are cultural.

This week, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival hopes to direct our eyes towards the North American Asian experience.

In their 15th year of operation, the VAFF is intent on providing a cultural bridge between Asian and non-Asian communities. The Festival will run from November 3rd to November 6th, with all shows screening at Cineplex Odeon International Village, near Roger’s Arena.

The films range in subjects from cross-cultural love for the Vancouver Canucks, to a historical documentary on the migration of asian settlers to North America.

Also included in this year’s festival, as a part of Vancouver’s 125th celebration, is an encore presentation of “Love Letters,” the photo and video campaign shown last June. Love Letters was an open call for Vancouver citizens to submit digital records of images and video that conveyed their love for our fair city. VAFF will show Joanna Wong’s entry on the festival’s opening night.

Tickets for all the shows may be purchased online at the Festival site or the day of at the Festival box office. Passes are also available for the true film buffs.

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