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Mother’s Day Morning

It’s that time of year again to celebrate that wonderful woman who birthed you into this world and cared for you every second of your life.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th and Simmons Mattress Gallery would like to recommend you show your appreciation for a lifetime of love with a homemade breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is also a great starter for those dads out there who are trying to organize a full day of Mother’s Day activities.

So whether you are surprising your own mother, or preparing a morning meal for the mother of your children, here are a few tips on how to make it a memorable morning:

Start Early

  • Don’t wait to the last minute to pull something together. Dads, include the kids in the breakfast planning process. Have them work out a menu of mom’s favourites.

Keep it Simple

  • You don’t need to go all-fancy with hollandaise sauce and poached eggs. Sometimes a simple fruit plate is the best surprise.

Diet Restrictions

  • Mom may be watching her weight, so don’t load her down with pancakes and whipped cream.

Picnic Blanket

  • Breakfast in bed can get a little messy. You don’t want to stain her sheets with coffee or berries. Lay out a picnic blanket so you can enjoy your mattress meal without worrying about the linens.

Homemade Menu

  • Write up a menu with a few additional notes professing your love and appreciation for all that mom does.

Flowers On the Side

Good luck and happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful ladies who work tirelessly for us,

365 days a year. We appreciate every second of care.

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