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I Am A Food Blog Champion

Saveur Magazine has honoured Vancouver’s own, Stephanie Le with this year’s award for top food blogger. Miss Le has been blogging since 2010, when she took on the Julie Powell challenge (Julie and Julia) and cooked her way through every recipe in the chef David Chang and New York Times food critic, Peter Meehan’s cookbook, Momofuku. Le went on to produce her own image-heavy blog, simply titled: I Am a Food Blog. With international exposure, Le’s work found its way to the screens of Saveur. Their recognition of the Yaletown blogger’s output is guaranteed to put Le on the iPads of amateur chefs around the world.

When asked about her favourite places to dine in Vancouver, Le provided this list:

  • Suika, for Japanese
  • Toshi, for sushi
  • Ganache, for pasteries
  • Thomas Haas, for croissants
  • Phnom Penh, for chicken wings
  • Au Petite Cafe, for banh mi

We don’t know if there is a prize for top sleep blog, but we’d like to think we would be in the running.

Here are some of our favourite beds to sleep on:

Coupland’s ‘Gumhead’

The Vancouver Art Gallery is bringing a new public art feature to the Robson Square Plaza that relies on public ‘chewing’ interaction. Created by local artist, Douglas Coupland, the piece features a 7-foot tall self-portrait bust of the artist. Temporarily titled ‘gumhead,’ the artwork encourages the public to add their chewing material to the sculpture. The hope being, that in a matter of months, Coupland’s face will be completely covered with a patchwork layer of saliva infused sweet bubble cud.

The gallery has described the piece as “a gum-based, crowd-sourced, publicly interactive, social-sculpture self-portrait.” It is one of fifteen works commissioned by the VAG as part of NEXT: A Series of Artist Projects from the Pacific Rim.

The bust is being installed this week on the grassy knoll of the southeast corner of Robson plaza. The official unveiling will occur on May 31st. The bust will remain at this location until September 1st.

The gumhead will be part of the plaza’s summer theme: Urban Reef. The reef project is the latest winner in the Robson Redux design competition, a contest open to local and foreign designers for re-imagining the public space outside of the VAG, between Hornby and Howe street.

Coupland’s work may have been inspired by other public ‘gum’ works. Anyone who has visited Seattle’s Pike Place Market has probably witnessed the Market Theatre Gum Wall. The wall, located in an alley just behind the market, is a kaleidoscope of used gum that has become an Instagram staple for visitors to the Emerald City. Another public gum work can be found in Berlin, on one of the wall sections from the now dismantled Berlin Wall.

For those hoping to be a part of the project, we suggest a multicoloured, HubbaBubba style, chewing addition. It’ll standout and add a bit of flare to the standard spearmint Dentyne swabs.

Simmons Mattress Gallery Vancouver: Trendsetter

The new trend in mattress shopping is the inclusion of memory foam. More and more consumers are requesting memory foam tops on their mattress purchases. The foam layer adds a pillowy softness that conforms and retracts to the users body shape.

At Simmons Mattress Gallery, we offer Visco memory foam on all our top lines; including Beautyrest World Class, Beautyrest Exceptionale, the NxG series and the jewel in our crown, the Beautyrest Black collection.

Our memory foams respond quickly to body movement, dissipate heat and a consistent sleeping surface. With the 360° foam encased edge, support is provided right to the edge of the mattress.

For those with back pain, the extra foam layer cradles the problem areas to allow a comfort filled sleep.

The only problem with purchasing a memory foam mattress is once you’ve spent even one night on one, it will be hard to go back to anything else. But if you feel you are ready for the ultimate in comfort, stop by a Simmons Mattress Gallery to test sleep one of their prized mattresses. Your body and your partner will thank you.

Embrace the foam and start sleeping better.

Visco Memory Foam

Mattress Maintenance Follow-Up

After publishing our Mattress Maintenance article last week, Simmons Mattress Gallery received some interesting questions from our readers. We thought, instead of answering them individually, we could share a few in a blog post.

1. “If I am unhappy with the support my box spring is providing, is it appropriate to add a layer of [plywood] between my foundation and my mattress?”

-NO! Absolutely not. If your foundation is so bad you need to beef it up with plywood, it’s time to buy a new bed set. You should never have to add anything to your bed set. Sorry to be so blunt, but your bed is not a sandwich.

2. “How do I prevent picking up bedbugs when I’m traveling?”

-Bed bugs are making a resurgence around the globe. Travelers can easily spread these annoying creatures. One way to minimize your chances of collecting bed bugs is to always store your luggage on a table or countertop. It may not be aesthetically pleasing to have your suitcase piled on the table, but the chance of bug collection dramatically decreases when you elevate your personal items. It is also a good idea to do a quick check of the mattress itself. Remove all the bed coverings and do a quick surface check. Bed bugs like the folds of the mattress, so always examine the hem lines just below the pillow top

Check Your Cracks and Folds

3. “My neighbour is offering to sell me his deluxe mattress of three years. What is an appropriate price to pay?”

-Zero. If it is a deluxe mattress, then there should be no reason why your neighbour would want to part with his bed after three years. He/She has probably damaged it. Either that, or it is not as deluxe as he/she claims. If you want to improve your sleeping conditions, purchase a ‘new’ mattress from a mattress dealer. If you want the best sleep possible, purchase a Simmons.

10 Reasons To Believe; It’s Our Time Canuck Fans

With thirty-five games ticked off, the Canucks are nearing the halfway mark of the season. They are finishing up a stellar December that saw them lead the league in power-play percentage. Their goaltending is two-tier, there seems to be strong leadership in the dressing room and one of their only losses this month was one of their best games (Dec. 22 / Detroit).

For a team that has gone its full existence, forty years, without a cup, it finally seems like Vancouver has put together a winning line-up. Not since the days of the West Coast Express, has Vancouver looked so poised for a deep playoff run.

And… we know it’s early and any number of things could happen to disrupt the near perfect chemistry that the team is currently showing, but really, if ever there was ever a time… this is it.

Not convinced? Too superstitious to start talking parade routes?

Well here’s a list of ten reasons why 2011 might just be THE year.


-He may not be Captain, but he is still the pivot point on which the Canucks turn.

2. Super Twins

At the time of writing, the Sedin twins sit fourth and fifth in league points. Out of the bunk beds and onto a Beautyrest Black, the Sedins are showing the world that they have finally come of age. Thank you Sweden!

3. Malhotra in the Face-off Circle

What a pick-up! This guy is dominating the circle with the second highest percentage in the league. Don’t think that face-off percentage is an important stat? Back to your European handball.

4.  Kes

That deflection goal last night was sick! And then one post away from a hat-trick.  With none of the pressures of being Captain, Kesler is leading by example. We’ll forgive him for those few offhanded remarks he made about Canadians during the Olympics.

5. Fortunate Son

The son of former great Steve Tambellini, Jeff Tambellini is part of the new young breed energizing Vancouver.

6. Coach V

In his fifth season behind the bench, Alain Vigneault isn’t putting up with anything. Quick to send players down and even quicker to change line combinations, Vigneault is still keeping it fresh, while maintaining that mischievous grin.

7. German Efficiency

Christian Ehrhoff is giving the Canucks blue line a scoring touch. Night-in and night-out Ehrhoff stops them at one end and adds an offensive presence in the other.

8. Big Mike

All Mike Gillis needs to do is to maintain a steady course. “Please Mike don’t dump a bunch of contracts and snap-up another has-been like Mats. Just let the boys you have play.”

9. The Green Men

Nothing says intimidation like two dudes in full-body, fluorescent green, spandex suits. “What silly antic will they think up next.”

10. 40 Years

Enough is enough. It’s been FORTY YEARS! The time is now. The window is open.

Go Canucks Go!

Looking At The Numbers

Vancouverites Preparing To Sleep

On an average night in Greater Vancouver, how many people do you think are sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses?

With an estimated population of 2.1 million, Simmons Mattress Gallery would guess that about 10% of Vancouverites, that’s over 200,000 people, are not receiving the comfort they deserve from their bed. Seems like a large number to us.

But why? Is it apathy? Do they know their mattress is not up to par, but choose not to do anything about it?


Maybe they believe there aren’t any alternatives – that all mattresses are lumpy and sagging.

Friends, there are better mattresses out there. And you need to try them.

Simmons Mattress Gallery has a showroom full of mattresses that will make you wonder why you ever slept on anything else. From the top-of-the-line Beautyrest Black, to the economically priced DeepSleep, Simmons mattresses provide an unparalleled level of comfort.

If you are one of the 200,000 people sleeping on a less than adequate bed, make the short trip to the nearest Simmons Mattress Gallery to experience horizontal heaven. Don’t settle for mediocrity, when you can have the best in the business. Let the mattress professionals find the ideal bed for you.

Sleeping Around (Part 1)

Everyone enjoys the comfort of his or her own bed. It’s what you long for after you’ve been away traveling. It’s what you dream about at your job when the paperwork seems never-ending. It’s the bed you picked out for yourself, with the perfect firmness and the ideal dimensions. It’s home.

But then there are those other times, when you have to sleep where you can. It is those times when you appreciate what you have.

Here is a list of ten places that may be less than ideal for catching some shuteye:

10. At a park

-It’s a beautiful summer day and you’re lying on the grass watching the clouds. Your eyes begin to shut and soon you’re asleep. You wake up with ants crawling under your shirt and a twig lodged in your back.

9. On public transit

-You’ve finished a long day at work and you are catching the bus back home. You fall asleep and wake up five stops past your destination with an old man staring at you. His drool is worse then yours.

8. At the airport

-Your flight has been delayed for a second time, but the airport staff has insured you that the flight will depart sometime that night. You can’t leave the terminal, so you attempt to sleep on the benches left over from the Spanish Inquisition.

7. At school or the office

-The professor’s monotone voice has been carrying on about statistical probability for the last hour and 43 minutes. You lasted about 18 minutes. You wake up with the lecture hall empty and a note on your binder: “You will not be passing my course. I suggest you withdraw.”

6. The beach or a tanning bed

-Sand. In everything. You also have a terrible burn. In three weeks it may resemble a one-sided tan.

5. In your car

-You’ve been locked out and it’s late. There doesn’t seem to be another option. You sit in the back seat with your legs extended diagonally to the front passenger seat. You rest your head against the cold damp window; the essence of comfort.

4. Camping

-No one sleeps well in a tent; it doesn’t matter how thick your thermarest is. There is also a soggy dampness in the morning that makes your sleeping bag feel as comforting as a cold wet mitten.

3. On the couch

-House ended three hours ago, but you still can’t find the will to get up and walk to your bedroom. You settle for infomercials and 12 minute sleep cycles.

2. On a plane

-You are in the middle isle in the middle seat. To your left is a businessman who ate Mexican before he boarded. To your right is a mother with her newborn. Silent pockets of gas are mixed with a baby’s bawling. You look to the stewardess for sympathy and she raises eight fingers. Her devilish smile makes you wish you had never heard of Tokyo.

1. At a friends

-You were invited over for dinner and after two bottles of wine and three hours of deep conversation, you’ve made the choice to stay over. Things progress and soon it looks like you have moved beyond ‘just friends.’ The physical act takes less than ten minutes and afterwards, you both find yourselves staring at the ceiling, contemplating the consequences. Add to this awkwardness a mattress that belongs in a museum. Even with the wine, there will be no rest. You yearn for your Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress and all the guilt-free comfort it offers. In the words of Dorothy Gale, “there’s no place like home.”

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